Report: 8 .NYC Sites Are Already In Alexa Top 1 Million

The launch of domain names ending with .NYC about a month ago have just 47,000 .NYC domains have been claimed and will become internet websites from and for New York City. Sites are following suit. Eight sites are already in Alexa´s top One million count. Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on 30 million websites and is one of the main sources of information for … [Read more...]

Results From 1st .NYC Landrush Auctions: Carservice.NYC $11,500 Bitcoin.NYC $11K

We have a few results from the first .NYC landrush auctions that closed today on So first the disclaimers. These numbers are unofficial. These figures, did not come from the .NYC registry or Neustar the operator of the extension or which held the auction. All these numbers came from bidders that may have won or lost landrush auctions. All numbers are … [Read more...]

.NYC Landrush Auctions Are Underway

The landrush auctions for .NYC domain names are underway at according to someone who is involved in the auctions. We previously announced that the auctions would start today on a staggered 3 stage basis going through November 6th. We understand that not everyone who submitted a landrush application went ahead and established a valid account at In the cases … [Read more...]

A Rumble in the Bronx over a Couple .Nyc Domains

The Daily News has an interesting story today about two .nyc domains that are at the heart of an online turf war in The Bronx. and are being used as digital bargaining chips as one Bronx blogger wants another to retract statements and stop harassing her in a dispute that seems to be about of all things, a Whole Foods Market. An online dispute rooted in … [Read more...]

GigaOM: “The latest New York City “land rush” is already turning into a party for cyber-squatters”

Jeff John Roberts of GigaOM covered the .NYC launch in an article today, the site points out that many New York sports teams have had their domains registered but not by the teams themselves. They summed it up like this: The latest New York City “land rush” is already turning into a party for cyber-squatters, who have snapped up some familiar names. The episode shows, again, how the system is … [Read more...]

.NYC Says Over 10K Landrush Applications Were Received For Domain Names just published a post covering today's .NYC launch into general availability.  Its just one of many publications that have covered New York City big day but a quote from the story caught my eye. AdAge updated their story for a correction: CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said more than 100,000 people signed up for a .nyc domain. More than 10,000 people signed up. In … [Read more...]

.NYC Landrush Auctions To Start On October 23rd & Will Handle Them

According to an email we received from a domain investor, The .NYC  landrush collision auctions will be managed by SnapNames, the .nyc Auction Provider. A landrush collision occurs when more than 1 landrush application was submitted for the same .NYC domain name "Auctions will be held on three different dates to best suit bidders with multiple applications for .nyc domains. Auction dates … [Read more...]