Top Level Domain Holdings Starts Trading Under Minds + Machines Today

Top Level Domain Holdings Limited (“TLDH”) has officially changed its name to and started trading today under Minds + Machines Group Limited

From today, the Company’s shares will trade uwith the EPIC ticker symbol, MMX.

Fred Krueger, Chairman of the Group, commented:

“We are delighted to be now fully grouped under the banner of our operating businesses, Minds + Machines. It not only reflects the Board’s confidence in the prospects of our registry and registrar operations but will create a more unified identity for the Group – particularly with our global network of partners, stakeholders and customers as we move towards the imminent first launches of our wholly-owned new top-level domains.”

The Company’s investor website can now be viewed at

12 Registrar Signup With TLDH; 7 With Minds + Machines; 25 New gTLD To Launch 1Q

The Directors of Top Level Domain Holdings (AIM: TLDH) announced the company has  Registry-Registrar Agreements (“RRA’s”) with an initial twelve ICANN-accredited registrars in the US, Europe and Asia.

The Company plans to expand its registrar network in 2014 to complement its own direct sales channel to market through its wholly-owned registrar, Minds + Machines Registrar Limited.

Of the initial 12 registrars that have signed RRAs, 7 have signed up with Minds + Machines OPEN Priority Reservation Platform, thereby extending the reach of its Priority Reservation program.

Currently reservations are being taken for five yet-to-launch top-level domains through the OPEN Priority Reservation Platform.

The Company expects this number to increase significantly as a result of the interest being shown in the platform by registrars and other operators of new generic top-level domains.

The Directors expect to see the first of its portfolio of 25 uncontested top level domains in which it has an interest launch in Q1 2014 with a rolling program of launches continuing throughout the year.

The Group will continue to participate in private auctions during the first half of 2014 to resolve contention on the Company’s 43 wholly-owned gTLD applications currently contested between itself and one or more other parties.

Shares of TDLH as down 5% in trading today

Here Are My First 3 New gTLD Registrations & How you Can Register Your New gTLD’s Now.

At ICANN I had a chance to get a personal tour of new domain registrar site. which is part of Top Level Domain Holdings (TLDH), a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, applied for 100 or so new gTLD’s and recently launched its own domain name registrar site.

Not only can you register domain names on five new gTLD’s  extensions; Casa, .CEO, .Best, .Cooking and .Horse, but also .com .net and .org registrations.

Since is also the registry and/or the backend provider of the new gTLD’s .Casa, .CEO, .Best, .Cooking and .Horse they are offering real domain registrations not reservations or expression of Interest.

Here is what says about these domain name registrations which are live on their site:

“Not an “Expression of Interest” but a real reservation.”

“The master list of reservations is kept by the registry, the authoritative source.”

“A registrar can only hold your place in “their” line — and they have to compete with other registrars to see who will get the name.”

“But any registrar connected to our Priority Reservation system — for instance, Minds + Machines — is connecting straight to the master list. ”

“If you get a Priority Reservation your name is automatically marked as “taken” and won’t be available to anyone who doesn’t own an exact-match trademark on the name.”

Under the ICANN rules no new gTLD domain name can be allocated until the end of the Sunrise period, the time which trademark holders who have registered with the Trademark Clearing House had have a chance to apply for their trademarked terms.

So like any good domainer presented with a new site and opportunity the firs thing I did was start to look around and Based on my Domaining 6.0 post that the future of domains is in brandable domains, here are my three first new gTLD registrations:



The three domains cost us €29.95 each for the 1st year registration.

We already own and therefore thought that since .horse is meant for the Horse industry it was a good domain to register. is one of the registries we chatted about yesterday, that is charging premium annual pricing (renewal fees) like the old .TV pricing model.

For example a very popular type of Horse, is priced at €5,999.95 priority reservation & 1st year registration.

Keep in mind that the company is located in Europe and therefore all of its prices are stated in Euro’s not dollars and at the current rate of exchange €1 will cost you $1.35

Each of the 5 different new gTLD’s have different general annual pricing and different premium domain name pricing.

Want; that is a regular registration and will set you back €89.95, however will cost you €479.95 to register it.

The registry like all other has come up with a list of premium domain names and priced them accordingly.

So its very possible you will find a domain available for registration at the normal price (like the one’s I registered) that you like better than a premium priced domain; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Remember our registrations, well a very similar domain geta.Horse is priced at €1,199.95 first year registration

Keep in mind that 2 letter domain names new gTLD’s are not allowed at this point to be registered by any new gTLD registry.

Any domain name on the ICANN collision list is blocked from registration as well for now.

Once again any domain you get is subject to being registered during the sunrise period by a trademark holder so you don’t “have” the domain until after Sunrise ends and you can’t use the domain until after Sunrise either.

Otherwise happy hunting.

.London All Over The News Today As Its Signs Contract With ICANN

The new gTLD .London is all over news today as the Board of Top Level Domain Holdings (AIM: TLDH) reported that its client, Dot London Domains Ltd (“Dot London”), has signed the contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) allowing the new top level domain, .LONDON,  to proceed to the final round of pre-delegation testing before being introduced into the Internet’s root zone in 2014.

Dot London is a subsidiary of London & Partners, the official promotional organization for London.

In the press statement issued today by Dot London, the company also announced that from Spring 2014 London-based businesses, organizations and individuals will be able to apply first for addresses in the new .LONDON domain.

Fred Krueger, Chairman of Top Level Domain Holdings, commented:
“We are delighted that London is to be one of the first major cities in the world to launch a city-named domain on the Internet. We are sure that it will be of significant benefit to the businesses, communities and individuals wanting to associate themselves with London and a powerful mechanism for enhancing London’s digital presence.”

