Will There Be A Super Bowl Commercial For Legalized Marijuana?

Two different Commercials promoting  Legalized Marijuana have made it o the second round in the Intuit small business competition for a Super Bowl commercials. According to a press release,  MarijuanaDoctors.com,  which bills it self as the "The nation's first online search-and-booking platform:" has made it to the second round of the Intuit Small Business Competition. Also an television … [Read more...]

ANA Sounds The Alarm: US Tax Proposals Could Kill The Ad Industry & Domain Monetization

Under US tax law, advertisers are allowed to deduct 100% of the amount they spend on advertising on their tax returns. However according to The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), several pieces of legislation are expected to be introduced by House Ways and Means Committee which would require advertising costs to be amortized over three years, rather than deducted in the year the funds … [Read more...]

Techstars Acquires NameLayer to Bring Premium Domain Names to its Portfolio

According to a blog post on its company blog,  Techstars has acquired the entire portfolio of NameLayer, a popular inventory of brandable domain names curated for the tech market. NameLayer was founded by Julian Shapiro and Edward Zeiden in 2011 as the commercialization of Shapiro’s domain aftermarket algorithms that were designed to find the needles in the domain market haystack. S ome … [Read more...]

Domainer Gets Really Lucky With Lucky7.com As ABC Rolls Out Contest On ABCLucky7.com

A domainer seems to have gotten really lucky with the domain name Lucky7.com Not only is ABC rolling out a new television show by the same name but its running a contest which is is heavily promoting on the domain name ABCLucky7.com which premeirs on September 24th The contest is going to give away $100K so you can expect to get some exposure. The domain name Lucky7.com was first … [Read more...]

2.5 Million New Followers Of Twitter Accounts In Last 30 Days Can’t Be Wrong; Domains Are Hot

TheDomains.com has maintained a Twitter account for just about as long I we have been publishing the blog which is coming up to 6 years. In the last 30 days I have noticed a huge spike in new followers to @thedomains that have a huge amount of followers themselves. These are business oriented accounts, publications, money making guru's and people from outside the domain name … [Read more...]

AOL Buys Adap.tv For $405 Million

  We have agreed to acquire Adap.tv for $405 MM, here is what Adap.tv brings AOL:   The only complete global programmatic video stack for publishers and advertisers across all screens; A unified yield management platform for advertisers and publishers for planning, targeting, ad-serving and measurement; One of the fastest growing platforms on the internet, with global revenue … [Read more...]

IAB: Internet Ad Revenue Hits All Time High Of $9.6 Billion In 1st Q

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) 1st quarter 2013 Internet Ad revenue hit an all time record with  $9.6 billion in sales representing a 15.6% increase over the $8.3 billion figure reported in the first quarter 2012. “Internet advertising revenue continues to exhibit double-digit growth, even as the business matures,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, … [Read more...]