1st Day New gTLD Radix Totals: .Website 6,342; .Press 800; .Host 780 & Updated Totals on This Week’s Launches

Three new gTLD's went into general availability (GA) yesterday all operated by Radix and the totals after the first day of general availability including domain names registered during the Sunrise period for Trademark holders and during Landrush a period where registrant could pay more money for early access to the domain names are as follows: .Website 6,342 .Press 800 .Host … [Read more...]

Over 6,500 .Website Domain Names Registered In The First 4 Hours Of Availability

According to a press release we just received from Radix, the new gTLD .WEBSITE, that went into General Availability today has already surpassed 6,500 domains in the first 4 hours “We have been confident about .website right from the start and these numbers just reinforce the potential the TLD holds.” said Sandeep Ramchandani, Radix business head. Registrars such as OpenSRS, 1Api, 101domain, … [Read more...]

1st Day New gTLD Totals: .Church 4,044; .Guide 3,387; .Life 2,106; .Loans 632; .Republican 385

Five new gTLD's went into general availability (GA) on Wednesday. Including domains registered in the Sunrise period by trademark holders and by those willing to pay an extra charge to register domain name in the Early Access Program (EAP) prior to GA here are the number of domain name registrations after the first day of GA: .Church 4,044 .Guide 3,387 .Life 2,106 .Loans … [Read more...]

Google & Donuts Lose All 3 ICANN New gTLD Auctions: What Did We Learn Today?

ICANN published results of the first three ICANN Last Resort Auctions (there was an auction in June for a IDN String) tonight and we certainly learned a few things. Many people had the opinion that Google and Amazon would simply outbid all other applicants for all the strings just because they could. However Google wound up losing all three auctions as did Donuts. At the end of the day … [Read more...]

Radix Registry Giving You A Chance to Win a Free Go Pro

Radix Registry the company behind the .Website extension wants to give you a chance to win a free Go Pro. The company is running a one day contest. https://twitter.com/RadixRegistry/status/512352400745566208 https://twitter.com/RadixRegistry/status/512352503896100866   … [Read more...]

.London, Has More Reserved Domains Than Registrations & You Won’t Believe What’s on The List

.London which launched last week has just over 39,00 domain name registration in the zone file as of today, which many regard to be less than impressive. The population of London's metropolitan area is the largest in the EU with a total of 13,614,409. So out of over 13 Million residents not counting all the businesses and organization in the area, 39,o00 registrations isn't that terrific in … [Read more...]

Tuesday Was .Vegas Day & A Big Celebration Was Held At Las Vegas City Hall

    The City of Las Vegas held a very cool launch ceremony for Dot Vegas at Las Vegas city hall today. Namescon.Vegas was the very first domain activated by .Vegas after Nic.Vegas (Nic.is the first domain activated by every new gTLD registry) Richard Lau and and Jothan Franks of Namescon were on hand to celebrate the launch, who appears in the picture on top of the … [Read more...]