Industry Leaders Send An Open Letter To The House Subcommittee on IP Regarding Today’s Hearing & Why I Signed It

Today some industry leaders submitted an open letter to the United States House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property and the Internet regarding the Oversight Hearing on new Top-Level Domains to be held on today, Wednesday 4 May. As you will note I signed the Letter. Actually somehow I wound up as the first signature on the letter, although its not alphabetical. I signed the letter … [Read more...]

Blackberry Makes Bing Its Default Search Engine

Give a big check to Microsft today which just beat Goolge out to become the default search engine for all Blackberry devices. Blackberry devices will use Bing as the preferred search provider in the browser, and Bing will be the default search and map application for new devices presented to mobile operators, both in the US and internationally. Also, Bing will have regular, featured … [Read more...] Sells $600k In Domains Led By For $7k just released its sales for the week ending Sunday May 1st. All reportable domain sales $1k and over totalled just under $593k. The top seller of the week was at $7,000 followed by at $6,000. Here is the full list: .Com Sales … [Read more...]

Kenya To Block .XXX

According to,  "Kenya's government announced today that it has rejected .XXX to operate in its country" "Communications Secretary Bitange Ndemo said Kenya would not certify the sponsored top-level domain that was recently approved by the ICANN." "We are not going to allow .XXX in this country; it's actually a certificate for people to watch pornography," Ndemo said. "Some … [Read more...] Sells On For $17K

Oh Boy The domain name (yes its a typo) sold on yesterday for $17,211. 5 bidders were in the auction at $1,000 + The domain has an Alexa rank of 2.8 Million and Compete is showing Traffic of 300 for last month, but as high as 56,000 per month going back to June 2010. Of course Craigslist is trademarked and is one of the best known sites on the web. The typo … [Read more...]

A Venture Capitalist Take On Finding And Buying A Domain Name

Fred Wilson a self described  Venture Capitalist  and principal of Union Square Ventures published a post on this blog, the other day about "Finding and Buying A Domain Name". It's an interesting take from a non-domainer perceptive. Here are a few points he made I especially like: "" - Be prepared to pay up for a good domain. It is very unlikely that you'll find a great domain … [Read more...]

A Day After Getting The Most Wanted Man In The World, Goes Up For Sale

A day after the most wanted man in the world was killed by the Navy Seals, the domain name went up for sale. " just went on the market for sale with Internet Venture Holdings, Inc. (IVH) a domain name investment and online advertising management company in Arlington, Virginia, just a stone throw from the Pentagon." "The domain name has a seven figure … [Read more...]