Guest Post By Paul Keating On UDRP’s: “Why Panel Certification is Important” The Case Of HardwareResources.Org

This Guest Post was written by Paul Raynor Keating, Esq.[1] one of the preeminent attorney's practicing in the domain industry.  Paul has handled many UDRP's and had some thoughts about a recent UDRP involving the domain name We are publishing the post unedited: ""Although the UDRP has functioned for over a decade, the evidence continues to mount in favor of a … [Read more...]

Guest Post: From 0 To 10,000 Uniques In Less Than 60 Days: A Case Study

This post was written by Sean Sullivan who Director or Tier 1 Development with  DomainHoldings: Not long ago I wrote an article asking if a .US domain could become just as successful as a .Com. The story was about, a domain that I acquired for my girlfriend Erika  as a side project that I thought would be fun for her. After she showed that she had significant interest … [Read more...]

Microsoft Knocks Google Off The Map

(This post was submitted by a frequent commentator to who goes by "Cartoonz" who described himself as follows: "an International Man of Mystery whose many projects include,  providing some of the finest Nutritionals on the planet".  I do know him well and he has been involved in the domain business for a long time) Bing has a map feature, maybe you've seen it, maybe … [Read more...]

Kentucky is just the beginning

This is a guest post written by Richard Douglas. He is the CTO of Secure Hosting Ltd., a company specializing in offshore servers with offices in Nassau, Bahamas and Kingston, Jamaica. Secure Hosting has been providing offshore web hosting services to clients since 2001. What's next? The recent news about the Kentucky 141 is just the beginning. It is expected that there will be more court … [Read more...]

Be prepared for a border search with these tips

This guest post was written by Richard Douglas. His blog is called Too Many Secrets. If you travel a lot, you should prepare yourself to be searched and asked a few questions. Mike wrote about laptop and cell phone search and seizure before the Paris meet-up. The US Customs and Border Service has posted their official policy here. It happens all the time and it is nothing to be alarmed … [Read more...]

Keep an eye on your domains.

This post was received by Anthony De Rose who requested it be published: I actually owned this domain not long ago. I simply forgot to re-register it and allowed it to slip. Best of luck to you with it, looks like an interesting blog. Lesson learned, stay on top of your domain expirations! Anthony Thanks for the post. We actually did NOT get this domain on the drop, we bought it the last … [Read more...]