After Spending $5 Million For its Brand, $1.9 Billion IPO Hits Wall Street This Week

logo-201305 is going public this week as it IPO hits Wall Street.

It was just a year ago in March 2013 that we told you, China’s” leading direct B2C e-commerce company”, Jingdong , who was operating as, purchased re-branded as

In February we found out the company may have paid as much as $5 Million for

The company is trying to sell $1.9 Billion dollars worth of stock in the IPO, making the $5 Million spent on its brand a pretty good investment.

According to the Wall Street Journal the stock offering is  quite different than most as after the IPO,’s chairman and chief executive, Richard Liu, will control 83.7% of the voting rights after the offering while owning a 21% economic stake, thanks to special shares that carry 20 votes each”

We will let you know how this prices out and what it opens at when it begins trading

FCC proposes new ‘net neutrality’ rules

FCC in 3 to 2 vote agrees to advance proposal for new Net Neutrality. So now the FCC is proposing  new Internet rules that would make it illegal for  broadband providers to  block or slow down websites but allow them to strike deals with content companies for preferential treatment.

(Reuters) – U.S. telecommunications regulators on Thursday formally proposed new “net neutrality” rules that may let Internet service providers charge content companies for faster and more reliable delivery of their traffic to users.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has come under fire from consumer advocates and technology companies for proposing to allow some “commercially reasonable” deals in which content companies could pay broadband providers to prioritize traffic on their networks.

Wheeler’s two fellow Democrats at the FCC concurred with him for a 3-2 vote to advance the proposal and begin formally collecting public comment, though they expressed misgivings about the plan.

“I believe the process that got us to this rulemaking today is flawed. I would have preferred a delay. I think we moved too fast to be fair,” said Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

“The real call to action begins after the vote today,” said Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. “This is your opportunity to formally make your points on the record. You have the ear of the entire FCC. The eyes of the world are on all of us.”

Critics worry the rules would create “fast lanes” for companies that pay up and slower traffic for others, although Wheeler has pledged to prevent “acts to divide the Internet between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’”

Read the full release here

Matt Cutts of Google put this on his Google + page just a little while ago:

Do you like the internet? Tell the FCC to protect it!

The FCC has proposed rules that would allow paid “fast lanes” on the internet. Many people (including me) not to mention hundreds of tech companies like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, Yahoo–plus tons of startups–worry that the FCC’s proposed rules will break the internet in very bad ways.

So here’s where the internet needs you. If you feel strongly that the the internet need protection from paid fast lanes, join me in telling the FCC to protect the internet. It’s easy to do! Here’s how:

1. Go to and look for docket number 14-28 (“Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet”) and click on 14-28.

2. Enter your name and address, and your comments. That’s it!

For example, I’ll be writing that “the FCC should protect net neutrality by reclassifying broadband providers as common carriers under Title II.”

But it literally takes under a minute to give your opinion to the FCC. Write whatever you feel, but if you like the internet and want it protected, you need to tell the FCC now. Right now, there’s 21,549 comments on the FCC’s proposed rules. I think there should be at least a hundred thousand comments from people on the web telling the FCC not to allow paid fast lanes on the net. Please tell the FCC what you think!


Acquired In 2009 As Part of $96 Million Purchase, Getty Images Launches


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 11.25.13 AM

Getty Images officially launched, more than five years after they acquired the domain as part of its acquisition of Jupitermedia Corporation (“Jupitermedia”) (NASDAQ: JUPM)

We reported back in February of 2009 that Jupitermedia Corporation (“Jupitermedia”) (NASDAQ: JUPM) sold  Jupiter Images Corporation (“Jupiterimages”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jupitermedia, to Getty Images, Inc. for $96 million in cash.

Included in the purchase was the domain name which pretty much sat in limbo since being acquired according to

Today a reader of the domains got an email announcing the launch of


“”Introducing by Getty Images

As a loyal friend of Getty Images, you already know the power of fine photography and quality images. Now, consider what you could do with high-quality, framed prints from the world’s finest photography collection—in your workspace, in your bedroom, or on that wall in the downstairs foyer.

The new is live and features curated collections of hand-selected photographs—each chosen for its power to transform a room into something bigger—a place for inspiration, a place for tranquility, a place that’s exactly the room you want it to be.

Ready? Go.””

Hat tip: Danny Pryor  of Rodan

What Do PitBull & Juan Calle & John Ferber Have In Common? They Will All Be Speaking At eMerge In Miami

What do Pitbull and Juan Calle of .Co and John Ferber of have in Common?

They will all be speaking this week at the eMerge Americas Techweek being held in Miami otherwise known as the Magic City.

eMerge Americas Techweek is described as “where entrepreneurs and tech tycoons alike meet for a week long celebration of all things tech, our approach is to bring together the entire South Florida and Latin American tech community under a BIG TENT and then shine a global SPOTLIGHT on the ecosystem.”

