Flippa Reveals The Niches With The Highest Chance of Selling and a Whole Lot More

Stephen Koo wrote a piece on the Flippa blog that should be of interest to everyone looking to sell domains and websites on the platform. Flippa has gained a lot of momentum in domain only auctions since Kevin Fink has come on board and been responsible for domain only transactions. Koo points out that the niches with the highest chance of selling are the following: The Niches with the Highest … [Read more...]

Kevin Fink of Flippa Confirms Fire.Glass sale at $5,000 is legitimate

I want to thank Kevin Fink of Flippa for confirming that the auction for Fire.Glass that concluded on 8/26 is a legitimate sale. With all the hoopla and hype around the new gtlds, domain investors want to see sales being verified especially when its an auction format with just one bid. FireGlass.com/net/org/co/info/biz/us are all registered. The .com is registered since 1996 and is a developed … [Read more...]

Fire.Glass Closes at $5,000 on Flippa

The domain name Fire.Glass just wrapped up its auction on Flippa. The auction had one bid at $5,000. The seller does have 18 transactions and 100% positive feedback on Flippa. Seller's Notes Fire.Glass Premium .Glass domain. 40,500 Google Exact Monthly Searches for "Fire Glass" (12 month average). $2.39 CPC (Google). What is "Fire Glass"? Fire Glass is tempered glass manufactured … [Read more...]

Flippa giving away a special link to redeem 1 FREE Domain listing!

Flippa has certainly ramped up its domain only auctions since Kevin Fink came on board and jump started things there. There is a special promo running good for one week, that he just released, From now through month’s end, when you list a domain on Flippa, you’ll be given a special link to redeem 1 FREE Domain listing! Here’s how it works: go and sell any domain name. When you pay for … [Read more...]

Portfolio of 240 .LY domains Goes Unsold with High bid of $100,500 on Flippa

There one letter and two letter .ly domains, along with some top keywords but in the end there was no sale as the 240 .ly portfolio closed not meeting the reserve. Description: View full WHOIS data as collected at listing time Description The winner of this auction and new owner of the following 240 premium domains will "corner the market", and own some of the greatest domain hacks of all … [Read more...]

From The You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Category, Flippa.us sells on Flippa.com

Sometimes you just really have to say Wait ! What ? Flippa.us sold yesterday on Flippa.com for $39. There was one bid and the description seems to be a bit off. The name speaks for itself - Flippa.US - All other domains have been bought out, this is the only one available. Don't miss out + 4 AWESOME BIN BONUS WEBSITES!   Features:  Premium Tablets Domain: … [Read more...]

H2O.com/H20.com Gets A $200K Bid On Flippa

The domain names H20.com and H2O.com (one with the zero  and the other with the letter O) are at auction at Flippa.com and  has gotten a high bid as of publication of $200,000. The domain name has not hit reserve. In all there are 10 bidders on the domain name and 3 bidders who have bid $125K or more The auction closes on September 18th. Estibot.com values the domain names are $19,000 … [Read more...]