.Vet, .Army, .Navy & .Airforce Launching Tomorrow Have a Total Of Less Than 250 Domains

In addition to .Healthcare, four other new gTLD's are launching tomorrow into General Availability; three are focused on the military,  .Army, .Navy & .Airforce & then there is .Vet which could mean Veterans as in those who served in the military or Veterinarians those doctors who treat animals Thought the Sunrise period for trademark holders and the five day Early Access Program for … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Awareness by Bluehost.com Using Pink.Host & Gets Blue.Host As a Founder

              According to a press release we received today, "Bluehost, an elite player in the industry, was selected as a Pioneer of the .Host namespace. As part of the program, Bluehost is keen on using and promote their primary brand on the blue.host domain after the name, part of the 100,000+ names in ICANN’s collision list, is … [Read more...]

132 .Healthcare Domains Registered in EAP 5: Cancer.Healthcare; Ebola.Healthcare

According to Registered.Today 132 domain names in the new gTLD .Healthcare were registered on day 5 of the Early Access Program. Under the EAP for an extra fee, domain names can be registered ahead of General Available (GA) and some of those domain names carried a premium registration and renewal. Many of the domain names were diseases or medical conditions with some Brands thrown … [Read more...]

JD.com With A $30 Billion Market Cap Registers 3 .Rich Domain At Up To $3K Per

                .Rich picked up 3 registrations yesterday which is notable since it represented an addition of 8% to its registration based which increased from 46 to 49. .Rich has the highest cost of any new gTLD with a regular, non-premium registration fee as high as $3,000 per domain name registration. What makes it even more … [Read more...]

When It Comes To Rightside, One Seeking Alpha Author Believes The Market Doesn’t Realize How Useful GLTDs Are And How Adoption Affects Earnings

One investor long Rightside Group Ltd (NAME) wrote a piece on Seeking Alpha that the market does not recognize how the new gtlds will affect the bottom line. The author points out how the margins are much bigger on a new gtld as opposed to something like a .com or .net registration. He also highlights the benefit of the being the house (registry). The author did put some decent work in on the … [Read more...]

.Club Leads All New gTLD’s In Number of Sites In Alexa Top 1 Million

According to Namestat.org  which is tracking the number of websites in the Alexa Top Million, based on the Namestat.org data on October 8th, 2014, .CLUB has more sites in the Alexa Top Million than any other new domain extension. If you calculate the number of sites in the Alexa Top Million for each of the top 50 new gTLD, after .Club the next top 49 extensions average 16.6  sites per domain, … [Read more...]

Rightside Launching 11 More New gTLD’s This Year

Rightside Group, Ltd. (Nasdaq:NAME), announced today it will launch 11 additional Top Level Domains (TLDs) by the end of 2014, bringing its in-market portfolio to 28. Next week, members of the armed forces, as well as military families, supporters, and veterans, can begin registering .ARMY, .NAVY, .AIRFORCE, and .VET web addresses. Launch activities will include a home-page promotion with … [Read more...]