Counterfeiters Using Google Adwords is a Big Problem

Randy Pickard made a guest post on Search Engine Land that took a look at all the counterfeiters buying ads on Google that trick consumers into buying knock off goods. The article looked at a few categories, one being prom dresses. From the article: Among the websites buying AdWords sponsored ads for [prom dress] related terms, approximately half of these websites are filled with … [Read more...]

How one Google Algorithm Change Can Damage A Business

There was an article over at Motley Fool yesterday by Adam Levy that took a look at how one Google algorithm changed can ruin a business. The article discussed the recent Panda change and the effect on RetailMeNot. From the article: Last week, shares of RetailMeNot (NASDAQ: SALE  ) slid over 20% over the course of two days after a report from SearchMetrics found that the website's visibility … [Read more...]

RetailMeNot Sees it Stock Get Whacked By Google Algorithm Update

RetailMeNot is see its stock get hit hard by the recent Google algorithm change. Barry Schwartz wrote on Search Engine Land: On Tuesday, Google pushed out their revised Panda Algorithm code-named Panda 4.0. Panda is designed to remove low-quality content from Google’s search results. Yesterday, we published an early Winners & Losers report on which large sites were impacted the most both … [Read more...]

Google Extends “Not Provided” to Paid Search

Google is making a change that will bring paid search in line with organic search when it comes to relaying referrer information. Now when people using secure search click on AdWords ads, they will not have their search query show up in the referrer string, this info will no longer be available in analytics packages and third party providers of related software. Ginny Marvin wrote on Search … [Read more...]

Microsoft and the Bing Entity Engine

Frederic Lardinois wrote a piece on Tech Crunch tonight about Microsoft and their plan for their entity engine. The entity engine is Microsoft's answer to the Google Knowledge Graph. These products are not the most desirable from a web developer standpoint. Google and Bing would both like to give people using their search engine a direct answer, keep them on their site and lessen the need to click … [Read more...]

1% of Search Advertisers Drive 82 % of Clicks

Laurie Sullivan wrote on MediaPost that only 1% of search advertisers drive 82% of clicks. If you believe the results of a recent study examining Google AdWords clicks, it may seem that most marketers still don't know how to run a successful paid-search campaign. While many think they do, only the top 1% of search advertisers in the categories of Retail, Hotels & Resorts, and Computer … [Read more...]

Matt Cutts Talks About a Softer Panda and a Boost for Sites Using SSL

Matt Cutts had a few things to say at  SMX West regarding potential future moves at Google. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable wrote that Cutts would like to give a boost to sites using SSL. At SMX West Matt Cutts gave the attendees a few tidbits, one of those items was that making your site secure, encrypted, i.e. SSL enabled, is an important trend for 2014. At the end of the … [Read more...]