Top Level Domain Holdings Starts Trading Under Minds + Machines Today

Top Level Domain Holdings Limited (“TLDH”) has officially changed its name to and started trading today under Minds + Machines Group Limited From today, the Company’s shares will trade uwith the EPIC ticker symbol, MMX. Fred Krueger, Chairman of the Group, commented: “We are delighted to be now fully grouped under the banner of our operating businesses, Minds + Machines. It not only … [Read more...]

12 Registrar Signup With TLDH; 7 With Minds + Machines; 25 New gTLD To Launch 1Q

The Directors of Top Level Domain Holdings (AIM: TLDH) announced the company has  Registry-Registrar Agreements (“RRA’s”) with an initial twelve ICANN-accredited registrars in the US, Europe and Asia. The Company plans to expand its registrar network in 2014 to complement its own direct sales channel to market through its wholly-owned registrar, Minds + Machines Registrar Limited. Of the … [Read more...]

Here Are My First 3 New gTLD Registrations & How you Can Register Your New gTLD’s Now.

At ICANN I had a chance to get a personal tour of new domain registrar site. which is part of Top Level Domain Holdings (TLDH), a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, applied for 100 or so new gTLD's and recently launched its own domain name registrar site. Not only can you register domain names on five new gTLD's  extensions; Casa, … [Read more...]

.London All Over The News Today As Its Signs Contract With ICANN

The new gTLD .London is all over news today as the Board of Top Level Domain Holdings (AIM: TLDH) reported that its client, Dot London Domains Ltd (“Dot London”), has signed the contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) allowing the new top level domain, .LONDON,  to proceed to the final round of pre-delegation testing before being introduced into the … [Read more...]

Losing Private New gTLD Auctions For .Lawyer & .Website Net Top Level Domain Holdings $4.8 Million

Top Level Domain Holdings (LON:TLDH) said  by losing the  private auctions for .website and .lawyer, which concluded on Oct. 23, it will add £2.97m ($4.81m) to its cash reserves. The 14 previous new gTLD private auctions held by, totaled $18.9 in winning bids or around $1.33 million per string. This week declined to furnish a total amount raised in … [Read more...]

Radix, TLDH & Westerdal Asks ICANN To Suspend All Pending Expert Panels In New gTLD Process

Three large applicants to the new gTLD program sent a letter to ICANN yesterday to complaint about the Experts appointed by The Dispute Resolution Service Providers relating to the Community Objection process especially those at the ICC and asked ICANN to "ask all contracted arbitrators to temporarily suspend their decision making until ICANN can conduct a basic level of training for the actual … [Read more...]

Looks Like 1st New gTLD Private Auction For This Week Is Over As Donuts Loses & TLDH Wins .Casa

It appears that the 1st of this weeks private auctions being held by Applicant Auction is completed as Donuts has withdrawn its application for .Casa on the ICANN website. Donuts application for .Casa has a prioritization number of 1,622 and has not yet passed ICANN Initial Evaluation (IE)  meaning that Donuts will get 70% refund of their $185,000 application fee. The only other applicant … [Read more...]