eNom Collects More Than 2 Million Expressions Of Interest on New gTLD’s

According to enom.com its “New TLD Watchlist module has collected more than two million expressions of interest for domains to be registered with the new TLDs, in just  nine months

In the more than two million Watchlist submissions received over the course of nine months, the three new domain extensions of greatest interest are:

1) .Web

2) .Shop

3) .Hotel

 From a category viewpoint, the most expressions of interest have been in the areas of:

 1) Services

(for example:.Attorney)(for example:.Expert)(for example:.Law)(for example:.Design)(for example:.Engineer)

2) Identity and Lifestyle (for example:.Family)(for example:.Love)(for example:.VIP)(for example:.Mom)(for example:.Health)

3) Internationalized Domain Name/IDN (for example:.Com in Russian)(for example:.Sale in Japanese)(for example:.Charity in Chinese)

4) Geography (for example:.Vegas)(for example:.Melbourne)(for example:.Stockholm)(for example:.City)

5) Novelty (for example:.Wow)(for example:.Ninja)(for example:.Today)(for example:.WTF)(for example:.Zone)

 Since eNom launched the Watchlist, Services, Identity & Lifestyle and Geography have consistently ranked in the top five categories. IDN and Novelty have recently joined the top five, replacing the Shopping (now 6th) and Technology (now 7th) categories.

Additional insights culled from Watchlist data include:

– .Ninja is one of the fastest growing in interest; moving up from 27th place in December to 14th today and is the most popular in the Novelty category.

– In the Sports category, .Fan, .Football and .Soccer all scored as the three fastest-growing rates of interest.

– .Shop is the #1 ranked TLD being watched in Canada.

It should be noted that enom is owned by Demand Media (DMD) which is the applicant for 26 new gTLD’s in their own name including .ninja and are partners with Donuts in another 107 new gTLD’s

It should also be noted that there is no cost or obligation for anyone to place an “expression of Interest” on a new gTLD.

Godaddy & Enom To Sell 94 One & Two Character .ORG Registry Owned Domain Names

Public Interest Registry, the not-for-profit operator of the .ORG domain, today announced the release of 94 previously unregistered one- to two- character .ORG addresses,

Through a partnership with GoDaddy and eNom, the initiative – called “Project94” – gives organizations the unprecedented opportunity to enhance their brand with one of the shortest and perhaps most memorable domain names available.

These domains also carry the inherent trust and reliability for which the .ORG domain is known.

What’s cool is that the proceeds of Project94 will be reinvested back into the Internet community to programs that enhance the open development and security of the Internet, particularly in technologically underserved parts of the world.

Referred to as “Project94,” the list of available names includes the likes of A.ORG, O.ORG, 7.ORG, and PJ.ORG.

“When PIR first took over operation of the .ORG domain in 2003, these names were reserved for future allocation and deemed unavailable for immediate registration. Now, PIR is releasing these addresses in response to community interest. With some web addresses surpassing 20 characters, the one- and two-letter domain names carry vast branding and marketing potential due to their brevity and memorability. They also carry the inherent trust and reliability for which the .ORG domain is known.

“Go Daddy and eNom will jointly facilitate all aspects of the allocation process – from handling the outreach to prospective buyers and managing auctions and handling trademark issues.”

“Domain names are, indeed, like ‘21st century real estate,’ more than just an address on the Web, they are an online identity,” said Go Daddy Director of Domain Name Aftermarkets Paul Nicks. “As part of this historic opportunity we look forward to assisting our customers with integrating these very valuable names into their organization’s culture.”

“As a long-time partner of The Public Interest Registry, we are very pleased to be able to help make these .ORG domains available for the first time to consumers,” said Taryn Naidu, EVP, eNom/Demand Media. “These additions both reflect and reinforce the value of the .ORG brand, and will be a truly memorable event in the domain name space.”

The “Project94” allocation officially kicks-off today. For more information on PIR’s “Project94,” go to www.project94.org or www.pir.org.