ICANN Updates Agreement With PowerAuctions for Indirect New gTLD Contention Sets & Pays $120K More

ICANN announced tonight that it was updating its agreement with Power Auctions LLC, the company ICANN contracted with to operate auctions of Last Resort for new gTLD's that received more than one application and were not able to settle the contention amongst themselves. ICANN announced today that it has Updated its agreement today with Power Auctions to provide for Indirect Contention Sets for … [Read more...]

fTLD Registry Announces It Has Resolved Contension & Is Going To Operate .Insurance + .Bank

The fTLD Registry announced on Twitter today that it has settle contention with Donuts and Radix the only other applicants for the new gTLD .Insurance and will be operating the very valuable string. The fTLD Registry also announced that On September 25, 2014,  "fTLD registry was granted the right to operate the new gTLD .Bank",  although the application from the other applicant Radix has not … [Read more...]

Cruise.Discount and Cruises.Discount Sells For $10,000

The new gTLD's Cruise.Discount and Cruises.Discount just sold in an auction on the site FreeMarket.com The pair of new gTLD domain names were sold together in one lot for $10,005. Here is how the description on the auction listing read: "Cruise.Discount Cruises.Discount I don't have to tell you on how profitable the Cruise Industry is and how much Companies love Cruise Domains. Every … [Read more...]

Name.Space is looking for your help to take on ICANN

Name.Space starts fund raising campaign to take on ICANN There is a campaign running on Rally.org to help Name.space take on ICANN. On the home page of their campaign it explains what the battle is all about, it seems like Name.space has been running an alternate route and feels like it has claim to .nyc, .sex and a whole host of other extensions. The company is looking to raise $75,000 and … [Read more...]

CENTR – Myth & Fact: New gTLDs, Registries & Registrars

The Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) commissioned a study to look at the impact of new gtlds in the sales and the registar- registry relationships. Introduction: In August of 2014, CENTR commissioned Architelos to conduct a study documenting the new gTLD sales channel and registry-registrar dynamic. The goal of the study was to review the most prevalent beliefs and … [Read more...]

1st Official New gTLD Registry Purchase As Radix Acquires .Tech

Radix a new gTLD registry announce today that is has acquire the new gTLD .Tech The ICANN auction for .Tech was held last month with the winning bid of $6,760,000 being placed by dot Tech LLC,  which is owned by the same principals of the company  the operate the .UNO registry. The other applicants for .Tech were  Donuts, Uniregistry, Top Level Domain Holdings (Minds + Machines) and Google … [Read more...]

.Lawyer: Lots Of End Users Including National Law Firms: Here’s Our Picks For The Best

We looked into the zone file for the .Lawyer new gTLD and saw a good number of end users registering domain names including a lot of national law firms. I assume we would see the same thing for .Attorney but honestly its pretty time consuming to go through these zone files. Of course for the domainer community we are looking for Generic's that were registered and a good number of premium … [Read more...]