AT & T Researchers Look at Spotting Malicious Domains Using Word Segmentation

Two researchers from AT & T, Wei Wang and Kenneth E. Shirley had a domain related paper published on the Cornell University website The paper looks at whether using certain word patterns and data can be useful in spotting malicious domains. From the paper: In recent years, vulnerable hosts and maliciously registered domains have been frequently involved in mobile attacks. In … [Read more...]

Some of Kim Dotcom’s Mega Domains Expired and are up for sale

According to some of the domains belonging to Kim Dotcom have expired and are now listed for sale. Kim Dotcom told TorrentFreak the domains were not supposed to expire. “This should not have happened,” he says, adding that someone else in his team handled the registrations. Huge Domains picked up one of the domains. From the article: After the seized Megaupload and … [Read more...]

Almost All Of Free .Berlin Domain Names Have Expired 37K So Far

.Berlin had over 31,000 domain names expire yesterday adding to the previous day where over 36,000 domain names expired. .Berlin about a year ago allowed free domain registrations for 2 days, which totaled somewhere between 70,000-75,000 domain names with two registrants picking up almost 70,000 domain names just between the two. Now that these free domain names have come up for renewal it … [Read more...]

Overstock Buys 3 Domains & 3 Social Net Handles For 150 Bitcoins

Exclusive to Overstock bought three domain names and three social media handles for 150 bitcoins, in December 2014, which at the time were valued at $50,000 ($380 per BTC) from Anonymous Media LLC. which is a/k/a Overstock bought the domain names, and as well as the social networking handles of; and for 150 … [Read more...]

Verisign Announces #InternetOfficial Month 3 Winners & Upcoming Grand Prize

Verisign has announced the winners of the #InternetOfficial contest for month 3. The month 3 winners are: Congratulations to the last 5 #InternetOffical winners! The Grand Prize round will launch on Friday, June 12 and end on Saturday, June 27th. Staring June 12th you can … [Read more...] 11 Year old Typo For Sells At Auction For $3,255

The domain name, which is a pretty clear typo for, just sold in a domain drop auction for $3,255 The domain name dropped on June 7th and was caught by the domain catcher The domain name has an original registration date of 2004, so Google had over a decade to go and get the domain through a UDRP. According to the domain has been parked … [Read more...]

Tesla Is The 5th Top Keyword Registered In .Com in May

Verisign just published the top 10 keywords in registered in .COM and .NET for May and noticeably Tesla is sitting at number 5. Of course Tesla is a car maker and a trademarked term. So it seems very interesting that this term would be in the top 10 keyword registered domain names in .com for May The word "Option" led both the .com and the .net list pdf is another trademarked term by Adobe … [Read more...]