Is The Trademark Clearinghouse Causing New gTLD’s To Lose 6X The Number Of Registrations?

Phil Corwin of the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), just published a very interesting story on how the trademark clearinghouse (TMCH) program maybe negatively effecting the numbers of new gTLD's registrations to a factor of 6X. Its a great read and I think Phil maybe on to something. As an unintended consequence of trying to protection legitimate trademark holders, there is a lot of … [Read more...]

Domain Holdings Joins The ICA As A Silver Member

Domain Holdings, has become the latest member of The Internet Commerce Association (the ICA) which is a trade group that represents and protect  domain name holders and those with interests in the domain business. has entered the ICA as a silver member which requires a annual contribution of $5,000-$9,999 I reached out to Alan Dunn of DomainHoldings to ask him why the … [Read more...]

ICA Changes Membership Structure, Add New Board Position & Voting Procedures For Board

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) announced today that it passed a resolution (Here is the full Resolution) which changes its membership structure, adds a new Board Positions & changes the voting procedures for members of its Board. Under the resolution the new levels of membership are as follows: Platinum members are for those individuals and/or corporations that contribute $25K … [Read more...]

Phil Corwin Posts Update To His .XYZ/Netsol Post on ICA Site & His “Mistake in Judgement”

Phil Corwin has just published an update to this post he published the other day on the ICA website entitled ICANN is MIA on XYZ. As we told you on Sunday, some including felt that the portion of Mr. Corwin's post that seemed to be a personal attack on Mr. Negari was inappropriate and out of line. Mr. Corwin has now addressed this, with a statement posted on the ICA Website in … [Read more...]

The Removed ICA Post on XYZ: My Thoughts, What Mr. Corwin Has To Say, & The Missing Emails

Ron Jackson wrote two stories at, over the weekend covering a post written by Phil Corwin, that post was published on Circle ID and on the ICA website on Friday entitled ICANN is MIA on .XYZ, and its subsequent removal on Saturday from the ICA website. I highly suggest if you haven't done so you should read Mr. Corwin's post on (along with the comments) and Ron's … [Read more...]

The Internet Commerce Association’s Website Gets A Big Makeover

    The Internet Commerce Association's (ICA) Website has undergone a massive redesign. The ICA has a new, sharp-looking website at The ICA wants to thank Michael Castello for leading the initiative to update the ICA site and for providing the mock-up, and Michael Sumner for creating the new site. The site just relaunched and now contains … [Read more...]

Special Rights for IGOs and INGOs Could Lead To Registrant Rights Disappearing When it Comes to UDRP

A slight change of one word could open the door for domain registrant rights to evaporate over time. Currently ICANN is looking at a Preliminary Issue Report on Access by IGOs (Inter Governmental Organization )and INGOs  (Inter Non Governmental Organization) to the Curative Rights Protections of the UDRP and URS. You can read all the comments here. The Intellectual Property Constituency (“IPC”) … [Read more...]