Godaddy Teams Up With Paypal on Its Brand New “Here SDK” Product

PayPal introduced today a new product called "Here SDK" and announced that Godaddy as  one if its "Key Partners" Here is the info from "We’re always working to build product experiences that simplify payments, and looking to collaborate with businesses that share our vision for making the checkout process more seamless whether it’s online, in-store or on mobile. Today, as we work … [Read more...]

Namecheap Finds & Issues Urgent Security Warning That May Affect All Internet Users

In a post on its corporate blog,, the domain name registrar, announced it found an attack overnight and blocked over 30,000 IP's that were attempting to  gather the "username and password data gathered from third party sites that were trying to be used to try and gain access to accounts." This is different than most attacks because Namecheap was not the target of the … [Read more...]

Internet Subscriber Growth Surpasses Cable for First Time in The U.S.

I don't think its a surprise to a lot of our readers but Wired magazine did a story on the Internet being more popular than cable tv by subscriber count. This does not seem to be distressing to the major cable companies as they are all deeply ingrained with the Internet. The margins for broadband are also greater than they are for cable tv so this is another bonus. Of course as more people want … [Read more...]

Where Does Your State Rank In Internet Speed? Va is #1; Alaska is Last

Broadview Networks released a report showing Internet Speeds by States If you want to see the map format check out the source site.   State by State Breakdown State Q1 '14 Avg Mbps QoQ Change % (Q1 '14 vs. Q4 '13) YoY Change % (Q1 '14 vs. Q1 '13) Virginia 13.7 -4.3 30 Delaware 13.1 6.3 18 Massachusetts 13.1 2.6 22 Rhode … [Read more...]

How Much Would You Spend For a 30M Meeting WIth Eric Schmidt of Google? Bidding Is At $8K

Bidding is now opened for a what is described as having "Coffee with Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, at Google in New York City." "Sit down to coffee with Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, for 30 minutes at Google in New York City." Bidding is underway at, where there are currently 4 bidders with a high bid of $8,000. There are 15 days left in the … [Read more...]

House Passes Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act

Grant Gross wrote a piece on PC World about the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. There has been a ban on Internet access taxes for several years in most states. The ban has been extended three times. As I said some states had these taxes and there was a grandfather clause which allowed states like Texas to take in $350 million per year. From the article: The House, in a voice vote Tuesday, … [Read more...] Bought For $3,500 On Sedo 9 Months Ago Raises $25 Million At $100M Valuation

        It was just back in March that the New York Times chatted about, what was at that time, a 5 week old app called Secret which uses the domain name Today the company announced it has raised an additional $25 Million dollars, on top of the $8.6 million the company announced it raised in March from a number of well-known investors, including Alexis … [Read more...]