Ga.Me Launches “Revolutionizing The Way People Play & Develop Games”

According to a press release out this morning by the .ME Registry the site  Ga.ME, a product that is revolutionizing the way people play and develop games launched today. Developed by Turbulenz Limited in Guildford, UK, Ga.ME is the first unified online game platform and social network capable of delivering console quality games across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. In addition to a … [Read more...]

Another .Me Covered By TechCrunch: Raises $1.7M In Seed Funding & Launches W/ 5K Users just covered another company built around a .Me domain name. According to the story  is "launching its personal homepage and Q&A platform today, backed by $1.7 million in seed funding. " "The product, live now on both web and mobile, offers users an online presence where they can publicize their likes and interests through a series of interview-like … [Read more...] Bought On Afternic For $7K Is Bought By Avast Software

According to a blog post, a company that just started up in late November 2011 has been acquired by Avast. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to the company, is the number 1 security app on Facebook with more than 90 Million Facebook profiles scanned to protect the privacy, security and reputation of users of the biggest social network worldwide … [Read more...]

.Me Registry Releasing: Around.ME, Hire.ME, Fund.ME, Find.ME, For.ME

The .ME Registry, operator of the .ME Internet extension, is releasing five exclusive, previously unreleased premium domain names: Around.ME, Hire.ME, Fund.ME, Find.ME and For.ME. The .ME Premium Domain Program is open for applications starting May 10, 2013 and is set to close June 15, 2013. These memorable .ME domain names are ideal for any company that wishes to brand themselves as unique … [Read more...]

CEO of the .Me Registry, Predrag Lešić, Interviewed In Branding Magazine, published an interview with the CEO of the .Me Registry Predrag Lešić , which is worth a read. Frequent readers to know we think that domains are all about branding and that domains make a great brand. Here are the two questions and answers we found most interesting from the interview: Branding Magazine: In the broad spectrum of branding … [Read more...] Raises Another €2.5 Million & A Total of €5.5 Million

According to, which had previously raised €3 million announced a Series A round from an existing investor SmartCap and also new investors onboard: Conor Venture Partners, Fostergate Holdings Limited and The Entrepreneurs Fund bringing the total amount raised at  €5.5 million and  offers a Virtual Fitting Room were you send "your fashion products to, … [Read more...]

.Me Registry Publishes Infographic Highlighting The Success of .Me

The .Me Registry published an infographic highlighting the success of the registry today. According to the .Me registry: 53% of .Me domains are registered in the US; 46% of .Me domains are registered by businesses; That .Me is the most popular domain choice for startups after .com; There are still 35% of three-character .me domain names available! You can find all the details in … [Read more...]