NAF Announces Its Rapid Evaluation Service To Handle .XXX Disputes, Like The UDRP But Faster

In a press release today The National Arbitration Forum (NAF), announced that it has launched two new processes for those wanting to challege a .XXX domain name registration, the Rapid Evaluation Service ("RES") and the Charter Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy ("CEDRP"). """Like the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP"), the RES is designed to protect trademarks from … [Read more...]

ICM: Buy.XXX; 10 Days 10 Million Visitors & Ads On Howard Stern’s Show Starts Monday

Just got some updated Google Analytics stats for from ICM Registry. Since it was launched 10 days ago with a major media buy online and offline behind it, Buy.XXX has hit the 10 million visitor mark. 10 days, 10 Million visitors. Out of the 10 million visitors, 3.6 million are from direct type in traffic to and the other 6.3 million are from various ads online … [Read more...]

The 4 Worst Things About Writing a Blog on Our 4th Anniversary

Today marks 4 year anniversary So as I do every year, I have to once again start off by blaming my friend and fellow domainer Sahar who told me to start blogging. Thanks. I would say more but its a family show. With that out of the way, I thought to celebrate my 4 years blogging, I would recount the worst things about writing a blog to celebrate the journey (that's what … [Read more...]

Homeland Security Seizes 11 More Domain Names

Homeland Security/ICE has seized 11 more domain names. Domains seized yesterday were: Of these domain names,, has a PR of 2 and had as many as 4K visitors a month a and got as many as 9,000 visitors a month, according to … [Read more...] Owner Bans All Business With Any Website Using A .XXX Domain

According to a story in today, the company that owns, Manwin today it says has banned "all activity between its brands and Internet sites registered with a .XXX TLD, including advertising for .XXX websites on its tube sites." "In addition, Manwin said it won't permit its content to be used or advertised on .XXX websites. " Manwin filed suit against ICM the sponsor of the … [Read more...]

MGM Files Federal Trademark Lawsuit Over Poker Domains

According to, MGM Resorts International filed suit in the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas on Thursday against four individuals and two companies it claims have been infringing on its trademarks by registering poker website names that include the names of MGM casinos in Las Vegas. The lawsuit alleging trademark infringement was against the owners … [Read more...] Covers Plan To Sell Subdomains & Email’s Addresses For Up To $250K Per

An interesting story today in the on the owner of's plan to sell sub domains and eMail Addresses ending in "In 2001 Mr. Josh Metnick beat out The Tribune Company and bought for $500,000" "Now his four-person operation is retooling the site to offer e-mail addresses with domains." "He has sold a few names to friends and … [Read more...]