UDRP Filed To Gain Control of The 15 Year Old Domain Name SharkTank.com

A UDRP has been filed to gain control of the domain name SharkTank.com The domain, SharkTank.com is registered to a Jeff Thomas of North Carolina. According to DomainTools.com the domain was registered in 2000 by Legal Solutions, Inc In 2003 the domain name ownership changed to LeaveLaw.com, Inc. with Jeff Thomas showing as the contact meaning that Mr. Thomas appears to have controlled … [Read more...]

Actor John Stamos Gets His .Com in UDRP; Panel Finds Whois Privacy Corp. A Co-Serial Cybersquatter

Actor John Stamos just won rights to his matching .com domain name JohnStamos.com in a UDRP. David E. Sorkin as the sole Panelist wasted little time awarding the domain name to the actor from Ryan Foo who has lost over 100 UDRP's and has been recoginzed by many UDRP panels as a serial cybersquatter However Mr. Sorkin went even farther finding that the "proxy service", "Whois Privacy Corp" … [Read more...]

On The Wrong Side of a TM Domain? Take An Offer Rather Than a UDRP Loss

We basically know that everything is trademarked at this point Of course there are those who are just straight out cybersquatter, make a living off of typo domains like wallmart.com or Verision.com but all domainers at some point might trip over a domain they didn't know was trademarked or just made a good guess of a forthcoming product. Consider the case of Marriott International, Inc who … [Read more...]

Stages.com Sold In January for $14k+ Hit With UDRP By Co. That Filed a Trademark Last Week

Well now this UDRP/trademark thing is officially just getting silly. The domain name Stages.com, a generic domain name by any measure, has been hit with a UDRP after the domain was purchased in January for Over $14k, by a company that just filed for a trademark last week. The UDRP was filed by Foundation Fitness LLC which filed a trademark on the term "Stages" way back on June 12, … [Read more...]

UDRP Panel Rejects Fashion Television’s Attempt To Grab Fashion.tv

Fashion Television International Limited has lost it's attempt to grab the domain name Fashion.tv in a UDRP basically letting a pending court case in Munich decide the fate of the domain fashion.tv We wrote about this UDRP when it was filed a couple of months ago There was a report that Fashion.tv was purchased in 2014 for $125,000¬†but that does not seem to be correct,¬†according to the facts … [Read more...]

UDRP’s Filed On: eWomen.com; GSSF.com; Unbiased.com; AENA.com

UDRP's have been filed on Filed On: eWomen.com; GSSF.com, Unbiased.com and AENA.com ewomen.com has an original registration date of 1997 and is currently registered to Terra Serve of Grand Cayman and is currently being parked to a generic adult landing page. Looking at Screenshots.com, the domain appears to have been parked for many years except for a time where is was a "contest" … [Read more...]

Eli Lilly Wins Control of 392 “Cialis” Domains In a Single UDRP

Eli Lilly Wins Control of 392 Domains In a Single UDRP. The domain names were registered with 3 different registrars All the 393 domain names included the trademark terms Cialis Here is the list of … [Read more...]