Amazon Settles a New gTLD Contention Set By Private Auction As Donuts Wins .Group






Amazon has apparently participated in its 1st new gTLD private auction losing .Group to Donuts.

There were 5 applicants for the new gTLD .Group

Amazon (AMZN)


Top Level Design, LLC (Raymond King .Wiki & .ink) (related to former owner of the .Co Registry) (TCX)

All applications other than the Donuts application for .Group have been withdrawn from ICANN’s site.

I haven’t seen any announcements from the two public companies in this auction or from anyone else.

I believe with 5 applicants this may be the largest contention set to be resolved by a private auction.

As far as I know it is also the first private auction for both Amazon and Straat.

Although some in the community believed that Amazon or Google would win every auction they were in be it a private auction or the ICANN last Resort auction, I have long-held the opinion that Amazon and Google are not going to pay an unlimited amount for each of the strings they applied for and that they would, like other large applicants, wind up getting outbid on some strings.

That appears to be the case with .Group

.Tokyo Is Live & Got Over 800 Sunrise/Landrush Domains Led By Apple

.Tokyo launched today and is live for domain registrations which seem to be running around $15 a year.

It is by far the largest city to have launched its own new gTLD extension with a population of over 13 million people.

I went through the zone file and found Apple who rarely participates in new gTLD Sunrise periods seemed to get a lot of .Tokyo domain names.

Anyway here is a list of some of the more interesting .Tokyo domain names taken in Sunrise and Landrush and may include some domains registered by the registry for the promotion of the registry:

.Moe Launches Today & Predicts It Will Have 200 Million Registrations

“.Moe” Could Potentially Hit over 200 Million Registrations! ”

Is the first line of a press release out this morning by Interlink Co., Ltd., a new Domain Registry Operator, announcing that the new gTLD .Moe is in general availability meaning it is open for live domain name registrations on a first-come, first-served basis.

Interlink calls .Moe the “Internet’s most unique Top Level Domain (TLD)”

Of course there are over 113 Million .com registrations so if the registry hit there predicted 200 million registrations it would make the world no longer a .Com world but a .Moe world.

Its one of the boldest predictions I have ever read which the registry seems to have based on the results off a poll it took of a whopping 100 people, 70 of which preferred .Moe to .Com.

“The word “moe” (pronounced as “moh-ay”) comes from the Japanese Otaku (geek) culture and is used to deeply express “kawaii” (cute things) or things you “love” where words just won’t do. The “moe” subculture is globally recognized for anime, manga, comics, visual novels, gamers, cosplayers, and hobbyists.”

The PR goes on to say that “Interlink conducted a survey to identify which new gTLDs users have the most interest in while participating as a sponsor at the Japan Expo event held in Paris, France (2-6 July 2014). Participants were asked to select their preferences for various domains (ex. “.moe” vs. “.com”; “.moe” vs. “paris”). The results showed that “.moe” was more popular amongst this audience by a large margin over other popular new gTLDs (see below for more details of survey).”

“Calculating the results for “.moe” vs. “.com” (“.moe” won by a vote of 70 to 30) the number of “.moe” registrations could potentially double “.com” (113,401,886 as of January 2014!). ”

“If the entire world population were Otaku (geeks) “.moe” could hit 264,604,400 registrations!”

*Interlink surveyed participants of all ages at the Japan Expo exhibition booth. Each person was allowed to answer only one questionnaire, and each survey closed once it reached 100 votes. The results below show the number of votes for each set of TLDs.

Which domain do you prefer: .moe or .com?

Result:”.moe” (70) vs. “.com” (30)

Which domain do you prefer: “.moe” or “.paris”

Result:”.moe” (82) vs. “.paris” (18)

Which new gTLD do you prefer?

Result:”.moe” (61), “.club” (17), “.xyz” (10), “.dance” (6), “.vegas” (4), .shabaka” (2)

To find out where you can register your .Moe domain name you can click here Hint Not at Godaddy.

.Moe domain registrations are around $17 at Hexonet.

Very Quietly .Luxury Which Had a Domain Registration Fee of $799 Passes 1,000 Registrations

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 12.20.38 PM







We haven’t heard much about .Luxury since the new gTLD launch with the eye popping price of up to $799 per domain, per year  registration for a non-premium domain.

