Owner of Baby.com Wins .Baby For $3.1 Million Dollars.

Johnson & Johnson which has owned and advertised  Baby.com for many years, just won the ICANN Last Resort Auction for the new gTLD .Baby for 3,088,888 Google, Minds + Machines, Donuts, Radix and Famous Four lost in the auction and unlike private auctions will not get any share of the winning bid. In the other ICANN  last resort auction the Canadian Real Estate Association beat Afilias … [Read more...]

.Website Collision Domains Give A Boost In Registrations: Here Are Available LLL/NNN/One Word Domains

.Website which had its ICANN collision lists freed up recently has seen a nice bounce in daily registrations. Like a bunch of other TLDs, the spike in registrations appears to have come on the back of Black Friday and Cyber Monday registrations. The TLD saw volumes of 5 times that of the previous day’s registrations on Black Friday – close to 1,200 names in day. Cyber Monday brought more … [Read more...]

.XYZ Is The 1st New gTLD To Break 750,000 Registered Domains

.XYZ has become the first new gTLD to break through the 750,000 mark for domain name registrations. According to the .XYZ registry the number of registered domain names is 750,073 The 750,000th domain name to be registered was Chez.XYZ that was registered today at the domain name registrar Gandi.net. We at TheDomains.com were the first to figure out that NetworkSolutions,  which is  part … [Read more...]

ICANN Denies Allegation That New gTLD Have Widespread Phishing & Malware Sites

According to a company blog post out today, by brand protection company CSC, citing Amy Mushahwar, counsel and Chief Information Security Officer at Washington, D.C. law firm ZwillGen PLLC, says: "New domains (new gTLD's) are being registered as phishing sites and for drive-by downloads of malware." "Nefarious uses have been very widespread. It's incumbent upon ICANN to clean up the house … [Read more...]

Guess I Was Wrong There Is A Lot Of Cybersquatting Going On In The New gTLD’s: 15X As Much?

Well it seems as the trademark lobby predicted there isa lot of cybersquatting going on in the new gTLD space, a lot more than I thought we would ever see. I was one who thought there would be a negligible amount of trademark infringing domain names registered in the new gTLD space due to the high cost of registration and the small probability of any type in traffic. However just looking at … [Read more...]

Monster.com (Jobs) Beats out Monster, Inc. (High End Audio Co.) For The gTLD .Monster

Monster.com,  (NYSE:MWW), the job site has beaten out Monster, Inc. the company that makes high end audio cables and other equipment for the new gTLD .Monster. The contension set was scheuled to do to the ICANN last resort auction next week but Monster, Inc who is best know for high end audio cables just withdrew its application to operate the new gTLD .Monster leaving Monster.com which is the … [Read more...]

New Poll Says 25% Think Organic Co. Should Have .Organic Domain: But Only 396 Have Been Registered

.ORGANIC domain operator Afilias today announced the results of a poll in which "nearly 70% of respondents believe that some companies are misrepresenting themselves as “organic” to command a premium price, and 60% would like a reliable way to distinguish real organic providers online from the pretenders. That’s why almost 60% of respondents claimed they would be more inclined to visit a site on … [Read more...]