.Com Is Rocking

            As someone who watches the numbers of domain name registrations across all TLD's everyday I have to say .Com is rocking and seems to be getting stronger by the day. Back on March 31, there were 113.2 Million .Com registered according to Verisign. Today 5 1/2 months later .com has topped 114.4 Million registrations (14,408,441) with … [Read more...]

Handy.com Sells: New Owner Says “it wasn’t Cheap” & Has A Lesson For Domain Owners

TechCrunch.com just covered a company that acquired the domain name Handy.com which quotes the buyer saying “it wasn’t cheap.” The domain name was owned by Neue Medien GmbH of Germany. which may have been formerly  known as Media Empire and Benjamin Pitzer as that was what the domain was registered under a couple of years ago and according to Screeshots.com the website hadn't changed in … [Read more...]

March Of Dimes Switches Its Website Domain From .Com to .Org

According to a press release out today The March of Dimes has switched its domain name from Marchofdimes.com to Marchofdimes.org. If your wondering who owned the .Org before it was Rehabilitation Foundation for the Disabled in Toronto which owns the domain name Marchofdimes.ca It appears that the March Of Dimes acquired the .org back in March of this year. MarchofDimes.com is now being … [Read more...]

Apple Goes With “Apple Pay”; Domain ApplePay.com Registered Back in 2002; Not By Apple

      At the BIG Apple event today, the company just named its long rumored payment system and is calling it Apple Pay. As usual the company does not own the matching .com domain name ApplePay.com. The domain name ApplePay.com was first registered way back in 2002 and goes to an operating site; and is registered  a company known as Apple One Payroll. "AppleOne … [Read more...]

The Curious Case of Weather.id

Namepros member Wot posted a thread a few days back where he asked the community what they thought about a certain situation involving a domain registration and it ending up in the account of the CEO of the registrar. At first he could not give the full details, he has now given the full name and posted the whole story on his blog. From his blog post and Namepros: I “registered” Weather.id … [Read more...]

So When Does Amazon Buy Twitch.com ?

Twitch.tv was purchased this week by Amazon for $970 million, the little experiment that grew out of Justin.tv has become a major player in online video. For a long time it was rumored that Google would acquire Twitch. Now we know it is Amazon and two questions remain, 1) When will Amazon buy Twitch.com ? and 2) For how much ? The UFC also had an issue with the .com getting spillover traffic … [Read more...]

Holiday.com Hitting The Auction Block & “Experts” Predict It To Sell For More Than $30 Million

According to Dailymail.co.uk, the domain name Holiday.com is going to be auctioned off at the World Travel Market, a conference for the international travel industry at London Excel on November 5. According to unnamed "experts" the domain is about to "become the priciest domain name in history as it is auctioned for an estimated £20 MILLION" Of course that is 20 Million British Pounds which … [Read more...]