Enom.com Informs Customers of “Very Sophisticated Attack” But No Domains Were Stolen

In an email to tonight from Taryn Naidu CEO of Enom.com told its customers that they "recently became the subject of what appears to be a very sophisticated attack by a group that targets large internet infrastructure companies. Within hours of this attack, we were in contact with federal law enforcement and the affected parties. This attack hijacked the DNS traffic of 4 domains for a very short … [Read more...]

TheRegister.co.uk Reports: Enom Suffers Huge DNS Outage, Taking Down Sites

TheRegister.co.uk,  is reporting that Domain Name registrar enom appears to be having a huge DNS outage citing quite a few tweets from people who say service has been down for hours. The story says: ""Domain name registrar eNom appears to have gone titsup worldwide since the early hours of this morning, according to reports from furious customers who – at time of publication – were yet to … [Read more...]

eNom Collects More Than 2 Million Expressions Of Interest on New gTLD’s

According to enom.com its "New TLD Watchlist module has collected more than two million expressions of interest for domains to be registered with the new TLDs, in just  nine months In the more than two million Watchlist submissions received over the course of nine months, the three new domain extensions of greatest interest are: 1) .Web 2) .Shop 3) .Hotel  From a category viewpoint, the … [Read more...]

Godaddy & Enom To Sell 94 One & Two Character .ORG Registry Owned Domain Names

Public Interest Registry, the not-for-profit operator of the .ORG domain, today announced the release of 94 previously unregistered one- to two- character .ORG addresses, Through a partnership with GoDaddy and eNom, the initiative – called “Project94” – gives organizations the unprecedented opportunity to enhance their brand with one of the shortest and perhaps most memorable domain names … [Read more...]