Sticky Points On New gTLD’s: Terrorists, Territories, & Trademark Violators Are Worse Than Child Murders

From the ICANN meeting in Brussels this week there are a few more "sticky points" that coming out of the new gTLD process. The sticky points as I call them are issues raised by commentators in the public sessions on the new gTLD's. Many of the issue surround who is disqualified from owning a gTLD. The guidebook requires a background check on all officers, directors and owners of 15% or … [Read more...]

Domaining & Time Zones: It’s Better To Be Early Than Late

In the past two months I've had the opportunity to be in a time zone 2 hours earlier than EST and in Europe which is 6 hours later than EST and I have to say without a doubt its better to be early than late. Actually I enjoyed being a couple of hours behind EST. I would get up at 8am local time which was 10am EST and worked until noon or 2pm EST, and got most of my work done. However In … [Read more...]

All Major Media Outlets Got It Wrong, .XXX Isn’t Just For Porn Sites

I saw literally hundreds of articles today on the conditional passage of the .xxx extension by ICANN and everyone seemed to miss a very important point. .XXX isn't just for adult content. Sure the intent of the extension if for porn sites to use .XXX domains, but in fact there is nothing that requires any site using a .XXX extension to displaying porn. So you certainly could sell cars … [Read more...]

Quick Poll: How Many Registrations Will .XXX Have After Its First Year?

As we told you they would yesterday the ICANN board made it official today and voted to approve the .XXX extension. I spoke to ICM's founder Stuart Lawley yesterday shortly after the vote and he told me he would expect the first .XXX domains to go live by no later than 1Q 2011. In an article published by the AP today, Mr. Lawley is quoted as saying he expects .xxx to attract at "least … [Read more...]

ICANN To Approve .XXX

In an ICANN public forum held in Brussels today, it appears ICANN is set to approve the .XXX  tomorrow. Citing the findings of the independent review panel which found that ICANN acted against its own rules when it rejected the .XXX extension, it appears ICANN board has no choice but to approve the extension. Early indications is that the ICM registry will have to jump through just a couple … [Read more...]

So What’s In The ICANN Goody Bag?

Anyone who has ever been to a TRAFFIC domain show or other industry convention, knows that all attendees get a goody bag full of stuff from sponsors and advertisers that pay to give there stuff away. The ICANN show is no different and even pointed out last week the curious relationship between ICANN and Sponsors. So I was pretty interested to see what swag was included in … [Read more...]

Australia Proposes New Rules On Domains & Requires Every Internet User To Have Anti-Virus Programs On Their Computers

According to the, an Australian governmental committee is proposing a whole set of new rules on internet users, domain owners, and registrars. """The Hackers, Fraudsters and Botnets: Tackling the Problem of Cyber Crime report from the House Standing Committee on Communications Inquiry into Cyber crime makes 34 different recommendations"" Recommendation 20 of the bill states … [Read more...]