Mr.Berkens Regs The First Uniregistry Domain of the Day on What Was A Busy Day

It was a busy day today for Frank Schilling and his company Uniregistry, as five uncontested strings went live at around 12 noon Eastern time. The strings that went live today were the following: .Pics, .Photo, .Gift, .Link and .Guitars.

Out the gate at 12:03 Frank tweeted:

Pretty quickly there were 2000 regs between Link, Pics and Photo. Frank tweeted his thoughts later in the day with regard to .Link and received a differing opinion from Kevin Murphy of



Later in the day Mike found out he regged the very first name for the day,
Registration no. 1 in today’s launch, across all five TLDs was… 2014-04-15 16:00:00.007486 |  | dom101.
Mike picked up a bunch of names and got some nice .pics that I did not even bother checking because I was sure they were on the  collision list or reserved. I checked like 100 names in .pics that made sense and were popular topics. All collision list or reserved, from Booty to Bikini to Cat and Dog to Free and Sexy.
Mike picked up:

He got what I am thinking is one of the very best .marketing domains with Viral.Marketing. 3600 exact searches and $5.50 CPC. As pointed out by a reader Richard S., this domain was not purchased for a simple handreg but rather over $1,000.
Frank told me later in the afternoon that Link, Pics and Photo had surpassed 10,000 arms length registrations.

Disclosures: Uniregistry is an advertiser on and New gTLDs are  highly speculative and nothing in this article should be construed as a recommendation, each person must do their own homework and stick to their budget and risk tolerance.

.Buzz May Have The Strangest List Of 100 Reserved Domains Of All New gTLD’s

.Buzz goes live today and like all new gTLD registries they are entitled to keep 100 domains for their own use for marketing and other purposes, but going through the list of .Buzz reserved domains it maybe the strangest list of 100 (actually 85 by my count) that I have seen for any registry.

Bill Doshier who owns the DotStrategy the company which applied to operate the .Buzz registry is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but having reviewed a bunch of these 100 domain registry reserved lists, I’m going to call this one the strangest one I have seen to date.

Keep in mind there is nothing to stop the registry or anyone associated with it from registering domain names once they go live as well, which makes the use of some of the allotted 100 domains pretty strange.,,,,,, just to name a few

Lets just say I don’t think those need to be restricted for the registry’s use.

I’m pretty sure those and many others on this list would have been available to be registered.

Of course we wish Bill and his team the best of luck today

Here is the list:

Big Week For New gTLD’s Including .Buzz, .Link, .Pics & 1st Singular/Plural Battle

Its a big week in new gTLD world as 14 new domain name extensions go live, as they become available to be registered on a first come, first served basis.

Here are some of the extensions going live starting tomorrow:













and two IDN’s

.pink, .red, .blue, .kim, .shiksha (Hindi for Education) and .移动 (Chinese simplified for Mobile Phone). – See more at:

Also of note this will be the first time that a singular/plural new gTLD will be live.

.Photos has over 9,300 registrations and is the 16th most popular new gTLD domain extension.

.Photo which is a Uniregistry string seems to be priced $10 or so higher for a regular registration than .photos and launches tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how the plural and singular of the same word does in terms of registration volume.

.Guru Becomes 1st New gTLD To Pass 50,000 Registrations

.Guru has just become the first new gTLD to pass 50,000 registrations according to

.Berlin is firmly in the number 2 spot and might pass .Guru shortly.

.Photography has passed 30,000 registrations and .Email has quickly jumped into 4th place with over 22,000 domains

.Tips rounds out the top 5

There are now 14 new gTLD’s that have 10,000 or more registrations.

Interesting to note that Uniregistry’s .Sexy which got off to a slow start has made it into the top 20.

There are now over 480,000 new gTLD domain names registered.

Here is the top 20:


TLD Domains % Share
1. .guru 50,039 10.39%
2. .berlin 45,772 9.50%
3. .photography 32,060 6.65%
4. .email 22,111 4.59%
5. .tips 19,784 4.11%
6. .today 19,745 4.10%
7. .company 14,587 3.03%
8. .technology 13,322 2.77%
9. .directory 12,287 2.55%
10. .center 12,260 2.54%
11. .solutions 10,834 2.25%
12. .land 10,347 2.15%
13. .clothing 10,283 2.13%
14. .bike 10,168 2.11%
15. .gallery 9,862 2.05%
16. .photos 9,327 1.94%
17. .estate 9,002 1.87%
18. .equipment 7,095 1.47%
19. .sexy 6,894 1.43%
20. .academy 6,606 1.37%

Famous Four Wins .Party


Famous Four Media, the registry operator for Domain Venture Partners announce today that is has resolved contention set for the new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) .PARTY.

Domain Venture Partners along with Blue Sky Registry came to an “agreement” with the other applicant for .Party, Oriental Trading Company, Inc whereby Oriental Trading Company, Inc has agreed to withdraw its application.

Domain Venture Partners looks forward to launching and operating the .PARTY gTLD for the benefit of all stakeholders.

“Famous Four Media is excited to add .PARTY to the list of Top Level Domains that it will be launching in 2014” said Geir Rasmussen CEO, Famous Four Media. “.PARTY will complement the other lifestyle registries under the control of Domain Venture Partners.”

Andy Churley, CMO, Famous Four Media, expanded “the opportunities with this registry are almost boundless.

It has an appeal all the way up the user chain from individuals (, corporates ( and communities (, right up to institutions ( Furthermore, we do not see registration use being limited to people or entities but to individual events ( and locations ( as well. The opportunity for every party to have its own web address is extremely exciting. Most importantly we think it’s going to be a whole lot of fun! ”

The resolution of .PARTY brings Famous Four Media’s tally of uncontested gTLDs to thirteen, with a further 44 applications in the pipeline. Famous Four Media launched its .BID, .TRADE and .WEBCAM gTLDs in March 2014.

The .PARTY gTLD will be launched in the latter part of 2014, although many domain name registrars are already accepting pre-registrations for registrants that want to secure their .PARTY domain name.

A list of Famous Four Media’s accredited domain name registrars can be found here: