Have Your Opinions Changed or Stayed The Same on the New gTLDs ?

Back on February 6, we posted a poll that asked readers to choose their interest level in the new gtlds.  Readers had a choice of strong interest, moderate interest or zero interest. The poll ran til April 1 and in total 240 readers voted.

The results were :

  • 132 Zero interest
  • 70 Moderate interest
  • 38 Strong interest

So now that the new gtlds have been out for over two months and new names are coming to general availability every week, has your opinion changed on the new gtlds ?

Leave a comment and thanks to all those who voted.

Quick Poll: Which of The 9 Donuts New gTLD Starting Sunrise In Oct Will Have The Most Registrations?

This week we wrote a post about Donuts starting to accept Sunrise Applications on its first 9 new gTLD’s on October 29.

Our poll question today is which of these new gTLD strings will have the most registrations by the end of March 2015?

Why March 31st?

Well since Sunrise (for trademark holders) last 60 days and landrush follows which will be in at the earliest in January, 2014,  General availability ( the day you can go to registrar and register a domain) may not start until March, so basically we are asking which of these 9 new gTLD will have to most registrations one year after launch.

And of course ICANN publishes monthly registry reports each month so the date has to be the last day of the month.

Whether you think they will do 100 registrations or , or 1 million, no two will have the same exact number and the number won’t be zero.

You can vote on the right in the poll and if you want to make any exact picks as to the numbers of registrations for any string or for bragging rights you can put those predictions in the comment section as well

Here are the nine:











Of course we have our own pick and will let you know a week or so from now as to not effect the poll results.

Quick Poll: How Much Will Apples.com Sell For On Namejet.com?

The domain names Apples.com and onions.com are at auction at Namejet.com

As of time of publication the high bids are $6,666 for Apples.com and $2,500 for Onions.com

The Auction for Apples.com has an undisclosed reserve but has not been reached at $6,666.

The domain name Onions.com is being auctioned with no reserve.

The poll question is how much will the domain name Apples.com sell for?

You choices are:

Under $10K




$100k or more

The Domain will not hit reserve and will not sell.

If your wondering, Apples.com has an Estibot value of $159,000 and Onions.com has a value of 68,000

You can vote on our poll on the right and for bragging rights you can put your selection below as well.

Quick Poll: Will Verisign Gets The .Com Contract Renewed?

We are going to run a poll for just tonight on whether Verisign is going to get its contract  to operate the .Com registry renewed.

Today Verisign scheduled a conference call and live webcast for tomorrow morning on the status of the renewal of the contract to run the .com registry.

So the question is simple.

Will Verisign Get its Contract to Run The .Com Registry Renewed?

You can answer



Yes but with price reductions

Yes with reduced rate increases

Yes with price reductions and reduced rate increases.

We will close the poll at 8:25 Am EST tomorrow morning.

For bragging rights feel free to comment blew.



Quick Poll: How Many Unique New gTLD’s Will Be Applied For?

With ICANN’s announcement on Friday that 2,091 applications have been submitted with another 214 pending awaiting payment, the question now becomes how many Unique applications will there be for new gTLD?

There are many strings which have publicly announced multiple applicants including .music and .eco.

Even a brand application could have multiple applications which would be if two or more brands having a matching trademark in the world apply.

Even a Geo could have multiple application.

The frequently used example is an application from Paris, France and one from Paris, Texas.

So the question is now of the total number of applications, how many will be unique; that is the only application for that string.

You can vote on the poll on the right or for bragging rights put your selection in the comment section below.