Founder Of Oversee Launched (Real Time Bidding)

According to, the co-founder of,  Fred Hsu, new company officially launched today which stands for Real Time Bidding. The domain name appears have been acquired last year from Telepathy, Inc for what I would guess was a six figure sale. Hsu, founder told MediaPost the focus of the company "now turns toward building out hyper-targeting capabilities by … [Read more...] “America’s First Legal Online Poker Site”

                        According to, has become the "America's first legal, real-money online poker site  and it was launched in Las Vegas" "There was black Friday, and now we're going to have 'trusting Tuesday,"' said Ultimate Gaming CEO Tobin Prior. "Players won't have … [Read more...] Girl Danica Patrick Is Back On the Market As She Files For Divorce

According, the public face of, the worlds largest domain name registrar and Sprint Cup Series driver Danica Patrick filed for divorce on Jan. 3 in the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County  citing "irretrievably broken" from Paul Hospenthal. "My marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation," Patrick said in the filing … [Read more...]

Bandit Foundation Update: TriCountry Gets The Love & The Bandit Rescue Van Has Already Helped Save Over 70 Dogs

                                  Its been almost a year since we lost our little Boy Bandit Berkens. With the help of Jenna Wehner and John Ferber set up a fund and friends, domainers and readers of generously contributed over … [Read more...]

Apple: Is The Boom Period Over?

Although admitted not much to do with domain names, the domain industry is closely aligned with the overall tech sector and we could help but notice a few negative stories out this morning on Apple, a company which you typically can't find one negative story. Sales of the iPhone 5 came in at a disappointing 5 Million this weekend, 1 million higher than the iPhone 4s but well under expectations … [Read more...]

After Almost 70K Comments We Change It Up & Require Users To Log In To Comment

We are coming up to our 5 year anniversary of Late last year we asked the readers if should require people to use their real names to leave comments on the blog. The 97 comments we got to that post were mixed with many in favor but others opposed it based on the internet history of allowing anonymity. A couple of months ago we decided we would go to a … [Read more...]

Sorry Acro I have To Disagree European Domainers Especially Bloggers Are At A Huge Disadvantage made a post yesterday talking about a "huge advantage" he says European domainers have over their US counterparts. Sorry my fellow blogger, I have to disagree with you. Although not my first trip to Europe to cover an ICANN event I find it a huge disadvantage being 5 or 6 hours ahead of EST. When I wake up at 8am its 2AM or 3Am back home, completely dead news wise or otherwise, … [Read more...]