Better Buy for $20,500 or

Two domain names just crossed the sales wire info in the last hour, with both selling for the same price of $20,500, and So the question is what is the better buy? In the case of VapeClub there is an alternative The domain name is for sale at The Vape industry is huge and hot and seems to be getting hotter … [Read more...]

Majority of our poll respondents see new gtld registrations ending 2015 on a sour note

We started a poll two months ago that asked, "How Many New gTLD Registrations Will There Be By The End of 2015?" Currently there are over 5 million new gtld registrations according to multiple sources such as The majority of respondents see the numbers going down. 27% of readers who participated see 2015 ending with 2 million or less registrations. Thanks for voting and here are … [Read more...]

How Many New gTLD Registrations Will There be by the End of 2015 ?

The number of new gtld registrations stood at approximately 3.7 million to close out 2014. Our poll question for March is where do you see that number for 2015 ? The poll just went up and we did provide for choices that would show a contraction, so far half of the very small sample size has voted that way. Today according to nTLDStats the number is sitting around 4.4 million. It certainly makes … [Read more...]

Would you have applied for a new GTLD if you knew what you know now ?

On the one year anniversary of the rollout of new gtlds to the public, our January poll question was, "Would you have applied for a new GTLD if you knew what you know now ?" We had 110 votes and 62 people voted no while 48 voted yes. This may have been a tricky question because a lot of participants may not have had the ability to embark on such an adventure due to the price. I think if you … [Read more...]

Do you plan on holding more domain names in 2015 or less ?

As we close out 2014 everyone here at would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Our final poll for 2014 asked, Do you plan on holding more domain names in 2015 or less ? Readers seemed to be split with 42 % saying they plan to hold more vs 39% saying they plan to hold less. More (42%, 50 Votes) Less (39%, 46 Votes) Same (19%, 23 Votes) Total Voters: … [Read more...]

How many new gtlds have you registered in 2014 ? November poll results in

Our November poll question was, How Many New gTLDs Have you registered in 2014 ? We had 200 votes exactly and the most popular answer was zero. 78 out of the 200 responses stated they have registered no new gtlds in 2014. Of course this is not a huge sample size but it was still a bit higher than expected. 1-9 was the next most popular result with 54 people responding that they own 1 to 9 new … [Read more...]

Our October Readers’ Poll Shows The Majority Are More Optimistic About Their Personal Portfolio

For our October poll we asked readers how they felt about their own portfolio compared to the beginning of the year. 2014 has introduced several new gtlds and so the namespace has gotten a bit more crowded. It seems the majority of our readers feel more optimistic today than they did on January 1. There were 158 votes in total. As always thank you for taking the time to vote. How Optimistic … [Read more...]