Panelists Hears WIPO Case Even Though He Worked At The Law Firm Representing The Trademark Holder: No Conflict Of Interest?

If you have ever spent one day in law school you would learn that in the court system, judges are not allowed to hear cases in which they have any type of interest and certainly not in cases involving former clients. However in the UDRP/WIPO world that doesn't seem to be a problem for panelists to decide cases, even if they used to work for one of the parties. Take the case of … [Read more...]

Another $60K In .Co Land Rush Auctions Reported

The .CO registry just reported another 15 sales from the land rush auctions, including one of the top hacks, which went for a surprisingly low amount of just $3K. … [Read more...] Is 1st Marketplace That Is Allows Sellers To Include In Their Domain Sale Listings just added a feature that allows Sellers to add a link to a report to the sale pages. For example checkout this domain for sale on, As you can see sellers can show the monthly traffic and revenue certified by when submitting their domains for sale. Already up in and … [Read more...] Hits Over $10K In Bidding

The first major Colorado city being auctioned off in the Land Rush .CO auctions is and with a day to go, bidding has topped the $10K mark. The current high bid on is currently $10,150. Bidding will get extended by 24 hours if there is a bid in the last day which beats the previously high bid. Auctions for, and are yet to start We are in … [Read more...]

Quick Poll: Which Domains Will Sell At TRAFFIC Dublin? will hold a live domain name auction from TRAFFIC Dublin show on Wednesday, August 25th at 3:00 PM UK (GMT) which is 10:00 AM EST. (You can see the full list here) Bidding is already opened on Proxibid. As the auction is being held on Europe all reserves are stated in Euro’s, not dollars. As of today  1 US dollar = 0.7883 euros So a domain priced at 1,000 euro’s will … [Read more...]

1st Land Rush Auction Sales Reported From Closed .Co Auctions

The .Co auctions from the Land Rush application started a couple of weeks ago and now we have the first reported sales. This information comes from various sources including the .Co registry. A few disclaimers: Many of the auctions are still going on, even those that started at the beginning. Under the bidding system, if a new bid is received in the final day of the auction which beats … [Read more...]

From A $25K Domain To A $10 Million Dollars Sale in Less Than 2 Years:

According to the site is being bought by Facebook for something between $10M-$15M. What makes this story interesting, is the domain was for sale at the TRAFFIC auction in Orlando in May 2008 with a reserve price of $10k-$25K. The domain which at that point was a developed site, did not sell reaching a high bid of $17,500 (You should check out … [Read more...]