1st Day New gTLD Totals; .Hamburg 13.7K; Discount 1,819; .Fitness 1,271; .Furniture 605; .Schule 373

Several new gTLD went into general availability yesterday and here are the total number of domain registrations including those domains registered in Sunrise by trademark holders and in any landrush or Early Access Program (EAP) which allows registrants to pay an additional fee for early access to new domains. .Hamburg had by far the biggest new gTLD 1st day total in a many months winding up … [Read more...]

Kevin Fink of Flippa Confirms Fire.Glass sale at $5,000 is legitimate

I want to thank Kevin Fink of Flippa for confirming that the auction for Fire.Glass that concluded on 8/26 is a legitimate sale. With all the hoopla and hype around the new gtlds, domain investors want to see sales being verified especially when its an auction format with just one bid. FireGlass.com/net/org/co/info/biz/us are all registered. The .com is registered since 1996 and is a developed … [Read more...]

1St Day New gTLD Totals .Black 156 Registrations .Hiv 153

Two new gTLD lanched into general avaliabity already this week .Hiv and .Black launched and including any sunrise application wound up with, well not much .Black is has 156 registrations while .HIV has only 153 registration. A .Hiv domain registration is pricy around $200 on the low side. A .Black domain registration is priced at $41.99 at Godaddy You can read more about .Black here … [Read more...]

.Global Ends Sunrise With Almost 400 Registrations, Apple Registers 22

.Global just ended it Sunrise period and did very well, getting almost 400 registrations by trademark holders. Apple was the largest registrant with 22 domain name registrations although Microsoft, Sun, Amazon, Google, HSBC, Ford, Dell, are just some of the big brand holders that participated. In all  2.2 domains were registered per registrant on average. A Sunrise application cost $250, … [Read more...]

Fire.Glass Closes at $5,000 on Flippa

The domain name Fire.Glass just wrapped up its auction on Flippa. The auction had one bid at $5,000. The seller does have 18 transactions and 100% positive feedback on Flippa. Seller's Notes Fire.Glass Premium .Glass domain. 40,500 Google Exact Monthly Searches for "Fire Glass" (12 month average). $2.39 CPC (Google). What is "Fire Glass"? Fire Glass is tempered glass manufactured … [Read more...]

.Black is Live Today But like The other New gTLD Colors, its on the Wrong Side Of The Dot

Today is the first day general availability for Afilias’ latest gTLD: .BLACK Its the fourth in a string of colored new gTLD domain names all operated by Afilias (.Red, .Blue, Pink) For us the issue for .Black, like the other colors, is Black is a term that used in normal language and commerce on the left of the term, not on the right. So its Black Cars, Black Card, Black Dress, Black … [Read more...]

Frequent Commentator On TheDomains, Joseph Peterson, Stars In Entrepreneur.com New gTLD Story

In a article just published by Entrepreneur.com asking the question "Should I switch my company's URL to one of the new domain extensions?" I was pretty surprised to read that the article was basically based on the thoughts of  Joseph Peterson who is a frequent commentator on TheDomains.com Here are the first two questions and answers by Mr. Peterson   Should any business with a … [Read more...]