RightoftheDot.com Gets Godaddy Its Stock Ticker Symbol; GDDY.com Before It Went Public

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY),  announced today it has bought the domain name GDDY.com through RightoftheDot.com who bought the domain name on behalf of Godaddy before it went public. When visited, GDDY.com takes individuals to GoDaddy's Investor Relations page, enabling anyone to quickly find out more about the company. Right of the Dot, LLC, a domain name consulting service, helped broker the … [Read more...]

My Top Picks From The RightoftheDot.com Extended Auction From Namescon

The RightoftheDot.com extended auction from the Namescom conference is running on Snapnames.com and closed out on Thursday at 3:15pm EST according to the normal closing rules for Snapnames.com As of publication 19 domain names have bids. Here are my favorite domain names in the auction;  Those I think are the best buys: Photographers.com Its a category killer A Huge category with … [Read more...]

Estibot Values RightoftheDot.com Extended Namescon Auction At Over $13 Million Dollars

The RightoftheDot.com extended auction from the Namescon conference is ongoing on Snapnames.com and ends on February 5th which is a week from tomorrow. I ran the list of the domain names included in the extended auction through Estibot and the total value of the inventory came to over $13 Million dollars All domains were led by Investment.com which makes sense since invest.com recently sold … [Read more...]

Land.com Gets A $850K Bid In RightoftheDot Extended Domain Auction: Now Over $1.1M In Bids

The domain name Land.com has gotten a verified bid of $850,000 in the RightoftheDot.com extended auction from the Namescon conference running on SnapNames.com The domain has a stated reserve of $1M-5MM but the fact that Snapnames.com took the bid means by its own rules than the bid represents at least 50% of the actual reserve price. There is now over $1.1 million dollars in bids. The … [Read more...]

The RightoftheDot.com Extended Auction From Namescon is Live On Snapnames.com

The extended RightoftheDot.com auction is now live on Snapnames and there is already almost $250,000 in bids. As you know by now almost $1 million dollars in domains were sold on Tuesday at the Namescon show in Las Vegas. There are over 300 domain names in the extended auction that will close on February 5th at 3:15 pm EST subject to Snapnames.com normal closing rules. The extended … [Read more...]

Auction Day At NamesCon: All You Need to Know + How To Bid If You’re In Vegas Or Not

Today is the live domain name auction at Namescon.com that will be conducted by RightoftheDot.com with online bidding and viewing on SnapNames.com So here is all of the information you need to know: If you're in Vegas the Event starts at 4:30 PST with drinks and food and social networking. The actual auction should start around 5:15-5:30 PST which is 8:15-8:30pm EST & 1:30 am GMT … [Read more...]

Our Top 10 Picks From The ROTD Auction At NamesCon For .Vegas; .Wiki, .XYZ & .ink Domains

Here are my top 10 picks from the RightoftheDot.com domain name auction to be held at Namescon on Tuesday for a few new gTLD's; .Vegas, .Wiki/.Ink, and .XYZ. Of course .XYZ has more domain names registered than any other new gTLD. .Wiki and .ink are owned by the same registry so we combined them and .Vegas speaks for itself Most of the domains are at no reserve although some do already … [Read more...]