Tom Delonge, Ex Lead Singer/Guitarist of Blink 182 Launches New Site On ToTheStars.Media

        Tom Delonge best known as the former guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the American rock band Blink-182 has launched a new site on the new gTLD ToTheStars.Media Mr. Delonge is already running a Twitter account under ToTheStars in which it says: "The Official Twitter for To The Stars.. Alternative Media & Entertainment." Although the Twitter … [Read more...]

16 Yr Old Saved In UDRP But No Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Grigorius Holdings, SIA (“Complainant”), just lost it bid to grab the generic domain name which was registered on January 2, 1998. The one member panel John J. Upchurch found that Complainant failed to establish rights in a trademark that predate the registration of the domain name. However Mr. Upchurch failed to even discuss Reverse Domain Name Hijacking despite finding … [Read more...]

Verisign Announces First Round of #InternetOfficial Contest First Prize Winners

Verisign announced its first group of winners in its #InternetOfficial Contest. Our own Michael Berkens is one of the judges in this contest. Our illustrious panel of top industry experts and celebrity judges has determined the five best .COM domain names entered into the #InternetOfficial contest during the first monthly entry period. (Drum roll please)…And the winners are: 1. … [Read more...]

Chat Center ditches the .me and moves to a .Center

John Biggs wrote an article on Tech Crunch yesterday with regards to Chat Center, according to its description Chat Center is the best way to help customers or friends connect with you for Chat. Once you install the app you can claim a Chat Name. This name can be expressed as a URL. From the article: When we last left ChatCenter it was running on the URL and was aimed at … [Read more...]

China Dominates 7 Out of Top 10 Trending Keyword Registrations For .Com Domains In March

Verisign’s has posted the top 10 trending keywords registered in .COM and .NET for the month of March The word "China" was the top trending keyword for both .com and .net registrations in March. The next three most trending terms in .Com were also Chinese words. So the top 4 keywords registered in .Com were Chinese and 7 of the top 10. Only appliance, Guys and Rehab were non-Chinese … [Read more...]

France Wants Google to Show Them What’s In Their Secret Sauce

The tension between Google and the E.U. continues to persist, now there is talk of a new law in France that would force Google to reveal its secret sauce, in other words show us how your algorithm works. If you think of Google as being dominant in the U.S. it is far greater when it comes to search in Europe. While making up 68% of search volume is the U.S. according to one report, it handles 90 … [Read more...]

Sedo Sales Total $1.2 million for the week, led by at $34,000

Over the past week, 593 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.2m. 57% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings.   Highlights of public sales are: Top .com: at 34,000 USD Top ccTLD: at 9,000 EUR Top “other” TLD: at 4,800 USD Congrats to Michael as his sold for $4,888. … [Read more...]