Looks Like The Team Of Radix, Tucows & NameCheap Has Won .Online

The new gTLD .online looks like it was won by the previously announced partnership with Tucows and Namecheap.com Last year Radix announced that the three applicants for .online have partnered up to run the .online registry. At that time, both Tucows and Namecheap withdrew their applications for .Online with ICANN. Today the ICANN site has updated and the remaining applicants for .online, … [Read more...]

158 .Condos Domain Names Taken in EAP; Here They Are & Here’s The Best Of What’s Left

If your planning on registering any .Condos new gTLD domain names this week, most of the bigger markets in the United States are spoken for. In what looks to be a very successful Early Access Program for Donuts' .Condos new gTLD,  we counted 158 domain names registered in the 5 day EAP period. In addition to paying the one time fee which ranges for around $12,500 to $250 depending on the … [Read more...]

Uniregisty Wins Private Auctions For .Help and .Diet; Famous Four Participates In Its 1st Private Auction

        At the TRAFFIC show today, Sevan Derderian, Director of Sales of Uniregistry announced at the TRAFFIC conference being held in Las Vegas, that Uniregistry won the private auction for the new gTLD's .Help and .Diet this week. There were two other applicants for .Help;  Dot Tech LLC of Kansas, and Donuts. There were two other applicants for .Diet;  … [Read more...]

Donuts Pulled Back & Reserved Luxury.Villas During EAP After Orders Were Placed

Yesterday we wrote about how Godaddy.com didn't award us the domain name Luxury.Villas which we ordered last week for registration on the 5th day of the   Early Access Program (EAP) OnlineDomain.com wrote about this domain as being priced at $13,500 for year of registration and renewal just three days ago while the EAP program was already going. Now it seems the domain was reserved by the … [Read more...]

ICANN To Open Up Comment Period On Donuts Request To Allow 2 Letter New gTLD’s

ICANN just posted a letter it send to Jon Nevett of Donuts regarding its request to release all 2 letter new gTLD domain in all the strings that Donuts has signed contracts with. It appears ICANN is not against the concept saying; "ICANN has conducted a preliminary review of your request introduce two-character domains to the marketplace and "Based on the information provided, ICANN’s … [Read more...]

Donuts Letter To Those That Lost Eco New gTLD’s

Donuts just sent out a letter to all their customers that registered a new gTLD with the word Eco on the left of the dot, who had their domains taken back from the registry. The memo line on the email reads "Your Recently Deleted Name" As we stated earlier this week, we lost one such domain, eco.domains, so we got an email letter of our own and thought you would be interesting in seeing what … [Read more...]

New gTLD’s Registered With Word “Eco” Are Being Take Back: On ICANN’s Restricted List

As we just went to tape this weeks DomainSherpa.com discussion show, a fellow Sherpa, Page Howe, brought it to my attention that new gTLD domain names that have the word Eco on the left of the dot were in the process of  being taken back by the Donuts Registry. Page's domain names eco.directory and eco.careers are only two of the domains now in the process of being deleted by the registry as … [Read more...]