Giovanni Laporta CEO of Yoyo.Email Loser of 37 UDRP/URS’s Rants About Domains, TM & More

Giovanni Laporta the CEO Yoyo.Email has made an extensive post on, venting his thoughts about the UDRP/URS process the panelist, the process, domain names, trademarks and his motivation behind YoYo mail and his defense of what he says is around 50 UDRP/URS cases. According to UDRPSearch, YoYo has been the subject of 39 UDRP/URS cases and lost all but 2. These comments were … [Read more...]

Broadcasting War As Hit With UDRP By

Fashion Television International Limited which owns the domain name has filed a UDRP against The domain name has been registered to GmbH since at least January 2007. It appears the parties have been in litigation or at least threatened litigation for many years according to a page on According to, "FashionTV is … [Read more...]

Efzed Pty Ltd. & Simulate Pty Ltd. Of Australia Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Efzed Pty Ltd. of North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (“Efzed”), Simulate Pty Ltd. of North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (“Simulate”), and Mr. Frank Zimmermann of Ultimo, New South Wales, Australia (“Zimmerman”), were just all found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking on the domain The domain is owned by AviaDesign Ky, Sami Puro of Vantaa, of Finland, and was … [Read more...]

Just Transferred Last Week – UDRP Filed on Being Held By

            A UDRP has been filed on the domain name The registrant of the domain is currently under the email address of While I have no details about I can tell you that uses that email address when its holding a domain name that has been sold typically while payments are still … [Read more...]

Hip-Hop Artist Wiz Khalifa Files UDRP On, Registered in 2007; TM Filed 2014

Hip-Hop artist and rapper Wiz Khalifa whose real name is Cameron Thomaz, filed a UDRP again the owner of the domain name with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The domain name was first registered in August 2007 according to but according to there was a site on the domain going back to 2005. However again according to … [Read more...]

UDRP Panel Denies Bid To Get Rights To The Word “Traveller”

Tractor Supply Co. of Texas, which has a long history of UDRP wins on "Tractor Supply" domains just lost its attempt to grab the new gTLD domain The one member panel of Andrew D. S. Lothian didn't buy the argument that the tractor supply company also owned the exclusive rights to the generic term TRAVELLER. I think it's an important case because had the panel found that … [Read more...]

Worst UDRP Decision Of The Year? Panel Gives Away Domain Registered Before TM Was Filed

A one member UDRP panel has awarded a domain name purchased in 2010,, to Lumen Inc. based off a trademark filed in 2011, after the owner wanted to "reselling it for an outrageous profit. Specifically, Respondent offered to sell the disputed domain name for $18,000.00." Hon. Carolyn Marks Johnson was the Panelist who found the Complainant had a common law trademark right … [Read more...]