Godaddy Sued For $50 Million By Russian Millionaire Konstantin Malofeev

According to, has been sued for $50 million by A Russian millionaire claiming Godaddy defamed him by hosting a number of websites that accuse him of fraud. Konstantin Malofeev sued GoDaddy, Domains by Proxy and John Doe - the anonymous operator of the websites - on Dec. 14 Malofeev claims he is a businessman, politician, and chairman of the board of directors … [Read more...] Files Suit Again For Federal Trademark Infringement sued Risk.IO, for trademark infringement and unfair competition based upon Risk IO’s having improperly and willfully used the names, yesterday in the United States District Court in the Northern District Of California San Francisco Division for trademark infringement asking for disgorgement of profits, for civil penalties, and for preliminary and permanent injunctions enjoining Risk … [Read more...]

Nissan Files 12 Separate URS Cases On New gTLD’s Spending Over 50% The Cost Of What A Block Would Have Cost

Nissan which sold for $6.8 million dollars a few weeks ago filed 12 separate Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) cases with the National Arbitration Forum over the weekend. For about 3K per brand, or $9K Nissan could have bought a block with Donuts which would have blocked any of new gTLD domain name in these three brands from being registered over all Donuts extensions, which I believe all of … [Read more...]

Nat Cohen’s Telepathy Files Federal Lawsuit Over The Domain

Domain investor Nat Cohen's Telepathy, Inc. just filed a federal lawsuit against SDT INTERNATIONAL of Brussels, Belgium, over the domain name after it rejected a $400 offer that got worked up all the way to $1,000. Actually the Brussels company filed a UDRP with WIPOUDRP with the case number D2014-1870. Mr. Cohen is represented by David Weslow, Esq, and decided to take the case to … [Read more...]

Law Enforcement Cracks Down on the Dark Web, Seizes 400 .onion domains

We have had news stories before about international law enforcement agencies banding together to take down websites that deal in illicit goods or counterfeit merchandise. Yesterday the U.S, Canada and European agencies made another round of takedowns, the difference this time is that they hit the "Dark Web" websites using stuff like the onion router or TOR. USA Today covered the story: Police … [Read more...]

Registrant Of Playboy.London Wants To Keep The Domain For His unborn Child Hoping Its A Boy just published a blog post entitled "Property boss at war with Playboy over Dot London domain name" Michael Ross, director of CNM estates, registered the domain name Playboy.London after the publishing company failed to register the domain name in the Sunrise period that was opened to trademark holders According to Mr. Ross, he received a strongly worded letter from its Los … [Read more...]

After Suspended 2,359 Domains, London’s Police IP Crime Unit Gets £3 million in Funding

According to a press release out overnight, The City of London’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has been given £3 million in funding to ensure its existence to at least 2017. The IP Crime Group report 2013/2014 notes PIPCU has already investigated more than £29 million worth of IP crime and has suspended 2,359 domain names. IPCU was also involved in the review of Nominet’s … [Read more...]