New Dot Media, LLC launches TheNotComRevolution.Guide

A frequent commenter on TheDomains Tom Gilles is the founder of New Dot Media, LLC, his company published a press release relating to an educational website TheNotComRevolution.Guide. An educational website, http://TheNotcomRevolution.Guide, has been launched by New Dot Media, LLC to help internet users better understand and navigate the new "Not Com" Internet. The website provides insight … [Read more...]

Would you have applied for a new GTLD if you knew what you know now ?

On the one year anniversary of the rollout of new gtlds to the public, our January poll question was, "Would you have applied for a new GTLD if you knew what you know now ?" We had 110 votes and 62 people voted no while 48 voted yes. This may have been a tricky question because a lot of participants may not have had the ability to embark on such an adventure due to the price. I think if you … [Read more...]

Disposable Email Services Product to be rolled out on Discard.Email is a German technology services provider that is rolling out a new product, The product is a disposable email service that will let users use their own domain name if they wish. Of course it is hard business out there competing with the likes of Gmail and Yahoo. The service claims to be better at fighting spam and providing other features. "Users can use their own … [Read more...]

Whoops: Mayor Of New York Fails To Register His Own .NYC Domain: Billdeblasio.NYC

This goes right to the you can't make this stuff up file.,  published a post today chatting about how the the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, who has been touting "the new .nyc domain names as "a unique opportunity" for New Yorkers "to own who they are online," did not buy what he was selling." "Records show that was purchased by Thomas Anderson, a … [Read more...]

1st Day New gTLD Totals .Space 1,784; .Band 776: .Rip 348; .How 250; .Ryukyu 143

Five new gTLD's had their first day of general availability (GA) yesterday. Here the total number of domain registrations after the first day. These total include all domains registered in Sunrise by trademark holders as well as any domains registered during an Early Access Program or Landrush where people paid extra money to get early access to domain registrations: .Space … [Read more...]

.Global Puts Up Site With Over 3,500 Domains/ Many Previous Premiums Available For Registration

The .Global registry has put up a site to highlight over 3,500 domain names that are available for immediate registration many of which were formally on the reserved/restricted list. Domain names registered through January 31st are also eligible for the $25 per domain rebate for those that register 10 or more domains. Each listed domain name is click-able from the site, which will tell you … [Read more...]

Donuts Win Another New gTLD .Express Beating Out No ICANN Last Resort Auctions For January

Donuts has won yet another new gTLD string ahead winning .Express. The only other applicant was submitted by who has now withdrawn their application. This domain was scheduled for an ICANN Last Resort Auction. There are now 11 new gTLD scheduled to go to an ICANN in February and 19 more for March. As things have been going the vast majority of these will be settle ahead of … [Read more...]