TRAFFIC Miami Wrap up: The Great, The Bad, & The Money

You probably have read on many blogs already the opinion that the TRAFFIC Miami show was the best TRAFFIC show since the 1st one way back in 2004. They're right. Now out of full disclosure I have missed two shows over the years; the one in Santa Clara and the one in Orlando, but of all the others I attended this one had the perfect mix of attendees, facility, location, speakers and … [Read more...] Sues

According to, Facebook filed suit on October 15th today against, alleging  the site essentially copied Facebook to build an adult social networking platform "Until recently, Faceporn billed itself as "the number one socializing porn and sex network," offering a range of pornographic content. However it now says it's offline for a redesign. "We're currently … [Read more...]

Will The Government Spoil The Party For Education Domains?

It will come as no secret to any domainer that education domains are among the highest sort-after domains. The main reason is the money that private for profit online schools are paying for lead generation. However yesterday the South Florida Business Journal reported that the Attorney General of Florida, Bill McCollum has opened an investigation into 5 for-profit universities. A … [Read more...] Brokers The Sale Of Right Before TRAFFIC Auction brokered the sale of the domain name, a domain that was scheduled to be auctioned off at TRAFFIC but was pulled at the last minute from the catalog. Although due to a NDA the sales price cannot be released, the domain when it was scheduled to be in the auction had a reserve price of $500,000. This is at least the 3rd time the domain has sold in the last 4 or so … [Read more...] Exact Domain Names Are More Meaningful For SEO Than Anything Else, But It May Change. is a bible when it comes to SEO publications and in a blog post today they had some GREAT news for domain owners and a warning that it could change. The post is entitled "Are Exact Match Domains Too Powerful?, Is Their Time Limited? Here are parts of the blog post, but you should definitely check out the full post for yourself. "How big an issue is exact-match domains? Let's … [Read more...]

Domain That Sold For $20K In 2008, Selling For Just 10% Of That: At Auction On

The domain name is at auction on and with just over a day to go has a high bid of only $2K. According to the domain sold back on May 13, 2008 at AfternicDLS/ for $20,000. The domain has a appraised value of $29,000 according to It's something that we haven't seen on a regular basis, people putting up domains they purchased for some … [Read more...]

Shareholder Of Sues For “Lack Of Profit”: Is Worth $100 Million Dollars?

In  a unusual case, James Solakian a shareholder who owns 28% of filed suit against the board directors of the company alleging breach of their fiduciary duty by refusing to sell the site or run the company in a profitable way and for "failing to profit from the goldmine potential of the domain name". "The lawsuit cites a valuation done by a potential purchaser that estimated … [Read more...]