You Should Keep In Mind The Huge Tax Hikes Coming Next Year When Deciding Whether To Sell Domains

If you make $200K or more there is a huge tax hike coming for next year if you are in the United States. In the domain business it can only tax one domain name sale to put you over the top into the "rich people" tax bracket. Its pretty hard to keep politics out of any discussion about taxes but we are going to try to stick to the facts If your pondering a big sale there are some tax … [Read more...]

comScore: Record Week In Online US Holiday Shopping History reported today, for the holiday season-to-date, nearly $32 billion has been spent online, a 15% over last year. For the week ending Dec. 18, four days surpassing $1 billion in sales, making for  an all-time record of $6.3 billion in online retail spending for a week, up 14% from tthe same week last year. The final shopping weekend before Christmas reached $1.04 billion to rank … [Read more...]

Online Shopping Is Up Big This Shopping Season According to comScore, IBM &

Three reports out today indicate that online shopping is up big so far this holiday season. comScore (NASDAQ : SCOR), reported that holiday sales season-to-date, are $9.7 billion 14% increase versus the corresponding days last year which was $8.4 Billion in sales during the same time frame. "The official comScore 2011 holiday season forecast is that online retail spending for the November – … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco: “Odds Are Greater Than 50% Chance Of A Recession In Early in 2012”

Well if your a believer in the recession is over and the economy if on the way to recovery, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in a post disagrees saying that the "Odds Are Greater Than 50% Chance Of A Recession In Early in 2012" In its Economic Letter the two co-authors, one Travis J. Berge is an economist in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City the other … [Read more...]

Gold Vs. Google 2 Years Later To The Day: One Is Up Over 70% the Other Only 4%

September 23rd 2009 Google hit $500 a share and Gold hit $1,00 an ounce and we asked the question: "What you think is a better investment right now, Google at $500 a share or Gold at $1,000 an ounce." We put up a poll for a week and the results were split right down the middle, 50% picking Google, 50% picking Gold. So we sit exactly two years later. Google is trading at $520 a share up … [Read more...]

So How Much Will The Stock Market Go Down Tomorrow In Wake Of Downgrade?

Tomorrow will be the first day the US stock exchanges open up for trading since S&P downgraded the credit rating of the US on Friday from AAA to AA+. So the big question is what will happen in the markets tomorrow? In the middle east, the only place markets have opened since the downgrade the news wasn't too good. Israel's stock market fell more than 6%, and the Tel Aviv 25 Index … [Read more...]

Disney Was Wrong: It’s A Big World After All

With all due regards to Walt Disney, whose song I,  and I would assume many of you grew up singing, "It's a Small World After All", is wrong. In fact it's a big world, with billions of people competing, in what has become a global marketplace, for their share of the pie. It's really not Mr. Disney's fault. Time's have changed. The song was written in the 1960's and premiered at the New … [Read more...]