Trademark Game Playing Results In Great Generic Domains Being Registered In .Casino Sunrise

Wynn,the Bellagio,the Borgata, the MGM, the Mirage and the Aira are just a few of the famous Casino's which registered their name in the new gTLD .Casino extension during the Sunrise period. Each domain extension has to give first shot to trademark holders who have registered their global marks in the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) but with each never gTLD launch I'm seeing more and more … [Read more...]

.Sucks Releases Pricing With “Premiums” For Trademark Holders Up To $2,499 A Year

        Vox Populi Registry Ltd. the owner of the new gTLD .Sucks, made headlines last year when as one of several applicants for .Sucks announced pricing of up to $25,000 per domain, per year. Now that Vox won the private auction to operate .Sucks their site went live on Friday with suggested pricing with 5 price and qualification classes ranging from $9.95 to … [Read more...]

Survey Of Brand Strategies in the New gTLD Era Published By Largest Law Firm In France

Fidal, the largest lawfirm in France,¬† put out the results of a very detailed survey on new gtlds and how brands are using them. They conducted a survey that delved into a lot of topics that brands face when dealing with the new namespace. I read the whole report and I think it is well worth your time to take a look at and bookmark to refer back to. From the report: A large majority of … [Read more...]

More Trademark Clearing House Abuse: Texas & Venture Triggers Notice

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about Trademark holders of generic terms applying to the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) where trademarks on many of which were causing some of those 500,000 "warnings" to go out to people trying to register a new gTLD domain name. Today we bring you the world famous trademarks for the term "Texas" and "Venture" ""1. TEXAS Jurisdiction: United States of … [Read more...]

.Berlin Dirk Krischenowski Blasts ICANN Over TMCH Which Has “Largely Failed”, interviewed Dirk Krischenowski of .Berlin who blasted ICANN and the performance of the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) The article was published in German and we used Google translate. Dirk chatted with the German publication about the recently completed Sunrise period for .Berlin, which is now in available to be registered. In the Sunrise Period trademark owner could … [Read more...]

TMCH Has Caused More People Not To Register 450K Domains, As New gTLD’s Pass 350K

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) said today that is has delivered¬† 500,000 Claims Notices (CNIS) of which 95% of the queries for trademark terms are not being followed through to a live registration. That means that up to 475,000 new gTLD domain names may have gone unregistered due to the THCM, let discount that number for some potential duplicate domains and call it 450,000 domain names A … [Read more...]

TMCH Has Plenty Of “Trademarks” of Generic Words

In attempting to pre-order some new gTLD's I have had to review trademarks filed with the Mark: hosting Jurisdiction: Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) Goods: Rubber, guttapercha, gummi, asbest, mica en hieruit vervaardigde producten voor zover niet begrepen in andere klassen; halfbewerkte plastic producten; dichtings-, pakking- en isolatiemateriaal; niet-metalen buigzame … [Read more...]