UDRP Panel Rejects “Renewal Of A Domain Resets Bad Faith Clock”: BabyBanana.com Saved

Live-Right, LLC has just lost its attempt to grab the domain name BabyBanana.com which is owned by Vertical Axis Inc. which was represented as usual by represented by Esqwire.com. I believe is a particularly important win for domain owners. The decision affirms the business of investing and reselling domain names is legitimate use under the policy/ More importantly, the panel … [Read more...]

Enom.com Wins Rights to Enoms.com Just 15 years After it Was Registered

eNom.com won the rights to the domain name Enoms.com in a UDRP just 15 short years after the domain name was first registered and 8 years after the domain was registered by the current domain holder. By the way you got to love the name of the domain holder "Muhammad Enoms General delivery / ENoms.com has been registered just few days after Enom.com, therefore could not have been regstere" … [Read more...]

Makers Of YPlan App Found Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Highjacking on 14 Year Old Yplan.com

YPlan, Inc. (“Complainant”), represented by Eugene Rome of Rome & Associates, A.P.C., of California, was just found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) on the domain name yplan.com by a one member UDRP panel of Antonina Pakharenko-Anderson Talk about a slam dunk case. The Complainant which says its the "creator of the well-known and famous application based or mobile app based … [Read more...]

UDRP Filed To Gain Control Of KendallJenner.com and KylieJenner.com

Two Separate UDRP's were filed yesterday for the domain names KendallJenner.com and KylieJenner.com. The complainants are listed as Kylie Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Inc. and Whalerock Celebrity Subscription LLC. Both KendallJenner.com and KylieJenner.com were registered on the same date October 18, 2007, however the registrants are not the same, although both domains are registered to someone in … [Read more...]

Thesis.com Purchased For $100K By Parent Co. Of WordPress Saved In UDRP

In a very interesting UDRP, Chris Pearson who owns the Wordpress Theme of Thesis, lost its bid to grab the domain name Thesis.com from the parent company that owns and operates WordPress, Automattic, Inc. According to the UDRP, Respondent and Complainant were both approached by a third-party about purchasing the domain name thesis.com and Automattic, Inc. was the high bidder, paying … [Read more...]

Playa Games, Maker of Online SFGame Played By 40M: Found Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Playa Games GmbH which is the creator and operator of an online game called “Shakes & Fidget” which it says is known as “SFGAME” was just found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking on the domain name SFGame.com The decision was handed down by the one member UDRP panel of Alistair Payne. The UDRP was decided by the On-line ADR Center of the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC). The domain … [Read more...]

Qatar Airways Loses 2nd UDRP in a Month On 15 Year Old DiscoverQatar.com

Qatar Airways Q.C.S.C. of Doha, Qatar, just lost a second UDRP in a month, its attempt to grab the domain name DiscoverQatar.com Last month the state owned Airlines lost a UDRP on two other generic domain names, discoverqatar.org and qatartourism.org last month. The domain holder represented himself in the UDRP The sole panelist of Adam Taylor found dismissed the UDRP but failed to Find … [Read more...]