Flippa giving away a special link to redeem 1 FREE Domain listing!


Flippa has certainly ramped up its domain only auctions since Kevin Fink came on board and jump started things there.

There is a special promo running good for one week, that he just released,

From now through month’s end, when you list a domain on Flippa, you’ll be given a special link to redeem 1 FREE Domain listing!

Here’s how it works: go and sell any domain name. When you pay for your first listing, you’ll receive — in your listing confirmation email — a special link. Click on that, and you’re taken to a spot where you’ll receive your 9 credits — enough to apply towards an upgrade, or list / relist another domain name for FREE.

The only restrictions are that this is limited to one per account, and will expire August 1st at 12:01am, PST. Oh, and…domain listings only — you cannot apply this to websites or apps.

So if you are thinking of running an auction, now is the time.

Portfolio of 240 .LY domains Goes Unsold with High bid of $100,500 on Flippa

There one letter and two letter .ly domains, along with some top keywords but in the end there was no sale as the 240 .ly portfolio closed not meeting the reserve.


View full WHOIS data as collected at listing time


The winner of this auction and new owner of the following 240 premium domains will “corner the market“, and own some of the greatest domain hacks of all time.

Many of the 240 premium domains here are exact match, brandable, and in highly lucrative markets — many in multi-billion dollar markets.  And the awesome domain hacks make them highly sought-after by internet companies.

This auction includes all of the following domains:

  • social.ly
  • swift.ly
  • free.ly
  • home.ly
  • supp.ly
  • ask.ly
  • express.ly
  • curious.ly
  • feed.ly
  • public.ly
  • private.ly
  • rapid.ly
  • neat.ly
  • music.ly
  • month.ly
  • annual.ly
  • quarter.ly
  • year.ly
  • night.ly
  • regular.ly
  • temporari.ly
  • random.ly
  • endless.ly
  • accurate.ly
  • perfect.ly
  • unique.ly
  • common.ly
  • plain.ly
  • probab.ly
  • relative.ly
  • political.ly
  • investment.ly
  • investing.ly
  • multip.ly
  • global.ly
  • positive.ly
  • content.ly
  • bank.ly
  • cultural.ly
  • lawyer.ly
  • support.ly
  • amazing.ly
  • answer.ly
  • blog.ly
  • lucid.ly
  • search.ly
  • career.ly
  • television.ly
  • tel.ly
  • radio.ly
  • radioly.com
  • guide.ly
  • cinema.ly
  • cinemaly.com
  • vivid.ly
  • possib.ly
  • domain.ly
  • events.ly
  • cudd.ly
  • visit.ly
  • cute.ly
  • marketing.ly
  • start.ly
  • basical.ly
  • different.ly
  • especial.ly
  • fast.ly
  • immediate.ly
  • individual.ly
  • official.ly
  • professional.ly
  • recent.ly
  • right.ly
  • typical.ly
  • successful.ly
  • weather.ly
  • equal.ly
  • impact.ly
  • profile.ly
  • profilely.com
  • suggest.ly
  • suggestly.com
  • books.ly
  • commercial.ly
  • confident.ly
  • designer.ly
  • distinct.ly
  • docs.ly
  • docsly.com
  • emotional.ly
  • essential.ly
  • fine.ly
  • idea.ly
  • impossib.ly
  • international.ly
  • geographical.ly
  • hotels.ly
  • semantic.ly
  • slight.ly
  • special.ly
  • statistical.ly
  • sudden.ly
  • arts.ly
  • civil.ly
  • independent.ly
  • scrub.ly
  • silent.ly
  • statistic.ly
  • translate.ly
  • advertising.ly
  • blogs.ly
  • comparative.ly
  • designers.ly
  • erp.ly
  • eternal.ly
  • flowers.ly
  • fortunate.ly
  • historical.ly
  • important.ly
  • incredib.ly
  • localhost.ly
  • manual.ly
  • maps.ly
  • media.ly
  • national.ly
  • original.ly
  • fund.ly
  • royal.ly
  • sole.ly
  • universal.ly
  • usual.ly
  • agencies.ly
  • apartment.ly
  • arabic.ly
  • aware.ly
  • awareness.ly
  • beaware.ly
  • black.ly
  • bookmark.ly
  • building.ly
  • campaign.ly
  • careful.ly
  • careless.ly
  • cheerful.ly
  • critical.ly
  • custom.ly
  • defiant.ly
  • ebooking.ly
  • education.ly
  • educationly.com
  • effective.ly
  • efficient.ly
  • elearning.ly
  • emarketing.ly
  • external.ly
  • feedback.ly
  • firm.ly
  • formal.ly
  • general.ly
  • graph.ly
  • graphical.ly
  • illegal.ly
  • index.ly
  • intellectual.ly
  • practical.ly
  • primari.ly
  • reasonab.ly
  • remarkab.ly
  • soft.ly
  • kidz.ly
  • knowledgebase.ly
  • logo.ly
  • logos.ly
  • necessari.ly
  • newspaper.ly
  • popular.ly
  • questionnaire.ly
  • real-estate.ly
  • resort.ly
  • resortly.com
  • resorts.ly
  • security.ly
  • tripo.ly
  • selective.ly
  • service.ly
  • skilful.ly
  • specifical.ly
  • standard.ly
  • stonef.ly
  • survey.ly
  • surveyly.com
  • talent.ly
  • tourism.ly
  • tourismly.com
  • training.ly
  • translation.ly
  • universities.ly
  • schools.ly
  • academic.ly
  • voteear.ly
  • wide.ly
  • ous.ly
  • ent.ly
  • ja.ly
  • jaly.com
  • bm.ly
  • cd.ly
  • pk.ly
  • tu.ly
  • ty.ly
  • cv.ly
  • ed.ly
  • fm.ly
  • ki.ly
  • dr.ly
  • ae.ly
  • dj.ly
  • ni.ly
  • ul.ly
  • mp.ly
  • of.ly
  • ck.ly
  • uc.ly
  • yf.ly
  • ge.ly
  • gm.ly
  • ka.ly
  • ku.ly
  • ne.ly
  • oc.ly
  • ta.ly
  • ve.ly
  • ye.ly
  • do.ly
  • ee.ly
  • ga.ly
  • ic.ly
  • is.ly
  • lc.ly
  • t.ly

There were 38 bids with the highest being $100,500.

