eMarketer Report: The Domain Name Explosion: Hundreds of New Choices Beyond .com Mean New Marketing Considerations”

eMarketer.com has put out a research paper on the new gtlds titled, "The Domain Name Explosion: Hundreds of New Choices Beyond .com Mean New Marketing Considerations" This report was a paid report, as I called the company about referencing it they also included it in the newsletter section which is available to everyone.(thank you Priscilla) The report draws on data from the Domain Name … [Read more...]

Forget $2,499; Network Solutions Is Charging $4K For A Premium .Sucks Registration

Hundreds of stories have covered the launch of .Sucks and the suggested retail price of $2,499 for a one year registration of a "premium" domain. However all the registry Vox Populi can do is charge the registrars the wholesale cost of the domain names and suggest a retail price. Each domain registrar can then set the price they want to charge their customers for the domain name. We … [Read more...]

.Poker Passes 500 Registrations In Sunrise & Landrush

    .Poker will launch into general availability on April 21. Through Sunrise and Landrush there are already over 500 .poker domain registrations (506) to be exact I do not thing domain names that got more than one landrush application and therefore heading to auction are included in the totals or in the zone file. Here are the more interesting .poker … [Read more...]

Sex Domains Big Business In Australia

Iconic.Sydney published an article about Sex and Domains, there is a combo, they go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Apparently sex related names are becoming a popular choice with the new Aussie based gtlds. From the article: Sydney and Melbourne now have their very own corner of the Internet with the recent introduction of .sydney and .melbourne web addresses (think www.iconic.sydney … [Read more...]

Why .Com Probably Won’t Get NetFlixed By The New Gtlds

Alex Kehr wrote an article on his personal blog, titled "Why .COM will probably get Netflixed by New TLDs" The article is about the relationship of .com and new gtlds being analogous to Blockbuster and NetFlix. I think he is misguided in his interpretation. The other thing missing from the article is that Alex works for Name.com who is owned by Rightside. It helps the reader know where you are … [Read more...]

ICANN Really .Sucks By Saying They Don’t Regulate Content: Anyone Remember .XXX?

After collecting over 1/3 of a billion dollars in application fees, ICANN attempted to pass off the whole .Sucks issue to law enforcement this week, asking them for an opinion, which is very unlikely to come, of whether the .sucks roll-out violates US or Canadian federal law. ICANN is quoted as saying it was “concerned about the contentions of illicit actions” by Vox Populi but that it lacks … [Read more...]

New gTLD’s Registrations Top 5 Million; .Science & .Link Break 100K: We Break Down the Numbers

The number of new gTLD domain name registrations have topped 5 Million for the first time, according to ntldstats.com Here are the top 30 most registered new gTLDs: Domain                Total Reg  % of all Reg .xyz 867,598 17.33% .网址 … [Read more...]