What Idiot Made Rape.Tv & Incest.Tv, Premium Domains? & Why Would VeriSign Want To Profit From Them?

So I got my panties in a wad over two previously "premium" .TV domains which dropped over the last two days and now carry an annual one time premium fee for registration. The two domains are Rape.Tv and Incest.Tv. I'm amazed that someone actually put the premium label on them and put a premium price on them. and at that a public company. Yes as you know VeriSign owns the Dot Tv … [Read more...]

Network Solutions Raising Prices By $.50 “Blaming Registry Increases”

I got the following notice from NetworkSolutions.com over the weekend stating that they are raising the price of their registrations on August 6th by $.50 for several extensions. Of course all registrars are entitled to charge whatever they want to an end user for a domain, but I'm bothered by the statement in the notice blaming the price increase,  on increases by the respective … [Read more...]

“Why I Typosquatted & Why It Should Be Legal”

Back In April of this year, we wrote about a guy named Alf Temme, who was in that report sued by Dell for $2.4 Million for typosquatting. In a guest post to SeattlePI.com, Mr. Temme described why he started typo squatting, he business plan he built around it and how it all came tumbling down due to the trademark laws, The Lanham Act and the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act … [Read more...]

.TV Investors Take Note, Tuvalu Is Not Happy With The Deal They Have With Verisign

According to Radio New Zealand International blog, the country of Tuvlau which owns the rights to the .TV ccTLD, is not happy with the deal it has with Verisign. According to the Finance Minister of Tuvalu’s, Lotoala Metia says  the country isn’t getting enough money from the US company which bought the dot-tv internet domain off it. As you know the .TV registry is operated by DotTv, a … [Read more...]

“I Pay 58% Tax & I’m Proud & Happy To Do So”

One of the great things about traveling is the opportunity to meet people that live and work in different parts of the world. On our recent trip to Brussels for the ICANN meeting, we do what we always do, talk to the local shop owners, taxi drivers, people that are sitting next to you in restaurants,  about world events, their country, their way of life. We chatted with one middle aged … [Read more...]

A Bang On Trademarked Term Adderall Sells For $4,800 on NameJet.com

You wouldn't have to go far to find someone who has heard of the Attention Deficit Disorder drug Adderall, usually prescribed for children, but this domain just sold on NameJet.com yesterday for $4,800. Of course the manufacturer of the drug has a trademark registered on the product. Moreover, certainly over the last year or two, no online "business" has been under attack more than the … [Read more...]

Business Week Covers .XXX: “The Man Who Would Be The Dot-XXX King”

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek just published a story about the tentative approval of .XXX by ICANN and the CEO of the ICM registry, Stuart Lawley entitled "The Man Who Would Be The Dot-XXX King". You will have to read the whole story which you can find here, but here are a couple of the more interesting points; Mr. Lawley is a very wealthy guy. According to the article he was named by the London … [Read more...]