POOL.com Top Drop List Is Full Of Trademark Infringing Domains

Everyday pool.com sends out a list for the Top Deleting Domains for the next day. If you check out Pool.com "Top Deleting Domains" list for tomorrow, I think you will see a common theme, trademark infringing domains. Actually out of the 30 domains listed, over half, 18 by my count, are bang on trademark infringing domains. I understand that if a domain is scheduled to drop, it's going to … [Read more...]

Notable NameJet Domain Sales

Here are some notable sales from NameJet for this past week: Coto.com                   $5,100 LinkWorld.com           $3,300 Publicschools.org       $3,001 DiscountLuxury.com  $2,544 HobbyShow.com         $2,200 AntiAgingSpa.com      $2,190 AllProperties.com       $1,902 ColdAndFlu.com         $1,700 Marya.com                  $1,601 PriceKiller.com            … [Read more...]

Our Top Domains Picks At SnapNames.com: January 11 Edition

The following domains are our top picks for domains either currently at auction, or up for backorders at Snap. You can simply click on the link to backorder: These are already at auction, but you can still join these auctions. Check the individual listings for the closing dates and current high bids: flipping.com premiumgifts.com vuj.org exf.org nzv.org qfe.org These … [Read more...]

iMode.com Starts the New Years off Selling for $17K at SnapNames.com

While you were trying to get over your hangover on New Years Day, the domain iMode.com sold for $17,001. iMode.com was on our first list of top Snapnames domains. In a couple of other notable sales: Slade.com sold today at Snapnames.com for $6,258 Over at Namejet.com solarguide.com sold today for $3,200. … [Read more...]