Juan Calle CEO Of The .Co Registry: “The Price of One Character .Co Domains is Already North of $1.5 million”

Reuters.com in a story today is quoting Juan Calle CEO of the .Co Regsitry as saying: "After Amazon and after a few of the other deals that we've done over the past few months, the price of one character .Co domain is already north of $1.5 million". Reuters.com was quick to point out that there were only 28,000 .Co registrations before the relaunch which passed 1 million registered … [Read more...]

.CO Passes 1 Million Registration: “Look For Another Big O.CO Announcement On June 6th”

In less than a year after launch,  the .Co registry announced today that it has officially crossed the 1 million domain name registration mark. Moreover the Registry promises another BIG announcement by Overstock regarding O.CO on June 6th. Is Overstock going to officially rebrand to o.CO? Will there by a NFL stadium name after the .Co extension? Stay tuned. Here is the  press … [Read more...]

Moniker.com Drops To Number 9 On the Top 10 Registrar List

Six weeks ago we noted that Moniker.com was on Pace to drop from the worlds 8th largest registrar to the 9th. It took two weeks longer than we estimated but now according to WebHosting.info which tracks domain registrars, Moniker.com has in fact now slipped to number 9. Just a few months ago Moniker.com was the 7th largest registrar. Replacing Moniker in the 8th spot, is … [Read more...]

Quick Poll: Which Domain(s) Priced $100K+ Will Sell At DomainFest?

The Live DomainFest auction from Barcelona will be held a week from today, on June 8th at 1PM EST. Pre-bidding is opened on SnapNames.com. There are 18 domain names that have a reserve of $100K or more, so as we usually do we are opening up the poll so you can pick which domains you think will sell from this group. Since there are 18 domains, we are allowing you to pick up to 3 domains … [Read more...]

XBiz Poll: 35% Of Adult Entertainment Sites Plan To Buy .XXX Domains To Develop or Defensive Registrations

According to a poll taken by adult industry publication xBiz.com, 35% of "adult entertainment industry professionals plan to buy .XXX domain names, either to defensively protect their existing brands/trademarks or to develop and market new websites" "The online poll, ran from May 1 to June 1, 2011, got nearly 400 responses from adult entertainment industry business operators who are … [Read more...]

DomainMonster.com Opens Pre-Registration For .XXX Domains

Domainmonster.com just announced they are accepting pre orders for all three stages of the upcoming .XXX Domain Name launch. Their wholesale platform Domainbox.com is now also accepting pre orders following full integration for .XXX domains into its comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface). .XXX domains start from $74.99 at Domainmonster.com, where orders can be placed online … [Read more...]

WOW: 96% Of People In The US Under 50 Use Facebook?

According to AllFacebook.com, citing a survey by Bank of America a whopping 96% of people in America under the age of 50 now use Facebook. Other key findings from the Bank of America survey include: -82% of Facebook users have concerns about privacy -69% do not spend less time on other websites as a result of their Facebook use -48% have intentionally clicked on an ad on … [Read more...]