SEO Benefits Between .Com and Everything Else

This will probably be a controversial post as the topic has certainly been controversial. published an article that took a look at the SEO benefits of .com vs every other extension. Now Google has always said there is no difference and Matt Cutts has debunked the new gtld crowd that said they would have a benefit. Matt wrote on his Google + in May 2012: Matt Cutts Shared … [Read more...] “Moving 5 Domains To 1 an SEO Case Study”

Dr. Peter J. Meyers wrote an excellent piece on that deals with changing multiple domains, basically 5 into 1 for this case study. The article is very detailed and is definitely something you want to bookmark in case there ever comes a time when you need to do this. From the article: People often ask me if they should change domain names, and I always shudder just a little. Changing … [Read more...]

Shocking? Google Domains Now Listed Organically Number 1 On Google For “domains”

                Just a little over 2 months after launching out of Beta, Google new domain name registrar Google Domains is showing as the number one organic entry under Google when you search for the term "domains" replacing registrars like,, Network,, and Google Domains … [Read more...]

International Domains Competing Against Each Other in the Serps

Econsultancy took a look at three companies and how providing similar content on multiple international domains may be affecting their search results. Graham Charlton took a look at, and At the end of the article Graham provides some tips on how to avoid the competition between sites. From the article: Lots of companies have different international … [Read more...]

Who Has the Most Valuable Search Traffic ?

Matt Southern wrote an article on Search Engine Journal that included an infographic on who has the most valuable search traffic. His takeaway from the data was: It’s interesting to note that the site with the most valuable search traffic, Wikipedia, is one that does not attempt to generate a profit from its traffic. Besides that one outlier, the results are more or less what you would expect … [Read more...]

Google Might Not Like Your Naturally Generated Links

Julie Joyce wrote a very interesting article on Search Engine Land about an hour ago on Google and natural links. We always tend to think of natural links as the prize or reward for creating engaging content. You didn't pay for them, you did not manipulate the system, someone just liked your content and either included it in an article or on a forum or blog comment. Julie points out that … [Read more...]

Yahoo Search Share Dips for February – Google Stands at 78.7% according to StatCounter

Danny Sullivan discussed the February search share stats on Search Engine Land. Yahoo dipped after posting gains in the previous two months. The dip wasn't that big but the company had some good momentum going over the previous two months. The data from StatCounter shows: Google: 78.7% (+0.1%) Yahoo: 10.1% (-0.1%) Bing: 9.8% (+0.1%) From the article: Yahoo’s share of search in the … [Read more...]