.Deals Has 400+ Registrations; Launches Tomorrow; Here are The More Interesting Domains

.Deals which launches into general availability tomorrow has over 400 registrations including Sunrise registrations by trademark holders and those who paid an extra fee to get early access to the domain name (EAP). I think its a good extension. Of course some of the better domains are reserved or on the ICANN collision list. So Daily.Deals is out, as is Great.Deals, Best.Deals, Hot.Deals … [Read more...]

1st Day New gTLD Totals .Beer 2,078; .Surf 635; Here Are The More Interesting Registrations

Two new gTLD's launched into general availability on Thursday by Minds + Machines and including Sunrise Registrations by trademark holders the number of domain names according to nTLDstats.com are .Beer 2,078 .Surf 635 .Beer marks the best first day of any Minds + Machines extension other than .London. Matter of fact other than .London, .Beer already has more registrations that any … [Read more...]

Iron Man Star; Actor Robert Downey Jr Files UDRP on The Domain RobertDowneyjr.actor

The star of the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes movie series,  Robert Downey,  Jr has filed a UDRP on the new gTLD domain name RobertDowneyjr.actor. The domain was registered less than a month ago on August 31st by a Shashank Agarwal of India at Godaddy.com The domain name RobertDowneyjr.actor is going to a Godaddy placeholder. The actor does seem to own the domain name robertdowneyjr.com … [Read more...]

1st Day New gTLD Totals: .Direct 1,710 & .Place 769

Donuts launched two new gTLD's into general availability (GA) yesterday for .Direct and .Place where the domain names are available on first come, first served basis and wound up with less than 2,500 registrations After the 1st day of GA including those domain names registered in the Sunrise Period by trademark holders and the Early Access Period (EAP) where people paid additional fees to get … [Read more...]

LasVegasWeekly.com: “Why The .Vegas Launch is a Ridiculous Racket & A Waste Of Money”

Lasvegasweekly.com just published a post entitled "Why The .Vegas Launch is a Ridiculous Racket" So as you can guess from the title LasVegasWeekly.com is not a fan of .Vegas It is probably as a scathing review of any new gTLD or the program in general that I have read from a non-domain industry publication. Its Brutal. Here we go with the highlights: "Now that the inane hype and … [Read more...]

Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names Registers 10,000 Domains In Uniregistry’s .BlackFriday

Earlier today we wrote that Frank Schilling's North Sound Names registered over 16,000 domain names yesterday under the new gTLD .Audio which is owned and operated by Frank Schilling's Uniregistry and talso registered 5,000 domain names in another Uniregistry new domain extension .HipHop. North Sound Names also registered 10,000 domain names in a third Uniregistry string yesterday … [Read more...]

.Direct Launches Today Here Are The More Interesting Of The 250 + Registrations

.The new gTLD .Direct launches today into General Availability (GA) when domains can be registered on a first come, first serve basis. .Direct according to nTLDstats.com has over 250 registrations including Sunrise Period registrations that were opened to trademark holders and those who paid an additional fee to register domain names  in the Early Access Program (EAP). By comparison, the … [Read more...]