We have posted around 10 mainstream press stories on the .London contract signing and the forthcoming .London new gTLD to our Facebook and Twitter accounts

Here is some more info according to the press release:

“London will shortly be one of the first cities in the world to launch a new city domain name in the biggest change to the online world since .com was launched nearly 30 years ago.

Tens of thousands of businesses, including some of London’s most prestigious brands such as Selfridges and Carnaby Street, have already expressed an interest in the new addresses, which will be live online in summer 2014.

By acquiring a .london address businesses, museums, shops, theaters and galleries will receive a domain name that is easy to remember and instantly identifies them as being located in London. Local businesses are also expected to benefit from consumers looking for services from London-based providers, helping to attract more customers.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “Adopting the .London suffix will enable organizations to more closely associate themselves with our great city’s powerful global brand. This is also an excellent opportunity to expand London’s digital presence, which in turn is set to generate funds to invest back into the city.”

Gordon Innes, Chief Executive of London & Partners, the Mayor’s official promotional organization for London, said: “When we have talked to London businesses and organisations about this, they’re extremely excited about the opportunities .London presents. We are already seeing huge interest – not just from London’s most prestigious stores and visitor attractions, but also from local businesses and tradespeople. Applicants will get a domain name that links them with London and is easier to remember and more powerful, potentially resulting in more customers.”

Hazel Kay, Interim Head of Marketing at Selfridges, said: “As an iconic London retailer, Selfridges has always taken care to be at the cutting edge of innovation in order to better serve our customers. Having a address is an exciting new opportunity to be creative with our web presence while showcasing our strong association with London, which is a key component of our identity.”

Claire Harris, Head of Marketing and Communication at Shaftesbury PLC, said: “It will be a great boost to know we can associate Carnaby even more closely with the capital by using the .london address. London is an incredibly strong brand in retail, fashion and lifestyle, so Carnaby is delighted to be able to promote its geographical and cultural identity across the internet in this way.”

The arrival of the .london address is an initiative led by London & Partners to pursue a new top-level domain in order to boost the city’s online identity.

With the support of the Mayor of London, London & Partners successfully applied to ICANN in 2012 to set up and manage the new .london domain. A London & Partners subsidiary called Dot London Domains Ltd has been created, and it has signed the contract with ICANN and will operate the .London registry.

Dot London Domains now plans to allow London-based businesses, organizations and individuals to apply for the new domain in spring 2014, giving them the first chance to own the new addresses that will be on offer. Companies with registered trademarks will also be able to apply during that time.

Information on the new .London is available online at

People can also sign up on the website to receive information as it becomes available.

About London & Partners:

London & Partners is the official promotional organization for London. Our company attracts and delivers value to business, students and visitors. London & Partners is a not-for-profit public private partnership, funded by the Mayor of London and a network of commercial partners.

Our remit is to drive leisure and business visitors as well as bidding to secure major events in London, to unlock the city for overseas businesses who want to set up or expand in London and to promote the capital’s world class universities to international students.

Our intention is to work in partnership with organizations in London and across the world to deliver our goal – that London be globally recognised as the best big city on earth.

For more information see
About Dot London:

London & Partners has set up a subsidiary, Dot London Domains Ltd to operate the new registry. They have procured a Registry Services Provider, Minds + Machines, who are working in partnership to set up and operate the domain. Dot London will operate on a commercial basis and any surplus profits will be re-invested for the benefit of London.

There are guidelines set out by ICANN for new top level domains which cover areas such as disputes, complaints, the protection of trademark holders and law enforcement.

More information can be found at


Losing Private New gTLD Auctions For .Lawyer & .Website Net Top Level Domain Holdings $4.8 Million

Top Level Domain Holdings (LON:TLDH) said  by losing the  private auctions for .website and .lawyer, which concluded on Oct. 23, it will add £2.97m ($4.81m) to its cash reserves.

The 14 previous new gTLD private auctions held by, totaled $18.9 in winning bids or around $1.33 million per string.

This week declined to furnish a total amount raised in the auction for 4 string auctioned, telling that they would not be furnishing a total this time around, unlike the previous two rounds.

However since two of the private auctions involved a public company, TLDH announced the results of .lawyer won by Donuts and .website won by Radix.

These two strings averaged over $2.45 million dollars.

.Website had two losing applicants while, .Lawyer only had one losing applicant.

Since TLDH did not say how much they received from each auction, we don’t know how much each losers share of  .website got and therefore what the total amount paid for the two applications were.

Chief executive Antony Van Couvering told Proactive Investors today:

“We consider this a real success. We have a number of these to do and we look at it strategically.”

“There are ones we liked more,” .

Fred Krueger the Chairman of TLDH told Proactive Investors “We are delighted with the result of the latest private auction rounds. Our strategy remains to best monetize those applications where we see least value so that we can maximize our ability to acquire those names in which we see greatest value. ”

“We very much look forward to competing in the next private auction rounds.”

“Krueger described this as a momentous point in the Internet’s development and means there is a strong probability that the firm’s portfolio will move to cash generative positions within the time-frames previously indicated.

“Following the receipt of cash from the latest round of private auctions, Top Level will have cash reserves of £10.1 million and access to up to a further US$15 million to compete in a single auction.”

“The reserves will allow the company to continue growing its portfolio of uncontested applications and move its portfolio to launch. TLDH’s portfolio of uncontested applications in which it has interests remains at 25 –  17 of which it wholly owns.”

The company’s shares opened 20% higher before easing back to being up just over 7% in trading in London today.