UDRP Filed Again The Domain Name Major.com Bought For € 48,000.00 EUR In 2010

    Major Wire Industries Limited has filed a UDRP on the domain name Major.com. The domain name Major.com is owned by DigitalOne AG and seems to have bought the domain using Sedo, in November 2010 for € 48,000.00 EUR. It appear according to Screenshots.com, the domain was parked until November 2011. The domain resolves currently to a blank page. The company Major Wire … [Read more...]

CargoWiz.com Registered 2 Years Before Trademark Saved in UDRP

Brian Rayle of Apollo Beach, Florida, who was self-represented lost his attempt to grab the domain name CargoWiz.com which is owned by Portmedia Holdings Ltd of Hong Kong, China, represented by ESQwire.com P.C., USA. The three member UDRP panel of Tony Willoughby, R. Eric Gaum and The Hon Neil Brown Q.C. found that although the Complainant filed for a trademark on the term CARGOWIZ with the … [Read more...]

For the 3rd Time This Week UDRP Panel Awards Domain To Company That Dropped It

For the third time this week a UDRP panel has awarded a domain to the company that previously owned the domain and allowed ti to drop. In this case, WesTrac Pty Ltd of South Guildford, Australia was awarded the rights to the domain name Westrac.com which is owned by Mike Mann's Domain Asset Holdings. Westrac owned the domain for 12 years until 2012 when the domain dropped and Domain Asset … [Read more...]

Del Monte Foods Loses UDRP ON Delmontefarm.com, Delmontefarms.com & Delmonteexpress.com

Del Monte Foods, Inc. just lost a UDRP on three domain names delmonteexpress.com, delmontefarm.com and delmontefarms.com The three member UDRP panel of Robert A. Badgley, Michelle Brownlee and Gregory N. Albright Complainant is a leading purveyor of food and beverages in the United States, and has used the mark DEL MONTE for 120 years to identify and distinguish its various offerings. Some … [Read more...]

After Dropping In October 2013 & Sold On Namejet, StormGuard.com Hit With UDRP

The domain name StormGuard.com has been hit with a UDRP filing by Storm Guard Franchise Systems, LLC. The domain name went into pending delete in October 2013 after hainv been owned by Homeshield Stormguard L.L.C. of Hialeah, FL, which seemed to acquire the domain name in october 2008 all according to domaintools.com In November 2013 the domain name sold on Namejet.com after dropping, for … [Read more...]

DirtySpokes.com Returned To Co. That Let It Drop 1 Week Earlier W/O Registered Trademark

A one member UDRP panel has ordered the domain name dirtyspokes.com returned to the company that allowed the doamin to drop drop in late December 2014, although they did not have a federally registered trademark It should be noted that the domain dropped on December 27, 2014 and the UDRP complaint was filed on January 5th. I think the quick reaction of the Complainant really helped it get … [Read more...]

HomeAway Files UDRP On HolidayRentals.com 36K Most Visited Site On The Internet (Alexa)

      HomeAway, Inc. has just filed a UDRP on the domain name HolidayRentals.com. As a domain it's about as generic as you can get. However HolidayRentals.com is not just a domain name,  it's a website ranked by Alexa as the 36,000 most visited website on the Internet. The site boasts that they have over 60,000 properties listed in 80 countries. Here is some … [Read more...]