Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking On

Wallace Media Pty Ltd of Balaclava, Victoria, Australia, which owns the domain, and was represented by Holding Redlich, Australia has been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) on the domain name The domain holder is CyclingTips CA of Quebec, Canada, was represented by PC The three member panel of Luca Barbero, Andrew F. Christie … [Read more...]

UDRP Panelist Screws Up Name Of TM 3 Times Transfering 7 Domain Names

A UDRP was decided by a one member panel of the the National Arbitration Forum on the domain names: Awarding all of them to Caesars License Company, LLC Eduardo Magalhães Machado, the sole Panelist seemed to be … [Read more...]

Nat Cohen’s Telepathy Hit With UDRP On Three Letter .Com:

Nat Cohen's Telepathy was been Hit With UDRP On the domain name The UDRP was filed by SDT International Limited Company Telepathy has owned the domain since at least 2007 according to, however recently moved the domain name to the domain name registrar from due to theft concerns which he wrote about on his blog. Many times you will see a UDRP … [Read more...]

UDRP Filed To Recover Another Stolen 3 Letter .Com From Godaddy:

A UDRP has been filed on a 3 letter .com and seems to be an attempt by the previous owner, CIN-CORPORACAO INDUSTRIAL DO NORTE, S.A. to recover the domain name which appears to have recently stolen from CIN's Godaddy account The domain name was owned by CIN-CORPORACAO until October 17th when it was transferred to of China Here is the current whois record: Registrar: eName … [Read more...]

Houston We Have A Problem: 2 URS Examiners Can’t Agree If The Same Company Owns A Trademark

My man Raymond Hackney who writes posts for, as well as his own blog at, pointed out two diametrically opposed URS decisions filed by the same complainant Aeropostale Procurement Company, Inc. of New York, one of which concludes they own the trademark to the clothing line of Aeropostale and the other examiner finding they do not. In the Uniform Rapid Suspension … [Read more...]

If You Lie About Your Trademark, That Should Automatically Be Reverse Domain Hijacking

Eric Levy of New York just lost his attempt to grab the generic domain name in a UDRP, based off a trademark for YOURNEIGHBORHOOD LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE, registered on December 10, 2013. The domain name was first registered on November 25, 1998 The one member panelist should have found Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) since he found the complainant … [Read more...]

Loser of WWE.Org UDRP Tells World Wrestling Entertainment He Is Not Happy

After losing a UDRP on the domain name the owner of the domain has a message for the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. who won the National Arbitration Forum decision, and its fair to say the domain holder is not too pleased. Although the decision was handed down on October 13th and today is October 18th,  the whois still shows the loser of the UDRP as the owner and he clearly has … [Read more...]