Loses Bid To Grab 8 Year Old In UDRP Without A Trademark

Jerry G. Roper of Payson, of Utah just lost his attempt to grab two domain names about a generic as they get; and was registered in 2006 The domain owner was Dave Chretien and Color Spot Carpet of Torrance, California, US. The Complainant which didn't have a trademark but a patent In October 2000, Complainant began selling a … [Read more...]

Owner of Mobile.Pro Loses UDRP Bid To Grab Mobile.Co

Inter123 Corporation lost its bid to grab the domain name who was represented by David D. Lin of Lewis & Lin LLC, New York. The Complainant launched its website in March 2013 at, to provide an online community for mobile communications industry professionals and filed a trademark on the term on March 20, 2014. Its a pretty interesting case in terms of dealing … [Read more...]

After Just 12 Short Years Discover Finally Files A UDRP ON

  The credit card company Discover Financial Services, Inc. filed a UDRP on the domain names and Discover uses two main domain names to access it services and promote its credit cards Discover and its Discover It. They own the domain name, as well as the domain Discover is paying Google on a Pay Per Click … [Read more...]

Napster.FM Hit With a UDRP by Rhapsody

A name from the past is back in the news, this time the second coming of Napster located at Napster.Fm was hit with a UDRP by online subscription service Rhapsody International, Inc. Rhapsody owns and purchased the company a few years back. Napster.FM has been registered since March of 2012 by LLC. The website does not look to be operable as the top menu is blurred out … [Read more...]

Have Trademark Holders Given Up On The URS? Last 17 Disputes Filed, 15 Were UDRP’s

Have trademark holders given up on the Uniform Resolution Service? The URS is something that trademark holders and their representative pushed for at ICANN for years. A cheap, quick take down on obviously trademark infringing new gTLD domain registrations. Although the URS is exactly that a much cheaper and quicker process than a UDRP, if a trademark holder wins a URS the domain … [Read more...]

URDP Panel Is Not On Nationwide’s Side Denying Bid To Grab 3 Domains

A one member UDRP panel refused Nationwide Insurance Company bid to grab three domain names containing the word "nationwide" The three domains at issues were; The Respondent registered the disputed domain name on January 5, 2006, on April 3, 2006, and on November 18, 2010. Two of the three domains resolve to active … [Read more...]

Owner Of A $7 Billion Company Loses UDRP On

AgStar Financial Services, ACA (“Complainant”),  just lost its bid to grab the domain name from Ashantiplc Ltd, who was represented by John Berryhill, Esq. , who also in full disclosure represents our company in UDRP cases. The complainant owns the domain name (missing the other letter "L") along with a trademark on the term (also with the missing "L") The … [Read more...]