From CBS to CNN To Fox To Google: New gTLD .News Has Almost 500 Sunrise Registrations

The new gTLD .News enters the Early Access Program (EAP) for Rightside Tomorrow, Wednesday July 8th with the highest number of Sunrise domain registrations the registry has had in any of its new domain name extensions, just short of 500. Matt Overman of Rightside told, "out of our entire portfolio of 36 active TLDs, .NEWS had the greatest number of Sunrise registrations, clocking … [Read more...]

NetNames files Complaint w/ European Competition Commission on Vox Populi’s .SUCKS Pricing has filed a  complaint to European Competition Commission on Vox Populi’s .SUCKS pricing strategy that had Brand owners charged $1,999 each year (wholesale) for a .SUCKS domain name compared to others that are charged just $10 According to which is a brand protection company representing many trademark holders, Vox Populi created an uneven pricing structure that … [Read more...]

Andee Hill Joins Donuts As Director of Business Development

Andee Hill has joined Donuts,as Director of Business Development with specific responsibility for relationships with the domain investor community. Andee is a longtime participant in the domain name industry, most recently with her business and also formerly of was recently sold. ""As Donuts has long believed, domain investors are a critical … [Read more...]

Carlsberg Group joins Minds + Machines Pioneer Program For .Beer; Gets 150 Domains

Minds + Machines, (LSE:MMX), announced today that Carlsberg, "the world-renowned brewery group, will participate in its .beer Pioneer program". Carlsberg has secured over 150 .beer domains, in a portfolio that includes their most popular brands such as,, and, as well as a variety of generic premium .beer names for use in future marketing … [Read more...]

Radix and .Site Want To Give you a chance to win a free Apple Watch

EAP starts tomorrow for .Site, EAP starts on the 8th of July at 1600 UTC and the GA starts on the 15th of July. So with the launch of one of the more highly anticipated strings, we worked with Radix (an advertiser on TheDomains) and came up with a contest idea to get people enthused about the Dot Site extension. Tell us which .site domain you are watching out for and would love to buy, and get a … [Read more...]

European Domain Centre Looks at Companies Ditching .com for a new gtld

Christopher Hofman Laursen published a pretty extensive post today on The post titled, "Why these 50+ businesses dumped their .com for a new top level domain" takes a look at several businesses that have ditched their .com or country code in favor of a new gtld. switched to, I get that one a short easy to remember name where the … [Read more...]

Kansas City’s Lead Bank To Switch From .Com To .Bank

      According to the Kansas City Business Journal,  Lead Bank is switching their domain name from to Lead.Bank. Lead Bank will become one of the first banks to switch their domain from a .com to a .bank. According to the story: "Lead Bank will be one of the first banks with a presence in the Kansas City area to make the switch away from ".com" … [Read more...]