.NYC Releases Numbers On Landrush: 145 Domains Sell For $1K-$9,999: 10 Sell For $10K+

New York City released some numbers on the recently concluded Landrush period for the new gTLD .NYC, in which residents and businesses located in New York City were given the opportunity to apply for a domain for any extra fee before general availability started. TheDomains.com published a couple of posts on some unofficial sales here and here but these numbers came from the city: A total … [Read more...]

NYC.com Making Email Expensive

Gothamist did a piece about NYC.com offering email addresses and their not cheap. The article looks at all of the recent attention around "NYC" branding. The new .NYC extension is mentioned along with the offering of email addresses from NYC.com. From the article: The email addresses are not free, they come with a monthly rent ($69, $99, $199, and $999 a month are the current prices). So, for … [Read more...]

More Details Emerge On New York’s Deal On .NYC: But 50K New Yorkers Did Not Register 50K Domains

                    According to a post on crainsnewyork.com,  the city of New York is making a "cool $40,000 a week on the Internet". According to the story, the City of New York collects 40% of all domain registration fees collected by Neustar the operator of the .NYC registry. At a "cost of $20" (which is … [Read more...]

.NYC Domain Helps UCONN Basketball Troll Syracuse

The Sporting News reported that Syracuse.nyc was registered by Tyler Wilkinson and Peter Bard at A Dime Back, a UConn-centric blog. UConn is one of the best Basketball teams in the Country and a rival to New York State based Syracuse. The domain name Syracuse.nyc is now being used to promote UConn while simultaneously trolling Syracuse fans. Now Syracuse.nyc directs people to a wesbite … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal: The Gold Rush Is On for .NYC Domains; Some May Resell for $100K+

The Wall Street Journal just covered .NYC domains name in a story "The Gold Rush Is On for .NYC Domains; Some May Resell for $100,000 +" In the story The Wall Street Journal featured long term domain name investor Steve Kaziyev. "Since the new .NYC domain extension hit the market last month as an alternative to better-known extensions like .com and .org, Mr. Kaziyev has snapped up more than … [Read more...]

Bloomberg Gives Back His .NYC Domain Name Registrations

According to Reuters, the former Mayor of new York City, Michael Bloomberg has "called off the purchase of a slew of website domain names that insult and belittle him and his work" "The move came a day after reports that two law firms working for Bloomberg had purchased about 400 such online domains. The domains included bloombergfail.nyc, mikethespoiler.nyc and kingmike.nyc, according to an … [Read more...]

Start Spreading The News: Marijuana.NYC Sells For Over $60,000 In Landrush Domain Auction

The second of three rounds of .NYC landrush auctions closed today with the highest (yes pun intended) .NYC sale to date. The domain name Marijuana.NYC sold today for a whopping $60,920 Earlier this week the domain name cannabis.nyc" sold for just $3,600 in the first of three landrush auction rounds. You can read our report on the 1st .NYC landrush auction here Once again we start with … [Read more...]