Owner Of Braindumps.com Loses UDRP Bid To Grab 13 Year Old Braindumps.biz

Certplex, Ltd. (“Complainant”), who owns the domain name Braindumps.com just lost its attempt to grab the domain name Braindumps.biz after waiting 13 years to bring the UDRP. The one member panel of R. Glen Ayers while explicated not deciding the case on the doctrine of Laches spent a lot of time discussing the 13 period from which the .Biz domain name was registered to the date the Complainant … [Read more...]

Globeway LLC Guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Globeway LLC of West Virgina was just found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) on the domain name Globleway.com The domain is owned by Vertical Axis Inc. who was represented by Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer of Esqwire.com The three member panel of Nathalie Dreyfus, G. Gervaise Davis and The Honorable Neil Anthony Brown rejected Globeway argument that they had common law … [Read more...]

Clearwater Systems, Inc Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Without Domain Holder Asking

A one member UDRP panel has found that Clearwater Systems, Inc. of Akron, Ohio, represented by Walker & Jocke, is guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) on the domain name clearwatersystems.net The decision is unusually because the domain holder, Glenn Johnson of Clearwater, Florida, / Clear Water Systems of Remington, Inc. of Remington, Indiana (“CWSRI”), didn't even ask the panel … [Read more...]

Pinterest Wins Control PinSex.com With 49 Million Visitors Based On Common Law TM of “Pin”

Pinterest, Inc. just won control over two domain names PinSex.com and PinGay.com which are active sites driving a huge numbers of members and traffic based off a finding that Pinterest had common law rights to the word "pin" The disputed domain name was registered on June 5, 2008. The disputed domain name was registered on May 1, 2011. Pinterest got a US trademark on the term "pin" in … [Read more...]

Why Did Philip Morris Spend $1,500 To File A UDRP On Buying-Tax-Free-Marlboro-Cigarettes.com?

Philip Morris USA Inc,  just won the rights to the domain name buying-tax-free-marlboro-cigarettes.com in a  UDRP. The fact that the corporate giant won the domain is no surprise,  but I have no idea of why the company would spend $1,500 in just filing fees to get control of a horrible domain name with 4 hyphens. According to Screenshots.com,  the only page they have indexed is a placeholder … [Read more...]

UDRP Panel Refused To Find RDNH Despite Finding TM Holder Failed To Disclose & Misrepresented

The majority of a three member UDRP refused to find Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) despite the fact they found the complainant failed to disclose a previous relationship between  the parties and a previous UDRP between the domain holder and the former company that the trademark holder acquired. The majority of the panel also found that the complaint's failure to disclose a previous UDRP … [Read more...]

Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, Germany Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Beiersdorf AG, which is located in Hamburg, Germany has just been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) on the domain name BeiersdorfChina.com They were represented by in-house counsel In this case the Respondent is Beiersdorf (Tianjin) Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which is located in Tianjin, China. The decision was issued in Chinese and I used Google translate to turn it … [Read more...]