IFFOR Publishes Two Years Of Tax Returns Showing 85% Of .XXX Domains Don’t Resolve

The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) a not-for-profit organization which was set up as part of ICM application to operate the .XXX registry has now published on its site, its tax returns for 2011 and 2012. In 2012 IFFOR had income of $267,740. "This income is derived entirely from the $10 per resolving domain commitment that ICM Registry has made to fund … [Read more...]

Breaking: IFFOR’s Tax Return: Only $208K In Revenue From .XXX; Are 90% Of All .XXX Registration Defensive?

The 2011 Tax return for IFFOR has been filed and our friend George Kirikos of Leap.com found it (pdf) So IFFOR's tax return is important for two reasons. First IFFOR return shows us how how much money the non-profit, which is suppose to receive $10 for each .XXX registration, actually received from ICM the operator of the .XXX TLD and how IFFOR spent the money. Second the return is … [Read more...]

After Collecting At Least $1.4 Million, IFFOR Funded By .XXX Finally Gives 2 Grants Of $5K Each

According to xBiz.com, IFFOR the non-profit which receives $1o from each registered .XXX domain name, has issued its first two grants, in the amount of  $5,000 each. IFFOR stands for International Foundation for Online Responsibility and as I said is funded by .XXX domain name registrations and renewals. Each time a .XXX domain is registered or renewed IFFOR gets $10 of the registration or … [Read more...]