The Domainfest New York Meet Up Auction List Goes Live:,, Up For Grabs

Tomorrow night is the Domainfest Meetup in New York. Part of the Meetup is a online domain name auction which starts tomorrow and concludes on September 20th at 3:15pm EST. has just put up the 400 domain names that will be part of the auction., and are the domains that caught my eye. The Meetup will be held Tuesday night from 7-10Pm EST at … [Read more...]

TRAFFIC Chats About Its Live Domain Name Auction & Changing The Game Up

The organizers of the TRAFFIC conference just sent out A notice regarding the live domain auction that will be held at the October Conference. They are definitely trying to change things up including:  "The only domains that we will accept directly are the ones that have a flat fee paid in advance for the listing or prime domains with a $25,000 minimum value...We expect more than 50% of the … [Read more...]

Vertical Axis Beats Back UDRP On Despite Trademark

Jake's Fireworks Inc. of Pittsburgh, Kansas, brought a UDRP against  Vertical Axis Inc on the domain name a term for which they held a US Trademark Here are the relevant facts found by the three member panel and the highlights of the decision: "The Complainant operates a business which distributes and sells fireworks throughout the United States of America under the … [Read more...]

Plans For The Amy Winehouse Foundation Announced Before Domains Are Secured & Now The Family Has A Problem

So shortly after Amy Winehouse's death her father Mitch Winehouse announced that he would be setting up the Amy Winehouse Foundation to help young people struggling with addiction. However he failed to secure the domain name and guess what? was registered on July 26th as was According to the BBC is was the same day that Amy's father … [Read more...]

Quick Poll: Will You Protect Your Site or Brand From .XXX?

There have been hundreds of stories in the past few weeks talking about whether brands should protect their domain in the .XXX TLD. Basically there are two protections possibly available to TM Holders and Site owners, a blocking feature that will make sure your .XXX domain does not resolve for the next 10 years for a one time fee of a few hundreds or getting your .XXX domain and choosing … [Read more...]

Circle ID: A New Quality gTLD Can Compete with .COM

Read an interesting take on the new gTLD's in an article entitled A New Quality gTLD Can Compete With .Com on "If you choose a new generic top-level domain (gTLD), will it be able to compete with .com? A recent academic paper indicates that the answer is yes if your new is of outstanding quality. ""How Quality Drives the Rise and Fall of High-Tech Products” by professors … [Read more...] Dial Up A $27K Sale On & Gets A $35K Bid

The auction for the domain name just ended on with a winning bid of $26,600 There were 3 bidders at $25K or over so pretty surprised it only went that high. Another domain name got as high as a $35,100 bid but failed to make reserve. As a singular domain and with money markets paying fractions of a percent I think $35K would have been a … [Read more...]