From The You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Category, Flippa.us sells on Flippa.com


Sometimes you just really have to say Wait ! What ?

Flippa.us sold yesterday on Flippa.com for $39. There was one bid and the description seems to be a bit off.

The name speaks for itself – Flippa.US – All other domains have been bought out, this is the only one available. Don’t miss out





  1. Premium Tablets Domain: Flippa.US
  2. Over 33 THOUSAND UNIQUE SEARCHES for the keywords “flippa”. It’s HUGE, TARGETED TRAFFIC!
  3. Highly Valuable Domain
  4. Brandable and a name a business could be built on
  5. Valuable for developing an upcoming popular Niche site
  6. Very Easy to Remember domain
  7. Very Easy to Spell
  8. Domain was registered at Godaddy.com on the 10th of February 2014 and expires on the 10th of February 2015 (12 months time)
  9. The domain name is 3 years old
  10.  HUGE AMOUNT OF SEO TRAFFIC for keyword “flippa” – exact search matches the domain name!
  11. Highly In Demand & Profitable Keyword

Unlimited Potential if you can develop this domain into an authority or niche site.

The domain is actually not 3 years old as stated in point number 9, its 5 days old. Now what does Flippa do ? A UDRP would cost a lot more than the name is worth, do they take the name and keep the listing fee ? How did they not notice their own registered trademark listed for sale on their own website ?

H2O.com/H20.com Gets A $200K Bid On Flippa

The domain names H20.com and H2O.com (one with the zero  and the other with the letter O) are at auction at Flippa.com and  has gotten a high bid as of publication of $200,000.

The domain name has not hit reserve.

In all there are 10 bidders on the domain name and 3 bidders who have bid $125K or more

The auction closes on September 18th.

Estibot.com values the domain names are $19,000 and $14,000 repectively

Here is what the auction listing says:




Worth more than oil or gas and rumored to possibly become even
more valuable than gold some day soon!


H2O.COM is simply an  incredible, rare, best of the best in domain names available, probably  easily the top 2% of all possible domains available for sale if not
better! H2O.com also comes with the typo H20.COM which is a huge asset! Incredible pair, now making their first time ever debut, for sale!


What also makes this pair so beautiful and amazing is the fact that  the letter O key is right below the number zero key 0, on all keyboards!

This means the owner will get all of the traffic from the pair with no  worries of accidental spillover from typos, as many do type in the  number zero as H20 instead of H2O though only about 1/4 of the amount.


Annual bottled water sales are approximately $150B USD! Mexico does  $13b a year alone in bottled water purchasing annually! Coke, Dannon and  Pepsi are currently fighting for dominance in the Mexican market see  this article



Besides being an amazing site for selling adspace to the thousands  of bottled water companies there are also so many more companies in the
water industry besides bottled water brands!


There are water service companies, water treatment companies, water treatment equipment companies, water clothing companies, water sports equipment companies  and so much more! You could also turn this amazing domain name into a niche gaming site for water related games! Just an amazing domain name is H2O.com along with its typo H20.com – It just does not get better than this!


Everyone in the universe, knows what H2O means! In our  opinion, this makes it even better than Water.com because it is not only  catchier and more brandable but it is also universal unlike the word  “water”! The word “water” changes in all languages and of course H2O is

H2O it does not change, universal recognition which truly makes this  domain name so unique and so so rare!


H2O also gets 4,000,090 searches  per month on google with 301,000 of that being exact match! H20 the typo  with the number 0 gets 2,740,000 searches a month on google and 74,000  of that being exact match!


There is no doubt in our mind that H2O.com  is one of the best domain names now available for sale on the planet and  probably one of the coolest for sure!


The folks at water.com also own  agua.com which is the spanish version of the word water and they have to  own other language versions to try and monopolize the market, but with  H2O.com and H20.com you don’t need to worry about any language barrier  as there are none!

Reserve will not be revealed so please do not ask.

This is truly a very rare chance of a lifetime to own an incredible,  incredible premium generic domain name that is simply just
amazing…opportunities like this just do not come around very often ever.

Flippa.com Publishes Its Year In Review: 26K Sales & $31 Million In Sales

Flippa.com published today its  2011 Year-In-Review report.

Here are the highlights from the report:

There were 26,213 website and domain sales on Flippa.com this year, totaling just over $31 million.

659 sales were over $5,000 and 205 sales over $20,000.

There were just under 290,000 bids placed on Flippa auctions in 2011.

High-end sales included MakeCashTakingSurveys.biz which sold for $395,000, PristinePlanet, a comparison shopping site for ecological products, sold for $165,000 & PitchingMachinesNow sold for $149,000

Flippa.com had 2,147,000 unique visitors over the year.

There were 72,937 new Flippa.com users this year.