PIR Operator Of .Org Reveals Its OnGood Campaign For The New gTLD’s .NGO & .ONG

Public Interest Registry, the not-for-profit operator of the .org extension, today unveiled “OnGood” – the new brand identity for the upcoming  .ngo & .ong domain extensions along with their accompanying suite of services. Set to launch in early 2015, OnGood is an online community designed with and for NGOs and nonprofits worldwide, providing them with a suite of online services to help … [Read more...]

More Details Emerge On New York’s Deal On .NYC: But 50K New Yorkers Did Not Register 50K Domains

                    According to a post on crainsnewyork.com,  the city of New York is making a "cool $40,000 a week on the Internet". According to the story, the City of New York collects 40% of all domain registration fees collected by Neustar the operator of the .NYC registry. At a "cost of $20" (which is … [Read more...]

Symantec Withdraws their Uncontested Application for New gTLD .AntiVirus

Symantec Corporation has withdrawn their uncontested application for the new gTLD .Antivirus after saying it would become one of their "core assets" in their application. From its application it appears Symantic wanted to operate the extension on a closed basis. The Government Advisory Counsel (GAC) to ICANN objected to generic strings from being operated on a closed basis forcing most who … [Read more...]

ICANN Clears the Way for Two-character New gTLD Domain Names

ICANN reported last night that it has Cleared the way for Two Character New gTLD domain names, domain names like NN.whatever, NL.whatever or LN.whatever. The jury is still out of two letter new gTLD's "After reviewing the summary and analysis of the first batch of Public Comments, the ICANN Board passed Resolution 2014.10.16.14 on 7 November 2014 directing ICANN staff to "develop and … [Read more...]

1st Day New gTLD Totals: .Melbourne 2,518: .Restaurant 2,389; .Gifts 1,010; .Sarl 176

4 new gTLD entered General Availability (GA) yesterday (.Melbourne was on Tuesday local time) and including all Sunrise domain name registrations by trademark holdersm and all registrations under the landrush in the case of .Melbourne and the Early Access Program for those willing to pay an additional amount to get early access to a domain name here are the totals after the 1st day of … [Read more...]

Afnic Study Looks At Who Are The New G’s Affecting Most ?

Afnic.fr the registry for domain names in .fr put out a study that took a look at how is the proliferation of new gtlds affecting the existing gtld and cctlds that have been around for many years. The study broke extensions into 3 separate categories: The three main categories are: nTLDs: TLDs created since the end of 2013 and introduced to the market as of the onset of 2014; as of … [Read more...]

1-800Flowers Gets Birthday.gifts, Anniversary.gifts, Flowers.gifts, Mothersday.gifts, Valentines.gifts

Today two new gTLD's from Donuts go into General Availability today .Gifts and .Restaurant. Both of the strings have around 330 domain name registered in the Sunrise period for "trademark holders" and the Early Access program where people paid an extra fee for early access. When it comes to gifts, except for the domain names that were reserved or on the ICANN collision list, the very best … [Read more...]