Beckstrom On When New gTLD Will Get Approved: “Your Guess Is As Good As Mine”

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle tonight, the CEO of ICANN Rod Beckstrom when asked when the new gTLD program will be approved by ICANN answered: "The earliest time this program could be approved is sometime following the March meeting, and the latest it's approved, "is your guess is as good as mine" I can't speak for all involved in the ICANN process but when the head … [Read more...]

Reminder: .Org & .Biz Fees To Rise On April 1: Save Some Money & Renew Now

This is no April's fools joke. The wholesale price of .Org and .Biz registrations and renewals will increase in April 1, 2011, so you might want to renew any of your domains now at the lower price. On April 1 the price of a .Org registration or reneal at the wholesale level will go from $6.75 to $7.21. The price of a .Biz registration or renewal will increase from $6.85 to $7.30. Once … [Read more...]

Domainers: So You’re At ICANN, Now What? Here is What You Should Attend

So if you trekked near or far  to San Fransisco for the ICANN meeting, especially if you haven't attended one before, you may not know what sessions to attend or what to do. Although this is only my 3rd meeting and I'm no expert, I have some suggestions of what sessions you may want to attend this week if your here. If your note in SF for the meeting many of these sessions will have an audio … [Read more...]

Despite Comments From Domain RoundTable, Trademark Infringing Domains Are Not OK

As ICANN gathers this week for its meeting in San Francisco, the major issue will be once again be trademarks. Trademarks are the hot topic of discussion because of the new gTLD's and the Government Advisory Council (GAC), which at the urging of trademark groups want additional protections for trademark holders, including the Uniform Rapid Suspension which will be a shorter quicker and less … [Read more...]

ICANN Is Coming To Toronto in 2012

ICANN just announced that its October meeting for 2012 will be held in Toronto Canada. The meeting will be held October 14-19, 2012 at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), which runs the .CA ccTLD will host the event. Hopefully they will still not be debating whether to approve .XXX or the new gTLD program by that meeting. … [Read more...] Starts Taking Free Pre-Reservations For new gTLD Domains has been taking pre-reservations for domain names for anticipated new gTLD extensions for well over a year. Now another registrar, started yesterday to accept the pre-reservations for some of  the anticipated new gTLD extensions including .gay, .hotels, .nyc, .berlin, .eco, .sfo and .film. has received almost 5,000 reservations as of time of … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Founder Lawrence Ng, Caught Up In Tokyo Earthquake

According to his Facebook page, the co-founder of, Lawrence Ng was in Tokyo when the 8.9 earthquake struck Japan overnight. "wow...I am sitting through a really big earthquake in Tokyo!!!" Ng wrote around 1 AM EST. In another post an hour later after many well wisher comments, Mr. Ng wrote: "Thanks everyone...I'm safe...for now... It felt like a 3-4 minute shake. All the … [Read more...]