Since the launch which saw over over 600 hundred Sunrise applications of brands grabbing their new .Luxury gTLD’s.

However since the launch .Luxury has added another 400 registrations and sits at 1,027 registrations which of course means the registry long ago made back its registration fee.

One of the the types of registrations we are still seeing  are brands that missed the Sunrise as well as some creative registrations.

Prices of a  .Luxury registration has dropped significantly o $559 at Godaddy and even lower at other registrars.

Of course just because the registration price is high doesn’t mean that some people won’t register horrible domains just the same.

You have to love the domain name

Just because domains are priced at $799 it also doesn’t mean you don’t have trademark infringing domains registered

The domain name wasn’t registered by the store. wasn’t registered by the clothing designer. is not owned by the car manufacturer.

While its important for brand holders to protect their marks sometimes they take it way to far as in the case of wwwtedbaker.Luxury. Really they are expecting that much traffic to TedBaker.Luxury they are worried about the www typo?  Maybe they should turn on TedBaker.Luxury before they spend another $800 on the wwwtedbaker domain.

Not sure what is, but I’m willing to try it next time I’m in Colorado.  Likewise not sure what SexToys.Luxury would entail but again in the spirit of research I’m willing to check a few out.

I still don’t get registrations where the string in repeated in the domain, but there are quite a few of these like:

Finally I have to mention that Timex has their .Luxury domain more than two months before Rolex got their .Luxury domain.

Just saying.

Here are some of the newer .Luxury registrations:

After 8 Months I Finally Get A Notice On The New gTLD Paid Orders With Minds+Machines

Back In December 2013, I placed some paid pre-orders for some .Horse domain names and wrote a blog post about it.

At the time we noted that what says about these domain name registrations which are live on their site:

“This is Not an “Expression of Interest” but a real reservation.

The master list of reservations is kept by the registry, the authoritative source.

A registrar can only hold your place in “their” line — and they have to compete with other registrars to see who will get the name.

But any registrar connected to our Priority Reservation system — for instance, Minds + Machines — is connecting straight to the master list.

If you get a Priority Reservation your name is automatically marked as “taken” and won’t be available to anyone who doesn’t own an exact-match trademark on the name.”

However since I put in a paid pre-order in other than getting the receipt for the pre-order, I haven’t heard a thing about the registrations, until today

I just received this email from Minds +Machines and it will apply to anyone who placed a paid  pre-order on for a .Horse, .Casa or .Cooking new gTLD domain name.

Bottom line any  paid pre-orders are being submitted as a Landrush application which means that the domain will be awarded to the one who placed the pre-order unless someone else places a Landrush application for the same domain, in which case the domain will go to auction.

So basically no advantage to those who submitted a paid pre-order early.

Here is the notice:

“”Dear Registrant,

If you are receiving this email, you reserved a domain name in .casa, .horse, or .cooking during our Priority Reservation Phase.

For technical reasons ICANN, which regulates the domain name space, disallowed the Priority Reservation program after you made your reservation. But for the vast majority of you, there won’t be any disruption. We agreed with them to put your name(s) into our Landrush phase instead. There is no additional charge and you do not need to do anything. But there’s a chance that someone might apply for the same name as you and, if that happens, there will be some additional steps.

What is Landrush and what happens during this phase?

Landrush is the time during which domain names are available for registration before the top-level domain is open to general, first-come first-served registration. Your Priority Reservation names will be entered into the Landrush phase. If your Landrush application is the only one for the requested domain, then you will be notified at the end of the Landrush phase that your Landrush application is now a registration, and no further action or payment on your part will be required. In the case of duplicate applications, you will be invited to an online auction (we’ll send you all the details if that happens). If you do not receive the domain for any reason (for instance, if you don’t want to go to an auction, or if you do go to auction and lose), Minds + Machines Registrar will issue you refund. If for any reason you want a refund immediately, just ask us and we will be happy to refund you (see below for details).

What does this mean for you?

Your domain name has been changed from a Priority Reservation to a Landrush application. If someone else has applied for the same domain name as you, then you may either ask for refund or enter into an auction. If no one else has applied for the same name as you, then your Landrush application will turn into a registration during the allocation time period, in August, and will then go live in September.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and welcome any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to email them to””