A New Platform Benefiting Homeless Dogs; MyRescue.Dog Launched By PetFinder & Donuts

Petfinder Foundation (in partnership with Donuts Inc.) announced today the launch of MyRescue.dog a website to generate money and awareness for homeless dogs. "MyRescue.dog is a site where adopters can post pictures and short stories about their beloved rescues, and consumers can vote for their favorites through September 26. Each posted picture generates a $10 donation to Petfinder … [Read more...]

CB Insights: Covers World’s Most Popular Non-.com Startup Domains, but Confused on New gTLD’s

CB Insights.com which covers the startup/ venture capital markets published an interesting post entitled "The Non-Dotcom Bubble: The World’s Most Popular Startup Domains Other Than .Com" The story contains a chart tracking the most popular Non-.Com domain name extensions for funded tech companies from 2010-2015. Of course since the first new gTLD didn't launch until 2014, none are reflected … [Read more...]

1st Day New gTLD Totals: .Taxi 2,167; .Dog 1,589; .Run 1,260; .Hockey 441; .Theater 405

5 new gTLD's launched yesterday into General Availability (GA) when domain names could be registered on a first come, first served basis. Including domain names registered in the Sunrise period by Trademark Holders and those who paid an extra fee to register domain names ahead of GA in the Early Access Period (EAP) here are the total after the first day of GA: Taxi 2,167 .Dog … [Read more...]

So What Happens When There Is a .ABC? Disney Applied For It & Its Coming

After announcing it selected the domain name abc.xyz for its holding company Alphabet, Google has been going around buying all sorts of "abc" domain names. Last week we told you that Google bought ABC.Global. Onlinedomain.com spotted 78 new gTLD's that Google registered using "abc. Last night .Club registry announced on Twitter that Google bought ABC.club. Also last night … [Read more...]

Sorry Google The .XYZ Registry is Not For Sale

Reuters.com, is reporting, despite some rumors in the domain space that the .XYZ registry is going to be bought by Google, after its purchase of abc.xyz, the CEO of the .XYZ registry said today its not for sale. The CEO of the .XYZ registry Daniel Negari was quoted by Reuters that his company is not for sale. "I believe I was put on the earth to do .xyz, and to bring it to the market. "My … [Read more...]

Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names Registers 23K Uniregistry .LOL Domains Now Up To 230K+

Frank Schilling's North Sound Names just registered 23K domain names in Uniregistry's .LOL new gTLD domain name extension. We noted that .LOL which launched last week, had under 800 registrations after its first day of availability. On the following day, .LOL wound up with  23,779 registrations and now has 24,341 registered domains. North Sound Names which had just over 207K+ … [Read more...]

Centralnic passes Donuts as Backend Provider For New gTLD Domain Names

According to ntldsstats.com, CentralNic has passed Donuts in the number of domain names it is providing backend registry services for new gTLD domains. ntldstats.com is showing CentralNic having 1,426,647 new gTLD's under its backend management while Donuts is sitting at 1,425,466 domain names, each representing about 20% of all new gTLD's. However CentralNic is the backend provider for just … [Read more...]