Donuts’ marketing offensive tops list of most-read stories for March on WTR

Trevor Little wrote on World Trademark Review that Donuts marketing offensive was the most read story for March. From the article: The campaign is aimed at spreading the new gTLD gospel to small businesses in the US. While unlikely to be the turning point in terms of wider public awareness of new gTLDs, the campaign will do no harm in spreading the gTLD message and will be welcomed by … [Read more...]

Donuts: “We’ve priced the product higher quite simply because we think it’s significantly superior,” did an article on the new gtlds and had a focus on Donuts and they got quotes from Richard Tindal a co-founder and COO. Again I think some of the quotes are way off base. Tindal talks about Donuts pricing being higher because it is a superior product. No new gtld currently is superior to .com that is just patently false and this type of stuff is what hurts the new gtlds in discussions … [Read more...]

Donuts Suffers its 1st Overall Negative Domain Day

  The new gTLD Registry, Donuts suffered its first net negative domain day since becoming a registry; where the number of new domain names registered were exceeded by the number of new gTLD deleted or removed from the zone file for non-renewal. According to Donuts had a net loss of 63 domain names yesterday on  March 22nd. You can see this by checking out this chart and … [Read more...]

Donuts To Initiate First Advertising Campaign

MediaPost published an article a couple hours ago on Donuts initiating its first advertising campaign. Comments from Jeff Davidoff the CMO at Donuts are quoted in the article. One interesting quote, "Dot-com doesn't mean anything. The Google algorithm looks for meaning and connects the word with relevant content. Marketers really need to focus on the quality of the content and the connection with … [Read more...]

Donuts Expects To Wind Up With About 200 New gTLD’s

In a press release it issued today Donuts said it expected to win up operating around 200 new gTLD's. ""Donuts Inc., the world's largest registry for new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), marked the one-year anniversary of general availability of new Internet identities today, reporting that its 150 live gTLDs are home to more than 1.2 million registrations, accounting for nearly 1/3 of … [Read more...]

Donuts ” after such a long run, it’s about time to hand .COM a gold watch”

Donuts posted a blog post yesterday about looking to the future and that .com is that old stodgy utility that is staid but it is unremarkable. Yet Microsoft had plenty of options for example to register Hololens.newgtld but they still paid to buy the .com and handregister the .us. The article is worth a read, especially for those all in with the new gtlds. The leave a comment link does nothing  … [Read more...]

Donuts Beats Google, Amazon, Dish Network, Radix, Famous Four To .Movie New gTLD

Donuts has won the rights to operate the new gTLD .Movie beating out 7 other applicants including publicly traded Google, Amazon, and  Dish Network. .Movie was the last new gTLD scheduled to go to the ICANN last resort auction in January and was apparently settled by private auction. The other applicants that have now withdrawn their applications for .Movie were Radix, Famous Four, ARI … [Read more...]