Twitpic is Shutting Down Due To Trademark Issue With Twitter

According to a post on its company blog, Twitpic which has been around since 2008 is shutting down after due to trademark issues with Twitter. The company explained the situation and the back story on its blog post: ""Twitpic will be shutting down September 25th. You will be able to export all your photos and videos. We’ll let everyone know when this feature is live in the next few … [Read more...]

Nominet Handles 674 Domain Complaints Down 17%; 55% Result in Domain Transfer

Nominet the company that operates the and now the .uk domain name extension (ccTLD)  just released its report for its Dispute Resolution Service in 2013 (DRS). In 2013 Nominet handled 674 complaints down 17% from 2012 although the number of domain names registered increase 2,7% Brands using the DRS in 2013 included Lego, Swarovski, Cash Converters, O2, Virgin, L’Oreal, Coast Fashions, … [Read more...]

Be Warned: WIPO Taking Screenshots When A UDRP Is Filed & Giving It To Panel & Why Its A Problem

WIPO has been taking Screenshots of whatever is on a domain name as soon as a UDRP Is filed and they have been furnishing the screenshot to the UDRP panel who has been taking the screenshot into account as evidence in making their determination. This revelation came to light by  John Berryhill who read the following sentence in the recent UDRP decision: "The Center generated, as it … [Read more...]

Suit Filed Against BestRegistrar Over “Ransom” to Transfer Over 5K Domains Out

A company has filed a federal lawsuit against the company that owns the ICANN accredited registrar, a few alleged resellers of BestRegistrar and the owners of the company that owns, to "recover control of approximately 5,000 Internet domain names rightfully owned by Simon Property Group (SPG), and to recover damages both compensatory and statutory in nature … [Read more...] Reports Has Been Recovered

Yesterday we wrote about a UDRP that was filed against the domain name which we said appeared to be stolen out of a account. Today is reporting that the domain has been recovered. It maybe interesting to note that when the domain appeared at the new registrar yesterday the domain was under privacy but today privacy was lifted and the owner was listed as … [Read more...]

ICANN Responds To Seizure Order of The .IR Registry, saying ccTLD’s Are Not Property

                  A couple of weeks ago we told you that the attorney for the victims of a terrorist attack got a federal court to order the seizure of the .IR domain registry which is the ccTLD for Iran to help satisfy a judgement the victims  held  against the republic of Iran. As first reported by,  (The … [Read more...]

Arena Football’s Gets Lost In Sale & Now Points To Sexual Offenders

The arena Football team the Orlando Predators was recently sold and the one thing that seem to have gotten lost in the sale is its domain name. According to a story in the, the domain which served as the previous official site of the team now redirects visitors to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's archive of sexual offenders and … [Read more...]