Another Banner Day For Domains As Total Adds is Almost 65,000; 35K From .Com

Domain name registrations continue to grow with a bunch of new gTLD going live and as people continue to register more of the orginal TLD’s .com, .net and .org

Yesterday new domain registrations over all TLD’s (not counting ccTLD’s) grew by a net of 64,430 domain name

.Berlin added 4,408 new registrations on the day after it went live.

A few new gTLD came out with their initial numbers:

.Company had 6,228 registrations

.Center had  5,279 registrations

.Systems had 2,934

.Academy had 2,591

.Management had 2,186

.Computer had 1,263

The original extensions all added

up net registrations as well.

.Com saw an net increase of over 35,000 registrations and both .net and .org saw net increase of about 1,700 each.

In all the domain space is grew by almost 65,000 domains yesterday.

PR Trying To Sell A Domain: “I Think I Can Convince The Owners to Sell for $500K”

I saw this press release that was published today for the word which appears to be for sale and the subject of the press release.

Not a horrible domain, but certain a very bad pitch in my opinion when it comes to price:

“We are talking about the domain name We asked the domain name expert Paul Wilson what figure he sees on this domain name and this is what he said: “I think that I can convince the owners to sell for US $500,000.”

Paul Wilson appears to be the agent for the domain name.
Why put out a press release stating that you think you can get the owners to sell for $500,000?
Doesn’t make much sense to me.
Here is the rest of the press release:
The financial rewards and the prestige are important.
These days, there are not too many occasions to be the leader and own a domain name that no one else can have.
Many will be jealous when they see that it is a short one word that is in the dictionary and is easy to spell and remember.
Of course it has the best extension a dot-com and it is nice and friendly, and also sounds good.
When considering a domain name a great return on investment is needed, and it should pay for itself in no time.
Naturally, it will make others want to have it, and they will envy the owner because of his/her own passionate vision.
One can follow his/her dreams and acquire this unique and rare domain name that is a most efficient marketing tool.
We are talking about the domain name
We asked the domain name expert Paul Wilson what figure he sees on this domain name and this is what he said: “I think that I can convince the owners to sell for US $500,000.”
For more information please contact: Paul Wilson

People Are Gobbling Up Hillary Clinton Domains

Domain - what domain name to choose

Time Magazine did a piece on the squatting of Hillary Clinton

Internet squatters have been grabbing pieces of Clinton-related real estate in the hopes of a 2016 payoff

Typing Hillary Clinton’s name into your favorite Web browser is becoming a more and more adventurous proposition.

As the former Secretary of State mulls a repeat bid for the White House in 2016, an amalgamation of spammers, grifters, and passionate supporters have occupied almost every square inch of relevant Internet real estate. Type in and you’ll be exposed to malware. is for sale for as much as $14,500—and it’s among the cheaper variants available.

Of course registering political domains is nothing new, Michael Deutsch has become pretty well known in the area of candidate domains. Last year he was covered by

Shane Goldmacher wrote:

Political Cybersquatter Strikes Again

He leverages Web domains for political access. His latest targets: Alison Lundergan Grimes and Obama’s Organizing for Action.

The little-known Florida resident has made it something of a hobby to snatch away desirable digital destinations from unwitting politicians. In that regard, Grimes is in heady company. In the past 15 years, Deutsch has snapped up Web properties of value to the likes of President George W. Bush; Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.; then-Sen. Joe Lieberman, ID-Conn.; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; and even President Obama’s new political advocacy group—just to name a few.

 Deutsch isn’t in it for the money. He’s just a self-described “C-SPAN junkie” who says he wants “a chance to look behind the curtain.” And he learned more than a decade ago that, as a man without the wealth to buy his way into intimate fundraisers, his best shot at getting close to the political stars that so fascinate him was to buy up political domain names early and leverage them later for some face time.

List of Clinton related domains regged in 2014

Donuts Letter To Those That Lost Eco New gTLD’s

Donuts just sent out a letter to all their customers that registered a new gTLD with the word Eco on the left of the dot, who had their domains taken back from the registry.

The memo line on the email reads “Your Recently Deleted Name”

As we stated earlier this week, we lost one such domain,, so we got an email letter of our own and thought you would be interesting in seeing what Donuts is sending out

Here it is:

“”You recently registered the domain name <> through your registrar.  Regretfully, that domain name was made available for registration due to a technical error.  The domain name industry’s regulator, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), unfortunately prohibits us from making that domain name available to the public at this time.  You can find the domain name you registered and a long list of similar names we are prohibited from registering here:

Though we would very much like you to keep the domain name, due to these ICANN regulations we were forced to delete the name and place it on “Registry Reserved” status, along with other domain names that ICANN requires us to make unavailable for registration.

We are extremely sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused you.  Though this was an isolated error, we are doing everything we can to make sure it stays that way.  We also apologize that it took us several days to communicate this to you.  We were exploring every avenue available to us within ICANN’s complex regulations to correct the error.

Now, the good news:
We have refunded the full domain name registration fee to your registrar and expect the registrar will provide this refund to you.
We are actively lobbying ICANN to make the domain name you registered available to you.  We hope to be successful and, though you are under no obligation to do so, we think it would be helpful if you voiced your opinion to ICANN about it directly.
To get this domain name to you as soon as possible, we are maintaining a record of your details in the event ICANN releases it for registration.  If and when ICANN does, we will contact you and have this name registered to you for free.
We hold ourselves at Donuts to very high standards and regret to have fallen short.  You have our sincere gratitude for your patience and understanding as we try to get this domain name back to you.

Richard Tindal
Donuts Inc. Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer””

Chinese Game Company Is Buyer of For $2.1 Million & Predicts $36 Million In Profit

According to a story out tonight in,  the buyer of the domain name for $2.1 Million dollars is Shanghai-headquartered a Chinese Gaming company

The company officially renamed the company 37 Game today.

Li Yifei, president of the company said “the market for web game exports is optimistic and it is a necessary way for gaming companies to expand into overseas markets. ”

“He revealed that 37 Game will launch its mobile game distribution in China and abroad simultaneously. ”

“By choosing as their new domain, the company aims to help global users remember their game brand. ”

My favorite quote from the article:

“He did not reply (Li Yifei, president )  to questions about the phenomenally high amount of money paid for the domain name.”

That quote was in the original article who the author of must not be aware of many other large dollar domain purchase

“The company predicted that 37 Game’s net profit in 2013 will not be lower than CNY220 million”

In Us Dollars that is $35,839,320, profit.

Guess they could afford the $2.1 Million.