Arena Football’s Gets Lost In Sale & Now Points To Sexual Offenders

The arena Football team the Orlando Predators was recently sold and the one thing that seem to have gotten lost in the sale is its domain name. According to a story in the, the domain which served as the previous official site of the team now redirects visitors to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's archive of sexual offenders and … [Read more...]

After Losing in UDRP, Fed Court Awards Owner Domain + Damages + Attorney Fees

According to a post on the site of the law firm Lewis & Lin, the domain owner of who lost a UDRP in April, filed a lawsuit in federal court and not only stopped the transfer of the domain name but got an award of statutory damages, attorney’s fees and litigation costs. We wrote about the UDRP back in April of this year and noted it was the 2nd UDRP filed by the same complaint on … [Read more...]

Google Wants Your Opinion On How They Should Implement “Right To Be Forgotten”

Google's Advisory Council is asking the public on how they should implement the EU court required "Right to be Forgotten" The question Google is asking is: "How should one person’s right to be forgotten be balanced with the public’s right to know?" ""A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union found that European law gives people the right to ask search engines … [Read more...]

USPTO Grants Two Patents On DNS including “Systems & Methods for Providing DNS Services”

Two Patents were granted yesterday by the USPTO on DNS Nominum, Inc received a patent on Systems and methods for providing DNS services A system for providing a Domain Name System (DNS) service may include providing an agent for installation on a subscriber device. The subscriber device may be connected to the DNS service via an entry point device. The system includes receiving, from the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Seizes 22 Domains Of No­-IP Based Off Of SubDomain Usage & Millions Of Uses Effected

No­-IP a DNS service company told its customers on its company blog yesterday, that Microsoft has gotten a federal court order seizing 22 of its domain names based on the activity of users on some of the subdomains. According to, "Millions of legitimate servers that rely on dynamic domain name services from suffered outages on Monday after Microsoft seized 22 domain … [Read more...]

Sands Files Lawsuit Against 35 Websites/Domains Including 368.COM, 8227.COM & 9770.COM,

            Las Vegas Sands Corp. (Sands) filed a federal lawsuit on Friday in the United States District Court for the District Of Nevada against the owners of 35 websites/domain names including 368.COM, 8227.COM and 9770.COM. The suit alleges that the unknown registrants of thirty-five Internet domain names who are using Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s … [Read more...] Seized By Feds & Owners Arrested

According to,  two San Fransisco based websites and were seized by the federal government yesterday. The alleged operators of the sites, Eric Omuro, and Annmarie Lanoce, were arrested Wednesday. "Omuro was charged with 24 counts of money laundering in connection with alleged transfers of the website's revenue into bank accounts. "Federal authorities … [Read more...]