WTR: Trademark Owners Plan to A Big Push For More Protection Before ICANN March Meeting

According to the WorldTrademarkReview.com, trademark holders are planning on making a big push for more protections for them and less rights for domain name holders during the ICANN board meets with the Government Advisory Council (GAC) next month before the ICANN March meeting in SF. The GAC is an ICANN advisory group made up of representatives from many governments. As we reported from the … [Read more...]

Another .TV Empire Is Born: Prime.TV Including: Guys.TV, Medical.TV; Makeover.TV; Artist.TV; Executive.TV; WildLife.TV & Tons More

Prime.TV a company located in Oslo Norway seems to be building out a small empire of excellent .TV sites in various languages including English, German, and Norwegian and the company was just founded last year. Prime.TV internet properties include these gems: Guys.TV, Medical.TV; Modern.TV; Makeover.TV; Experience.TV, Inside.TV; Artist.TV; Executive.TV; WildLife.TV; DreamHome.TV; Bites.TV; … [Read more...]

Facebook Hits $70 BILLION Dollar Valuation Just 2 Weeks After Hitting $50 Billion

According to TechCrunch.com, a block of shares traded for Facebook.com at $28.26 a share yesterday on SecondMarket.com Based on that sale Facebook.com is now valued at $70 Billion dollars. Back On January 3rd we told you that Goldman Sachs invested $450 million into Facebook which gave it a $50 Billion dollar valuation. So in less than 2 weeks Facebook has gone from a $50Billion dollar … [Read more...]

RightHaven Is Now Coming After Comment Posters Not Just Websites

According to the LasVegasSun.com "the copyright enforcement company Righthaven LLC is now suing individual message-board posters, not just website operators." According to the story "Righthaven filed seven infringement lawsuits Tuesday and Wednesday in U.S. District Court for Nevada, lifting its lawsuit total since March to at least 203." "Among the defendants sued Monday were message … [Read more...]

The Worlds Longest TM Domain? Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.com

Going through a drop list I came across this beauty which I'm just going to give the title to as the world's longest trademark infringing domain. The domain which was registered in October 2008, is dropping in the next couple of days. Amazingly enough this domain actually even has a small Alexa Ranking. … [Read more...]

Sedo To Hold Premium .Co Auction In February Including Many Of Mike Mann’s Gems

Sedo.com is holding a premium auction of .Co domain names including many gems owned by Mike Mann's Codom Holdings, LLC. These represent some of the best possible .Co domains. The auction will start right after the Superbowl on February 10th and end on February 17th. Sedo is still accepting additional domains of like quality for the auction. If you have any domains you would like to … [Read more...]

TheStreet.com: Tech Trends to Emerge by 2014

TheStreet.com just published a post entitled 15 Tech Trends To Emerge By 2014.  While you will have to check out the entire article to see the full list but here are the highlights: "Within two to three years, 25% to 35% of business users will employ a smartphone exclusively and abandon fixed-line phones." "Google Android will become a significant portion of the smartphone installed base, … [Read more...]