The Mayor Of New York Declares The 1st .NYC Websites Are Live

Think of it as a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony as  the Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio today announced that the first .NYC websites have gone live. The owners of these domain names, officially called ".NYC Founders," represent a diverse group of New Yorkers" "It's exciting to see New York City's official domain coming to life with the launch of our first .nyc Founder websites," said Mayor … [Read more...]

The Village Voice Covers .NYC: Landrush Auctions Will Be in 5 & 6 Figures

The Village Voice just covered the new .NYC domain names and quotes Gerardo Aristizabal who runs the domain registrar Hello NYC who predicts that Landrush auctions will produce bids at least to the tens of thousands of dollars," "Two or three might reach six figures." The blog post is entitled:"Lost Out on Sex.NYC Will Soon Be Available at a Domain Auction Near You" What isn't … [Read more...]

Say Hello To The 1st 158 .NYC Domains: HappyBirthday.NYC, Honeymoon.NYC Startrek.NYC

The Sunrise period for trademark/brand holders closed on June 20 for the .NYC new gTLD, the extension for the city of New York. The latest zone files indicate that  brands and trademark holders participated very lightly in the Sunrise period,  where I count less than 160 domain name registrations (of course all of the Sunrise maybe in). However since New York is largely regarded to be the … [Read more...]

“.NYC is The Best Real Estate Opportunity Since The Dutch Bought Manhattan”

BetaBeat did a story today on an early video done by former Mayor of New York City, the late Ed Koch. The headline for our story here was a quote that Mr.Koch used when doing his .NYC pitch. You can watch the video below. From the article: “Back in 2008, city officials were leaning against creating a ‘.nyc’ web address,” Davidson Goldin, the … [Read more...]

Neustar is Holding A Live Event In NYC To Discuss Rights Protections in .NYC Tomorrow

Neustar the company operating the .NYC domain name extension on behalf of the city of New York is holding a Breakfast seminar in New York Tomorrow April 23rd at 8:30 Am to discuss ICANN’s rights protection mechanisms, the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), general brand protection strategies and the .NYC launch program The event is free and breakfast will be served ""Join experts and colleagues … [Read more...]

.NYC Go Live Scheduled for October 8th, 2014

The launch policies for .NYC domain registry were just published by ICANN and they are lengthy. The "Plan has been developed to describe the Launch Program for the .nyc Top Level Domain ("TLD") by The City of New York by and through the New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications ("Registry Operator"). Launch Schedule: The following is a brief … [Read more...]

No Privacy or Proxy Registrations For .NYC New gTLD Domain Names

This week during the Fairwinds Beyond The Dot conference held in Washington, Jeff Neuman of Neustar,  laid out some more interesting information about the new .NYC extension which Neustar will be running in cooperation with the city of New York. covered some basic eligibility a few days ago, including that a registrant be an entity, business or resident who has a physical … [Read more...]