Google Releases Data to Help With Adwords Confusion

Google has released a couple pieces of data over the last two days that are worth reviewing for those who use the Google Adwords product. Google released a white paper to try to dispel some myths when it comes to the subject of quality score. As Ginny Marvin pointed out on Search Engine Land, There has always been a healthy amount of debate over the importance of Quality Score as an indicator … [Read more...] Is Launched To Help European Citizens Enforce Their Right To Be Forgotten just covered the launch of another great .Me domain name, which is an online service which acts  "as a middleman between an individual and to individuals who want to exercise their right to be forgotten" A recent European Court ruling search engine must provide to its citizens the :right to be forgotten" and allow them to  demand that … [Read more...]

Ad Impersonation Is The New Click Fraud

Lori Weiman wrote an interesting piece on Search Engine Land a few hours ago, the article focused on a different type of click fraud.  PPC Ad impersonation occurs when an impostor advertiser takes a well known website address, and uses it as the display URL of their own advertisement. From the article: When you first hear about PPC fraud rings, you tend to think of click fraud where an … [Read more...]

eBay: Search Ads Have No Measurable Benefit

eBay study warns search ads have 'no measurable benefit The Guardian did a story on the efficacy of paid search based on a study conducted by eBay From the article: Customers are just as likely to click on natural search results as paid ads, a US study has found, raising questions about the efficacy of the multi-billion dollar search advertising market. The researchers found that most … [Read more...]

Counterfeiters Using Google Adwords is a Big Problem

Randy Pickard made a guest post on Search Engine Land that took a look at all the counterfeiters buying ads on Google that trick consumers into buying knock off goods. The article looked at a few categories, one being prom dresses. From the article: Among the websites buying AdWords sponsored ads for [prom dress] related terms, approximately half of these websites are filled with … [Read more...]

How one Google Algorithm Change Can Damage A Business

There was an article over at Motley Fool yesterday by Adam Levy that took a look at how one Google algorithm changed can ruin a business. The article discussed the recent Panda change and the effect on RetailMeNot. From the article: Last week, shares of RetailMeNot (NASDAQ: SALE  ) slid over 20% over the course of two days after a report from SearchMetrics found that the website's visibility … [Read more...]

RetailMeNot Sees it Stock Get Whacked By Google Algorithm Update

RetailMeNot is see its stock get hit hard by the recent Google algorithm change. Barry Schwartz wrote on Search Engine Land: On Tuesday, Google pushed out their revised Panda Algorithm code-named Panda 4.0. Panda is designed to remove low-quality content from Google’s search results. Yesterday, we published an early Winners & Losers report on which large sites were impacted the most both … [Read more...]