& Parked Pages Down?

I got a couple of emails overnight from people that have domain names parked at that says both their parked pages and IT are down since early last night I just checked some of my domain names and they appear to be down as well. I've been in contact with who tells me they are now looking into the issues, based off my my report but from there side they … [Read more...]

Reuters: US Government Creating Agency To Deal With Cybersecurity Threats

According to Reuters citing a story in the The Washington Post, the U.S. government is creating a new agency to monitor cybersecurity threats, which will be called "The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC) According to the story the CTIIC will be an "intelligence center that will 'connect the dots' between various cyber threats to the nation so that relevant departments and … [Read more...]

DomainSponsor Our Two Month Test Yields Shocking Results: DS Wins

Back in April we were approached by to do a test on their parking system. said they had spent a lot of time and money on revamping their parking system, had all new people working for them and wanted to know how their new and improved system would stack up against Frank Schilling's I agreed to do a test with about 19,000 domain names I … [Read more...]

Live From The Big Reveal Of The App Now Live on iTunes Store

Frank Schilling just presented his new App at the TRAFFIC conference. First the bad news is the APP its not available for an Android device. The Good news is it is available on the store now. The App "gives you power like no other platform"" said Frank Schilling Some interesting facts from the presentation "85% of all leads comes through link on top of … [Read more...]

See The Video On How The InternetTraffic, App Works (it’s Cool) just posted a 2 Minute video on how their new patented DomainNameSales App works. To see the video click here. The product looks very cool, and I can't wait to get my hands on it to try it out. Basically it lets you in a very simple App format Sell domains, handle offers, negotiate price without the hassle of emails. The App will send the emails to the buyer for … [Read more...]

The New Is Live & Here Are The Highlights From Mr. Schilling

A couple of hours ago the folks at InternetTraffic sent out an email that the new and improved, platform is up and running. I reached out to Frank Schilling for some of the details of what's on the new platform: So from Mr. Schilling's mouth, here you go: Redirect, disable, and change targeting of individual parked domains in real-time: We offer a URL forwarding … [Read more...]