.ForSale (IN EAP) Has Almost 200 Registrations: Apple & Microsoft Leads The Way

The new gTLD .Forsale is launching next week and has just under 200 registrations through Sunrise and the first two days of the Early Access Program (EAP) Both Apple and Microsoft went in heavy into the Sunrise program registering most of their tech product names in .forsale. If your wondering iphone and ipad are not on the list because  Apple bought a trademark block on all Rightside … [Read more...]

New Gtld Resource Site Registered.Today is For Sale

Gtld.Link is a new forum that focuses strictly on the new gtlds, I just joined a couple nights ago. While I was going through the names for sale listings, I came across a listing for Registered.Today. Registered.Today-5K - developed site with daily updates of all NEW gTLDs We are moving on to much bigger projects like USA.Properties and Chicago.Land so this one will go with all … [Read more...]

Donuts Beats Google, Amazon, Dish Network, Radix, Famous Four To .Movie New gTLD

Donuts has won the rights to operate the new gTLD .Movie beating out 7 other applicants including publicly traded Google, Amazon, and  Dish Network. .Movie was the last new gTLD scheduled to go to the ICANN last resort auction in January and was apparently settled by private auction. The other applicants that have now withdrawn their applications for .Movie were Radix, Famous Four, ARI … [Read more...]

New gTLD Domain Name Registrations Top 4 Million

The number of domain names registered using a gTLD new domain name extension has topped over 4 million domain names according to ntldstats.com. The official total according to ntldstats.com is 4,010,951. Not too much has changed since our post when the number of new gTLD domain name registrations passed 3.5 million million mark. Over 350,000 of the 500,000 additional domain registrations … [Read more...]

1st Day New gTLD Totals: .World 5,081; .Degree 160; .Gives 158

Three new gTLD's entered General Availability (GA) yesterday and after the first day,  including all registration in the Sunrise period by trademark holders and including those domain names registered for an extra fee in the Early Access Program (EAP) here are the total number of registrations: .World 5,081 .Degree 160 .Gives 158 We have already written twice about .World as we saw … [Read more...]

New gTLD Statistics and Business Implications

Dot TBA and TLD Watch put on a presentation at NamesCon that took a look back at 2014 and what insights were gained. The 29 page PDF is filled with stats and graphs and is certainly worth reading and saving if you have any interest in the new extensions. Download the PDF here Overview What We Learned From 2014 • 2014 Legacy & New gTLD statistics • Most Successful gTLDs   New gTLD … [Read more...]

Quiksilver Ready To Surf The New gTLD Wave

Brand Channel published an article today about Quiksilver, the largest surfwear brand in the world, adding a .surf into the mix. The company released a press release that they were going to use the new gtld for social media (they have millions of followers) and to differentiate their business segments. This is how I have envisioned new gtlds being used, the .com or cctld being the hub and then … [Read more...]