Minnesota Appellate Court Rules Domain Names Are Property

Cincinnati.com published an article on a Minnesota court case that declared domain names are property and subject to garnishment. (TIP of the Cap to George Kirikos who tweeted out the story) Back in December of 2013 John Berryhill left a comment that I felt was good enough to be its own post, John spoke of why domain investors really don't want domain names to be property. From the … [Read more...]

To The CEO Of ICANN Fadi Chehade: Do You Think Vodafone Is The Biggest Domain Hogger?

Two weeks ago we called out the CEO of ICANN Fadi Chehade, for some remarks he made in a story published by the HuffingtonPost.com to wit: “The reality is, the more there are names (new gTLD’s),  less people will actually be hogging names in order to charge a lot for them. Theregister.co.uk then followed up by reporting on the story which included my blog post At the ICANN meeting this … [Read more...]

Cremation.com Sues Cremations.com, Sold By FMA For TM Infringement & Seeks Transfer of Domain

In a pretty unusual case, Directors Advantage, Inc., of Clinton NC, owner of the domain name Cremation.com filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against Cremations.com, for cybersquatting under the Federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1125(d), "stemming from wide-ranging aggressive, unethical, and unlawful sales practices and bad faith actions of the registrant of … [Read more...]

Vice.com Covers Gary Millin of World.com “The Man Squatting on Millions of Dollars Worth of Domains”

                  Vice.com just did a story of about Gary Millin of World.com who has one of the great domain name Portfolio's in the world. Unfortunately the author of the story, Jason Koebler chose to go with the "S" word to describe the amazing portfolio of assets they have put together ("Squatting") rather using the … [Read more...]

.Com Top 116 Million Active Domain Names For The 1st Time & Is Up 600K Registrations Since December 31

The number of active .Com domain names has passed the 116 million mark for the firs time in history. At the end of 2014 there were 15.3 million .Com domain registered in the active zone file, meaning that .Com registrations have increase 600,000 domain names in the first 5 weeks of 2015. The number of new gTLD's is stilling at 4,288,778 according to ntldstats.com up from the 3,650,000 new … [Read more...]

Do Cheap Domain Names Fuel The eCrime Economy ?

It looks like the business of cheap domain names will be getting its own track at a security conference. RSA Conference draws nearly 30,000 attendees per year, and according to them makes them the world’s largest info security event. The description for track goes like this: Domain Name Abuse: How Cheap New Domain Names Fuel The eCrime Economy To stay agile and avoid detection, cybercriminals … [Read more...]

SeekingAlpha.com Covers Qihoo Purchase of 360.com

SeekingAlpha.com just covered Qihoo 360's (NYSE:QIHU) purchase of 360.com saying it "looks smart strategically, but it needs to improve its search and cellphone businesses to win back investor interest". "Qihoo has paid a record $17 million for the 360.com web domain. This news was almost certainly leaked by Qihoo, since companies pay large sums for domains all the time and the news never makes … [Read more...]