.NYC Says Over 10K Landrush Applications Were Received For Domain Names

AdAge.com just published a post covering today's .NYC launch into general availability.  Its just one of many publications that have covered New York City big day but a quote from the story caught my eye. AdAge updated their story for a correction: CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said more than 100,000 people signed up for a .nyc domain. More than 10,000 people signed up. In … [Read more...]

In Auction At Snap: Gynecologist.com & Obstetrician.com: Is Moniker Pulling A Tucows?

            There are two great bang on medical domain names in closed auctions at Snapnames.com, Gynecologist.com & Obstetrician.com More about the auctions in a few, but the history of the domain names may indicate that Moniker has gone the way of Tucows and is picking up expired domains for its own account and then selling them instead of … [Read more...]

Snapnames BuyDomains Auction Ends Today; 17 Domains Out of 153 Have Bids

Snapnames.com's online auction of domain names owned by BuyDomains.com ends today at 3:15Pm EST in accordance with Snapnames normal closing rules As of publication 17 of the 153 domain names have a bid but only 2 of the domain have hit reserve and will sell. The highest bid at the moment is on EOB.com at $13K and Hikers.com at $12,500 but reserve has not been met on either. Here are the … [Read more...]

SnapNames Holding 4 Themed Auctions, All Ending On September 4th + 2 More

Snapnames.com is holding 4 themed domain auctions all of which are live and all of which end on  September 4th. The verticals at auction are Insurance, Legal Service, Real Estate, and Accounting. As of publication of the hundreds of domains in these auction only 2 have bids. All auctions close on September 4th at 3:15Pm in accordance with Snapnames.com normal closing rules. In addition … [Read more...]

Over $300K In Bids The Snapnames.com Spring Premium Auction Closes Thursday

The Snapnames.com Spring Premium domain name Auction closes tomorrow on Thursday May 8th at 3:15pm EST in accordance with Snapnames closing rules. As of publication there are over $300,000 in bids placed with the highest bid being on Airline.com at $170,000.  The domain name Airline.com has a reserve range of $250K- $500K so it has not hit reserve as of yet. Likewise the domain name Won.com … [Read more...]

Domains Acquired Through SnapNames Creds Will Be Managed By NetworkSolutions.com

Snapnames.com just announced that starting today, "domain names acquired at SnapNames®, through a SnapNames credential, will now be managed through Network Solutions. Before anyone freaks out about the price,  these domains will be subject to a special renewal rate of just $9.59 To quickly identify the registrar of record for purchased domains refer to your SnapNames confirmation … [Read more...]

Web.com Officially Announces The Acquisition of SnapNames.com

Web.com Group, Inc. (WWWW) officially announced today that it has acquired SnapNames from KeyDrive S.A. Shares are down over 2% in early trading today. The questions yet to be answered is how will the acquisition effect where expiring domain names from Web.com registrars, including NetworkSolutions.com and Register.com will be going. All expired domains of Netsol where going to … [Read more...]