Ga.Me Launches “Revolutionizing The Way People Play & Develop Games”

According to a press release out this morning by the .ME Registry the site  Ga.ME, a product that is revolutionizing the way people play and develop games launched today.

Developed by Turbulenz Limited in Guildford, UK, Ga.ME is the first unified online game platform and social network capable of delivering console quality games across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

In addition to a catchy name and a new brand in the browser-based game market, Ga.ME brings a variety of new features for both developers and consumers alike.

With Ga.ME developers are able to build, publish, iterate and monetize high-quality games that are optimized for all online devices, whereas consumers may instantly (and free-of charge) enjoy the most engaging games of today that boast unparalleled visuals, multiplayer options and social features.

“We are very excited that Turbulenz decided to launch their product on a .ME domain name”, said Predrag Lesic, the CEO of the .ME Registry. “It is amazing to see the platform that caters for the customer’s needs while being able to meet demanding standards of compatibility with the growing number of Internet connected devices. This is exactly one of those services we were hoping to see developed on Ga.ME when we launched the Premium Domain Program“.

James Austin, the CEO of Turbulenz, added: “It is simply not possible to get a more compact and perfect domain name to launch the Internet’s most sophisticated game platform. Deploying the Turbulenz game platform on the Ga.ME domain has given us the most exclusive and unique destination for our revolutionary game platform”.

With around ten thousand developer accounts opened at the Turbulenz Developer Hub and hundreds of thousands consumers playing each day, Ga.ME is slowly taking over the world of online games and it is becoming the force to reckon with. But, what is more important, the team behind Ga.ME stays true to its mission – to create the greatest online gaming experience and become a hub for the stickiest and most engaging games.


Another .Me Covered By TechCrunch: Raises $1.7M In Seed Funding & Launches W/ 5K Users just covered another company built around a .Me domain name.

According to the story  is “launching its personal homepage and Q&A platform today, backed by $1.7 million in seed funding. ”

“The product, live now on both web and mobile, offers users an online presence where they can publicize their likes and interests through a series of interview-like questions.

“The company was founded in mid-2011 by Harvard grad (and former Facebook intern) Meir Lakhovsky and Cornell grad Jared Jaffe.”

The service is now in beta, and already has seen over 5,000 people creating PushPages on the platform, answering questions about their interests, hobbies, recommendations and tastes.

“When users first sign up, they’re asked several questions to get started, some more practical than others. For instance, you may be asked about your favorite restaurant, TV show or song, or “something interesting about you most people don’t know?,” if you want to dive a little deeper. To keep the content fresh, users are sent a new question to answer each week.”

The founders see PushPage as a way for celebrities and other notable people to reach out to their fans (e.g., see author Daniel Pink, TV personality Farrah Abraham, musicians Imagine Dragons, etc.), but also as a way for members in closed communities to get to know each other better.

“While anyone today can create a PushPage for free, private-labeled versions are available for companies, schools, fraternities or sororities, non-profits, and other organizations. Small “PushPage Communities” up to 15 people are free, then pricing starts at $60/month for small-to-medium sized organizations.”

You can read the whole story here

 Bought On Afternic For $7K Is Bought By Avast Software

According to a blog post, a company that just started up in late November 2011 has been acquired by Avast.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to the company, is the number 1 security app on Facebook with more than 90 Million Facebook profiles scanned to protect the privacy, security and reputation of users of the biggest social network worldwide was purchase for just $7,000 on Afternic in August 2011.

The company was covered by in December of 2011.

Here is some of the blog post:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the news that as of today, has joined AVAST Software, maker of the world’s most popular antivirus.”

“When Christian and I started our business together, it was our vision to bring privacy protection to the forefront of the IT security industry and that the two – privacy and security – will ultimately blend: Whereas antivirus software protects the user’s valuable data on a device, personal data protection solutions are needed to secure sensitive data in the cloud, on social networks, in apps, and on the Web.”

“I am overwhelmed that our vision has reached its destination, the deal with AVAST is the most crucial milestone in our company’s history. This new set up will allow us to design security for the user to protect their data independent from which device is utilized and from where it is being accessed from. Our mission will remain the same: We will continue our dedication to provide a safe and carefree online experience for everyone; we can now do this at a much wider scale, with even more power and at a higher speed.”


.Me Registry Releasing: Around.ME, Hire.ME, Fund.ME, Find.ME, For.ME

The .ME Registry, operator of the .ME Internet extension, is releasing five exclusive, previously unreleased premium domain names: Around.ME, Hire.ME, Fund.ME, Find.ME and For.ME.

The .ME Premium Domain Program is open for applications starting May 10, 2013 and is set to close June 15, 2013.

These memorable .ME domain names are ideal for any company that wishes to brand themselves as unique and personal or launch a new product using an exclusive name. All businesses, large or small, existing or start-up, are eligible to apply.


The .ME Registry CEO, Predrag Lesic explains: “The goal of the Premium Domain Program is to assign the very best premium domains to the best content. We are not interested in just selling the domain; we think the quality of service provided has a far better value for our company and for the end users. That’s the main criteria we’ll be looking for in our Premium Domain Program applicants.”


The .ME Premium Domain Program, which began in 2008, has had many successful applicants. Startups like, and as well as established companies like Visa (, Google ( and Time Inc. ( have all participated in the program.


“Branding our service with a dotME domain was an obvious choice because we provide a unique, personalized experience for our users to display a full snapshot of their lives online in one central place,” said Ryan Freitas, co-founder of About.ME. “We also found that the ability to so specifically brand About dot me was an integral part of how we were able to make such a successful connection with our users.”


Applicants are judged on the quality of the service they are providing, their references and their business proposals. The winning applicants for Around.ME, Hire.ME, Fund.ME, Find.ME and For.ME. are scheduled to be announced by July 1, 2013.


To learn more about how to apply for one of the five Premium Domains, as well as the application and selection process, please visit
To learn more about the .ME Registry, developing a .ME business idea, or to find out how to register a .ME domain name, go to http://www.Domain.Me
For examples and articles about the many clever uses of .ME, visit

CEO of the .Me Registry, Predrag Lešić, Interviewed In Branding Magazine, published an interview with the CEO of the .Me Registry Predrag Lešić , which is worth a read.

Frequent readers to know we think that domains are all about branding and that domains make a great brand.

Here are the two questions and answers we found most interesting from the interview:

Branding Magazine: In the broad spectrum of branding (including marketing and advertising), where do you place domain names in the architecture of brand image? At which point does a brand’s domain name play its most important role?

Predrag Lešić: A domain is a virtual storefront neon sign every business needs. And when you think about the colossal size of the market place your store is a part of (Internet), you have to be unique; not only by the product or service you offer, but also by how you name your store; you have to be memorable; the name has to speak for your business. If it’s good, the domain name can be a giant loud neon sign, which speaks about your service and invites people to come in.


I think that is well said and worth repeating:

“your store is a part of (Internet), you have to be unique; not only by the product or service you offer, but also by how you name your store; you have to be memorable; the name has to speak for your business. If it’s good, the domain name can be a giant loud neon sign””


BM: The .ME domain system connotes an extremely personal branding experience. How do you see businesses and organizations fitting into this seemingly-singular and uniform image structure?

PL: Businesses are trying today to get closer to their customers, ask about their opinions, and create a individual relationship. The rise of social media is an obvious proof for that. But most of all everybody wants to drive attention to their web presence and everybody is working on his or her own social media. Here is where a personalized connection with the end customer comes to the stage. If you say to your client Join.Me, or Share.Me, or Memorize.Me -what can explain your intention better then a good domain name?

You can read the entire interview here