Record Setter: Bidding on Dropped Domain Reaches $430K With 2+ Days to Go

The domain name dropped yesterday and shortly after the closed auction started on,  bidding reached $80,000. This morning the high bid on the domain name is $430,000. As you can see there are 7 bidders who bid $250,000 or more. While three number .Com domain names are extremely valuable,  I would hope at this level that SnapNames  has verified all of these accounts … [Read more...]

SnapNames Catches The Dropping Domain & Bidding Is At $80,000

The domain name dropped today and won the lottery grabbing the domain where its currently in closed auction with 221 bidders. The high bid as of time of publication is $80,000 and the auction has almost 3 days left. I'm not sure the last time I saw a pure dropping three numbered domain ( but its pretty rare and there is no vertical in the domain space hotter … [Read more...] Sells for $87,550 On

The expired domain name auction for just ended at Snapnames with  the domain name selling for $87,550. The winner bidder has the ID of: qursan There were 5 bidders at $80,000 or more including the winning bidder. We wrote about the auction when it started on Monday. There were 196 bidders in the domain auction.     … [Read more...] Drops To SnapNames & Is Over $20K Only 1 Hour Into The Auction

The domain name just dropped and went to closed auction about an hour ago and already has already topped $20,000. The domain name expired on April 11, 2015. The domain was registered under privacy at The last registered owner of the domain was Merlin Kauffman of True Magic in 2014. I cannot find a reported sale of the domain name, which if it … [Read more...]

SnapNames Is Holding Auction of 36 Registry Owned .Yoga Domain Names is holding an auction of  36 .Yoga domain names. About 1/2 the domain names have a reserve range price of $1k or less. Many are at no reserve and only one domain has a high range reserve of $2,500 All of the 36 .Yoga domain names are owned by the registry, Minds + Machines (LSE: MMX). The auction closes on May 4th at 3:15pm EST in accordance with normal … [Read more...]

Today’s The Day: RightoftheDot Extended Auction From Namescon Ends Today On Snapnames

The extended auction held by RightoftheDot at the Namescon conference ends today on at 3:15 PM EST. As of publication 10 domain names have hit reserve and will sell led by which has a high bid of 12,000 The live auction at Namescon did just under $1 Million in domain name sales. There are two bids on with a high bid of $235,000 but is below … [Read more...]

My Top Picks From The Extended Auction From Namescon

The extended auction from the Namescom conference is running on and closed out on Thursday at 3:15pm EST according to the normal closing rules for As of publication 19 domain names have bids. Here are my favorite domain names in the auction;  Those I think are the best buys: Its a category killer A Huge category with … [Read more...]