Pitbull whose real name is Armando Christian Perez will be speaking with over a lot of very successful people including Juan Calle CEO of .Co whose real name is Juan Calle and John Ferber of

Its a very impressive line up of speakers and highly successful businessman and entrepreneurs which is part of Tech Week in Miami which has a lot of social events and meetups.

The conference actually started last Friday but seems to actually get down to business on  Monday and Tuesday.

Sorry I didn’t get the word out earlier but just found out about it myself.

if you want more info or are in the area you can check out the site.

Cannabis Capital Acquires In A Deal Valued At $25 Million

Cannabis Capital Corp. (OTCBB: CBCA) announce today it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire WebCongress, Inc..

The package deal is valued at over $25 Million, based on CBCA’s current share price, and consists of a combination of cash, shares, and management fees.

This is an actual operating business and not just a domain name.

Cannabis Capital Corp will retain the current WebCongress executive management team to continue driving the growth of WebCongress.

WebCongress produces global digital marketing and strategy events, attracting thousands of technology professionals across the world from such diverse companies as Nestle, Merck, NBC Universal, Pfizer, Starbucks, American Airlines, IKEA, and Redbull. WebCongress, Inc. also houses an international business mentoring and training academy and a digital solution agency.

“Since the launch of WebCongress in 2008, over 100,000 people have come together to be inspired and educated by, and network with, leading executives in the technology space from a variety of major industries.

“Having hosted more than 27 events in 9 different cities, such as Barcelona, Miami, Bogota and San Francisco, just to mention a few, while attracting powerful speakers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Blackberry, Microsoft, Skype, Samsung, Intel and Ericsson, WebCongress Conferences are considered to be among the most important digital marketing events in the world.”

“Chad S. Johnson, Esq., Director, President & CEO of Cannabis Capital Corp. stated, “WebCongress possesses both a successful, high-growth business model and a strong executive management team that align well with our combined growth plans.

“We acquired WebCongress on mutually beneficial terms and at the right time, being in our early stage of growth and development. We believe this acquisition provides CBCA with a profitable business combination that will enhance and support each company’s core mission, expanding international operations and harmonizing the current services and offerings of WebCongress with CBCA’s development. WebCongress’s accelerated growth will generate ongoing novel opportunities and platforms for the legal cannabis industry on a global basis. This is a key step in the direction of increasing long-term CBCA shareholder value, and we are more than excited to make this announcement.”

The next WebCongress Conference, which is part of the 2014 Americas Tour, will be held on May 8th at the San Francisco Broadway Studios.

In 2015, WebCongress, Inc. plans to launch operations in Asia and return to Europe, expanding to more cities such as Paris,

“The combination of WebCongress and CBCA brings together two highly complementary industries and companies. WebCongress, recognized as a leader in its field, provides valuable resources as Cannabis Capital Corp. moves forward to establish itself as an industry leader in its burgeoning market environment.”

“WebCongress remains headquartered in Miami, operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBCA. ”

“Expansion is currently underway with operations opening in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Bogota, Colombia. WebCongress will continue to operate under the leadership of its Founder, Mr. Benmeziane.

About WebCongress, Inc.

WebCongress Inc. was launched in 2008 by its Founder and CEO Ouali Benmeziane and has been growing rapidly ever since, hosting more than 27 events in 9 different cities and attracting powerful and fascinating speakers from such companies as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Blackberry, Microsoft, Skype, Samsung, Intel and Ericsson. WebCongress Conferences are considered to be among the most important digital marketing events in the world.

WebCongress Conferences are Digital Marketing Events covering Technical Innovations that bring together web professionals and media outlets from throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America; with one principal goal: teaching online marketing strategies by involving leading companies in technology, online and marketing industries. The WebCongress Conference experience delivers 1) inspirational and strategic conferences – 2) intensive training with workshops – 3) the legendary WebParty, the ideal place for networking with attendees, keynote speakers, mentors and the WebCongress community. WebCongress Conferences include agenda list topics, such as SEO, Online Advertising, Analytics, Email Marketing, Ecommerce, Mobile, Social Media Marketing, Apps, and more.

About Cannabis Capital Corp.

Cannabis Capital Corp. (OTCBB: CBCA) is a United States company actively pursuing investment opportunities in several traditional emerging markets while infusing them with the rapidly growing global medical cannabis industry. CBCA invests in companies positioned to make a significant impact within their respective industries. These early stage investments provide emerging companies with access to larger capital sums to help elevate their status from start-ups to mature and durable brand leaders. Recent legislative changes around the world are creating compelling investment opportunities that CBCA is positioned to identify at an early stage.

The legal cannabis economy is growing at an aggressive rate as more and more programs are running every day as this sector expands from state to state and country to country. Over 20 states and a dozen countries have medical cannabis programs; each creates a unique opportunity for Cannabis Capital Corp.