How many new gtlds have you registered in 2014 ? November poll results in

Our November poll question was, How Many New gTLDs Have you registered in 2014 ? We had 200 votes exactly and the most popular answer was zero. 78 out of the 200 responses stated they have registered no new gtlds in 2014. Of course this is not a huge sample size but it was still a bit higher than expected. 1-9 was the next most popular result with 54 people responding that they own 1 to 9 new … [Read more...]

Our October Readers’ Poll Shows The Majority Are More Optimistic About Their Personal Portfolio

For our October poll we asked readers how they felt about their own portfolio compared to the beginning of the year. 2014 has introduced several new gtlds and so the namespace has gotten a bit more crowded. It seems the majority of our readers feel more optimistic today than they did on January 1. There were 158 votes in total. As always thank you for taking the time to vote. How Optimistic … [Read more...]

How Optimistic Are You About Your Current Domain Portfolio Compared To The Start of The Year ?

Our poll question for October is,How Optimistic Are You About Your Current Domain Portfolio Compared To The Start of The Year ? 2014 has brought about some new developments such as the new gtlds and a continuing drop in ppc payouts. I have spoken to a bunch of people on how they feel the new gtlds are affecting domaining and their portfolio specifically. I would say those who had great .com … [Read more...]

Results of our Numeric Dot Com Readers Poll

Our poll question for September was where you the reader, saw the value of numeric dot com domains going. We had 188 votes and the majority of voters see prices going higher. Where do you think values are going for Numeric .com domains ? Up (52%, 98 Votes) Down (29%, 54 Votes) Will stay approximately where they are (19%, 36 Votes) Total Voters: 188 Thank you for your … [Read more...]

Poll Results: “What Will Google Domains Market Share Of The Registrar Market Be A Year After Launch?”

The results from our latest poll question are out and most don't think Go Daddy should be crawling under their desk as one IPO analyst remarked. Google getting into the registrar space caused quite a stir a few weeks back. We had 240 voters and 19% do not see Google in the top 20. 13% see Google in position number 10 and 12 % see them in position number 20. What Will Google Domains Market Share … [Read more...]

Which New gTLD will be the first to hit 100K Registrations – Our Poll Results Say .Club

Results from our April Poll show that most people think .Club will be the first to reach 100,000 registrations, .Web came in second and None came in third. In total 373 readers voted. Thank you for taking the time to participate and vote. Which New gTLD Will Be The 1st To Hit 100K Registrations? .CLUB (15%, 57 Votes) .Web (14%, 53 Votes) None Will (9%, 33 Votes) .NYC (8%, 30 … [Read more...]

Have Your Opinions Changed or Stayed The Same on the New gTLDs ?

Back on February 6, we posted a poll that asked readers to choose their interest level in the new gtlds. ┬áReaders had a choice of strong interest, moderate interest or zero interest. The poll ran til April 1 and in total 240 readers voted. The results were : 132 Zero interest 70 Moderate interest 38 Strong interest So now that the new gtlds have been out for over two months and new … [Read more...]