Did You Know Sedo.com Is A Public Company? Our Domain Parking Stock Index Updated: Sedo.com is In, Dark Blue Sea is Out

We just updated our Domain Parking StockIndex tracking the prices of public companies. We dropped Dark Blue Sea which was bought out, and went private earlier this year, and added Sedo.com (Sedo Holdings) which is traded on the Xetra, part of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Shares of Sedo.com have a 52 week high of $4.33 a share and a low of $2.52 and are currently trading at $2.72. The … [Read more...]

The Trademark Typo Linkdin.com Sells For 22K at SnapNames.com

The trademark typo domain, Linkdin.com just sold on SnapNames.com today for $22,000. $22K There were 50 people in the auction but there were 10 active bidders (bidders that put in a bid above the minimum). Its amazing in this day and age there are so many people willing to pay this kind of money for a domain that would be taken in a UDRP if a complaint is filed. Yes I know the domain … [Read more...]

Quick Poll: Which Domain Priced $500K-$1M WIll Sell At DomainFest?

I just ended the week long poll I was running on which domain you thought would sell at the live domain name auction at Domainfest, which will be held in New York on August 18th, of those domain names with a reserve price range of $250K-$500K . The package of domains including Tshirts.com got the most votes with 32% of the voters predicting a sale with “None will Sell” coming in second with … [Read more...]

Fortune.com: “Google: The Search Party Is Over”

A new post by Fortune.com, entitled Google: The Search Party Is Over" is an  interesting read especially for domainers who do any significant domain parking. The article which in large part discusses the business operations of Google says about search: That there is a real shift going on within the internet where search will soon be less used. ""The shift going on within the Internet, one … [Read more...]

If We Did This We Would Get Sued: BlackBerry Grabs Blackpad.com

According to MobileCrunch.com, the company that makes  Blackberry  phones Research In Motion or Rimm for short, just purchased the domain Blackpad.com for their long-rumored BlackBerry tablet. The devise of course will complete with Apple's iPad. "According to registration records, RIM purchased BlackPad.com just days ago." The domain is being administered by one of those trademark … [Read more...]

Oversee.net Share Price Is Falling Like A Rock

We wrote about some insiders at Oversee.net were offering shares in the company for sale on SharesPost.com back in may of this year for $7.35 a share. Today a new seller hit the Sharespost site, offering 5,500-20,000 shares for sale for only $4.97 a share. For Oversee a sale of a block at shares at its former asking price of $7.35 would have meant according to Sharespost a valuation of over … [Read more...]

ASK.COM Starts Asking Its Users To Answer Search Requests

Ask.com has begun testing a new service that lets users of its search engine submit questions to other Ask.com users According to Doug Leeds, President of Ask.com, the new "Ask the Community" feature allows the search engine to provide specific answers to a greater portion of the search queries it receives, instead of simply displaying links to relevant web pages. The community will vote on … [Read more...]