Did Facebook.com Just Acquire Messenger.com? Looks Like They Did

We have about 1,000 domain names we track on DomainTools.com and we just noticed that the Whois on the domain name Messenger.com has just changed. The new owner of the domain is the law firm Hogan Lovells LLP of Paris which may not mean too much to you but as we at Thedomains.com follow and write about a lot of UDRP's we know the law firm represents Facebook in their intellectual property … [Read more...]

.NYC Landrush Auctions Are Underway

The landrush auctions for .NYC domain names are underway at SnapNames.com according to someone who is involved in the auctions. We previously announced that the auctions would start today on a staggered 3 stage basis going through November 6th. We understand that not everyone who submitted a landrush application went ahead and established a valid account at Snapnames.com. In the cases … [Read more...]

A Rumble in the Bronx over a Couple .Nyc Domains

The Daily News has an interesting story today about two .nyc domains that are at the heart of an online turf war in The Bronx. Welcome2thebronx.nyc and welcometothebronx.nyc. are being used as digital bargaining chips as one Bronx blogger wants another to retract statements and stop harassing her in a dispute that seems to be about of all things, a Whole Foods Market. An online dispute rooted in … [Read more...]

$5.6 Million A Good Buy For .Realty To Compete with .Realestate, Realtor, .Property., .MLS & .IMMO?

Last night the highest priced paid for a new gTLD of the three that were at the ICANN last resort auction yesterday was .Realty at $5.6 million purchased by domain industry veteran Jay Westerdal's company. (The exact price paid was $5,588,888) .Realty joins .Realestate; .Realtor; .Property, .MLS,  .Immo, (which is short for immobilier  which means real estate and is used in France, Germany and … [Read more...]

1st Day New gTLD Totals Are .Brutal: .Healthcare 1,406; .Vet 649; .Army 202; .Navy 122 .Airforce 116

5 new gTLD went into their first day of General Availability (GA) yesterday where they could be registered on a first come, first served basis and the 5 combined for just over 2,500 registrations. Including registrations by trademark holders in Sunrise and those who paid extra during the Early Access Program (EAP) to register domains ahead of GA here are the totals for the 5 new gTLD's after … [Read more...]

UK Charity “Homeless International” With an annual budget £20 million Rebrands To An .XYZ

          Homeless International a .UK based charity with an annual budget £20 million announced they havere-branded from Homeless-International.org to Reall.xyz The NGO has been around since 1989 "focusing on urban poverty issues (including slums and social housing) in the developing world" The charity has its own Wikipedia.org page Here is some … [Read more...]

VirnetX Gets Patent For “Secure Communications Using Secure Domain Names”

VirnetX™ Holding Corporation (NYSE MKT: VHC), an Internet security software and technology company, announced today that on October 21, 2014, it was granted a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); Patent no. 8,868,705, entitled "Agile Network Protocol for Secure Communications Using Secure Domain Names." Multiple applications are in development that run on … [Read more...]