Google Organic Click Rates – A Case Study

Philip Petrescu posted an interesting article on that is worth checking out for those who build out websites and are looking for more organic traffic. It is a long article as Petrescu goes into great detail on his case study. The summary is below: So I started searching for a way to find out how much organic traffic I could get for ranking on the top positions in Google. But I faced a … [Read more...]

Google’s Response to Negative SEO Extortion “No Bueno”

Barry Schwartz wrote an article on Search Engine Land yesterday on Negative SEO extortion, and the Google response to these letters. First off here is the letter: Subject: I Want To Buy. Please Guide Me. Hello, Read this email very carefully. This is an extortion email. We will do NEGATIVE SEO to your website by giving it 20,000 XRumer forum profile backlinks (permanent & … [Read more...]

The Google Penguin has become the Punisher

Has the Google Penguin become the punisher ? Eric Enge wrote a very good article on Search Engine Land that took a look at how punitive the Google Penguin really is. Enge expressed that he had a heavy heart with relation to the unforgiving nature of the Penguin. Enge gives those webmasters new to the game a primer on how the Penguin came to be: History Of Penguin The first release of … [Read more...]

3D Search Engine Launching to Protect 3D Content

The longest comment thread in the history of domaining is the post that Michael wrote four years ago about 3D, it has 5,371 comments. So for those interested in the topic of 3D there is a new search engine launching on a .es domain is all about 3D content, the engine will be using the domain hack Jennifer Hicks of  Forbes covered the launch and went over what the future growth rates for … [Read more...]

Yahoo’s Share of Search Is Under 10% For 1st Time Ever & All Time Low, is reporting that Yahoo's share of search traffic has fallen below 10% for the first time and marks an all time low. ""Yahoo’s share has now fallen below 10 percent. "This is an “all-time low.” The combined Yahoo-Bing “search alliance” share remains flat at 29%: Bing growth has  almost entirely been at Yahoo’s expense. Here are the figures for June: Google: … [Read more...]

Is SEO on the verge of extinction ?

Where is SEO Headed ? Andrew Edwards wrote an article on Click Z asking the question, "Is SEO dead ?" Edwards seems to believe that Google taking away the keyword data makes SEO less valuable as a major support system has been taken away. Edwards points out that it is in the best interest of Google to try to undermine SEO, There is no good reason for Google to stop trying to stamp out SEO, … [Read more...]

Experiment Shows Up to 60 % of Direct Traffic is Really Organic Search

Gene McKenna wrote an interesting article on Search Engine Land, that referenced an experiment that showed up to 60 % of direct traffic was actually organic search. In testing with default browser settings, they found differences based on whether someone performed a search at Google directly vs. in a browser’s search box. From the article: Everyone knows that browsers don’t always report where … [Read more...]