Linton’s Fashion Metric Selected As 1 of 11 Out of 1,500 For Techstars Austin

Morgan and Daina Linton's, which uses big data to enhance fit and sizing for men’s clothing is one of 11 startups selected for the latest class of Techstars Austin. FashionMetric was founded in 2012 by Morgan and Daina and world famous entrepreneur Mark Cuban owns part of the company. The news was reported by Techstars says that more than 1,500 startups … [Read more...]

Cisco Predicts There Will Be 1.5 Billion More Internet Users By 2018

Cisco released the complete VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast Global highlights from the updated study include the following projections: By 2018, there will be nearly four billion global Internet users (more than 51 percent of the world's population), up from 2.5 billion in 2013 By 2018, there will be 21 billion networked devices and connections globally, up from 12 billion in … [Read more...]

Directi Rolls out

Directi has rolled out a new service called Ringo described as a new international calling app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone device. Ringo is an international calling app that uses a unique call flow to provide best-in-class call quality at costs lower than other popular calling apps. Ringo calls do not use the Internet, wifi or data and are instead use regular phone lines. Ringo is unlike … [Read more...]

After Spending $5 Million For its Brand, $1.9 Billion IPO Hits Wall Street This Week is going public this week as it IPO hits Wall Street. It was just a year ago in March 2013 that we told you, China’s” leading direct B2C e-commerce company”, Jingdong , who was operating as, purchased re-branded as In February we found out the company may have paid as much as $5 Million for The company is trying to sell $1.9 Billion dollars … [Read more...]

FCC proposes new ‘net neutrality’ rules

FCC in 3 to 2 vote agrees to advance proposal for new Net Neutrality. So now the FCC is proposing  new Internet rules that would make it illegal for  broadband providers to  block or slow down websites but allow them to strike deals with content companies for preferential treatment. (Reuters) - U.S. telecommunications regulators on Thursday formally proposed new "net neutrality" rules that may … [Read more...]

Acquired In 2009 As Part of $96 Million Purchase, Getty Images Launches

  Getty Images officially launched, more than five years after they acquired the domain as part of its acquisition of Jupitermedia Corporation (“Jupitermedia”) (NASDAQ: JUPM) We reported back in February of 2009 that Jupitermedia Corporation (“Jupitermedia”) (NASDAQ: JUPM) sold  Jupiter Images Corporation (“Jupiterimages”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jupitermedia, to … [Read more...]

What Do PitBull & Juan Calle & John Ferber Have In Common? They Will All Be Speaking At eMerge In Miami

What do Pitbull and Juan Calle of .Co and John Ferber of have in Common? They will all be speaking this week at the eMerge Americas Techweek being held in Miami otherwise known as the Magic City. eMerge Americas Techweek is described as "where entrepreneurs and tech tycoons alike meet for a week long celebration of all things tech, our approach is to bring together the … [Read more...]