The Domain Name Auction List For The IDN New York Show Is Released

The IDN Event & Auction show will be held in New York on October 3oth. The auction includes prime .COM terms in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew and other languages. Elliot Silver, Patrick Carleton and Edmon Chung will be headlining the roster of speakers. To see the agenda for the event click here According to the organizers the show is being held at the largest private room in … [Read more...]

Nominet Takes .Co.Uk Gripe Site Domain Away, Gives It To The Trademark Holder But The Site Is Relaunched Hours Later As A .Org

Nominet is the registry for the,  ccTLD. Nominet has its own procedures to arbitrate disputes between domain holders and trademark holders. In a 22 page decision today, Nominet awarded a domain name used primarily as a gripe site against Ryan Air, a huge carrier in Eurpoe. Robert Tyler, A disgruntled passenger set up a website called  "to share travel "horror … [Read more...]

Generic Domain Taken In A WIPO Without A Trademark:

Well last week domain holders got 2 nice WIPO decisions but as we all know how inconsistent these decisions can be. Today come's a sole panelist decision awarding a Generic domain name to a company that doesn't even hold a trademark. The domain at issue is Here are the relevant facts as laid out by the panel: The Complainant is a company concerned with the selling … [Read more...] PPC Advertising Up 6% For The Year, which claims to manage more than $600 million in pay-per-click (PPC) spending every year, just released its latest report on the paid search market in the US for the third quarter. According to the company, spending on PPC advertising increased 5.8%, year-over-year. Month-over-month figures also increased with July growing 4.9%, August 5.8% and September 6.7%. The … [Read more...]

CNET Covers The New gTLDS: “It Completely Changes The Landscape Of The Internet “ just published a post on the new gTLD's. In a pretty fair and balanced article, it presents both sides of the new gTLD argument quoting those who believe the new gTLD's will be a game changer: "" "It completely changes the landscape of the Internet and how future commerce will happen on the Internet.  "Now a company can have a dot-brand and deliver more personalized and … [Read more...]

DomainFest Updates: Deal Falls Through; Sells For $102K: Has $61K Bid

The deal on the  domain name, which Moniker reported sold after the DomainFest auction closed, has appeartnly fallen apart as the domain is back in the extended auction. is listed in the extended auction with a reserve price of $352,900. Moniker reported the domain sold for $200K right after the closing of the DomainFest Prague Auction.  My understanding the … [Read more...]

Now The Chinese Have Even Learned How To Sell Domains From Rick Schwartz

I saw this story today and although I can't prove it, the owners of the domain certainly have gone to the Rick Schwartz school on how to sell a and price a domain. If you haven't read Rick's 2 part series on "How to Sell a Domain", then you have missed some of the best advice your ever going to get. I honestly can't believe the guy is giving away million dollars information for free. If … [Read more...]