Donuts: “We’ve priced the product higher quite simply because we think it’s significantly superior,” did an article on the new gtlds and had a focus on Donuts and they got quotes from Richard Tindal a co-founder and COO. Again I think some of the quotes are way off base. Tindal talks about Donuts pricing being higher because it is a superior product. No new gtld currently is superior to .com that is just patently false and this type of stuff is what hurts the new gtlds in discussions … [Read more...] Interviews .XYZ Daniel Negari “Who Has Already Made $6.4 Million” on .XYZ

The has published a featured story on an interview of .XYZ CEO Daniel Negari in a story entitled "Fierce struggle for internet's future is like Wild West" with the subtitle: "The floodgates have opened for billions of new domain names to rival the iconic dot-coms, prompting a 'Wild West' land grab. One successful speculator, Daniel Negari, talks to the Telegraph about the profit - … [Read more...] Beats Radix To .Ping For $1.5M; InterNetX Wins .SRL For Just $400K Beating Google

ICANN held two Last Resort Auctions today. the golf club manufacturer won the rights to operate .Ping by outbidding Radix at $1,501,000. The .Ping auction went into the 4th round until Radix dropped out. mySRL GmbH beat Google to the new gTLD .SLR which is a corporate designation used in Spain like .LLC is used in the USA and .GMBH is used in certain countries principally … [Read more...]

Miami Heat Guard Tyler Real T Johnson Launches His Site on a .Club

Miami Heat Shooting guard Tyler Real T Johnson just launched his official website on a .club domain The site is at Tyler is averaging 6 points a game and 1.3 assists so far this season and wear number 8 for the Heat Here is some information about Tyler from his site: Hometown: Mountain View, CA High school: St. Francis HS College:  Fresno State Height/Weight: … [Read more...]

.Green Windups with 771 Registrations After 1st Day Of General Availability

.Green went though a long and winding road leading up to the  launch of .Green and yesterday was the first day a .Green could be registered on a first come, first served basis otherwise known general availability. After the first day of GA including those domain names registered by trademark holders in Sunrise and those who paid an extra fee to register in Landrush, there are 771 domain … [Read more...]

Roger Kay Would Like To See ICANN Slow Things Down When it comes to new gtlds

Roger Kay would like to see ICANN slow down, Kay has written about the new gtld program on Forbes a few times. Today he is out with an article that basically says ICANN should hit the brakes. The greatest expansion so far is confusion. He discusses compatability problems and names not working universally on every platform and every device. From the article: One of the biggest problems is … [Read more...]

Minds + Machines Grants 36,950,000 Shares in New Options; Closing in on a Billion Shares

Minds + Machines Group Limited (AIM:MMX), has today agreed to award in aggregate 36,950,000 new options over ordinary shares to directors and officers of the Company. The option grants are issued under the Company's Amended 2012 Stock Plan. The options have an exercise price of 8.49 pence per Ordinary Share, being the higher of the 30 day volume weighted average on the date immediately prior … [Read more...]