EZTV packs up its Virtual Bags and Moves to .Ch from .IT

Just like The Pirate Bay has done several time, EZTV has had to pick up and move, leaving EZTV.it and moving to EZTV.ch. BetaNews wrote: EZTV made a quick comeback, but problems have continued for the service, as Italian authorities closed in on its .IT domain. This has forced the organization to pack up shop and make a move to a new country where things will, hopefully, be calmer. The old … [Read more...]

Owner of Sols.co Raises $8.5 Million & Buys Sols.com

Forbes Magazine published a story about the women who started Sols, which has one storefront in New York and makes shoes using a 3d printer and a iPad which measures the foot and provider the information to 3d print the shoe. It's an amazing rags to riches story, about getting a startup off the ground, entrepreneurship, raising seed money and an example of the use of this truly game changing … [Read more...]

View The Space Gets $3.3 M Investment From Blackstone & Buys/Rebrands As VTS.com

VTS (formerly View The Space) announced today that they received a $3.3M strategic investment from real estate private equity funds managed by Blackstone (NYSE:BX). The company also announced they have re-branded View The Space as VTS.  The company acquired the domain name VTS.com around January 8th. The previous owner of the domain was the Del Mar Electronics Show of La Jolla, … [Read more...]

Qihoo 360 Re-brands Its Search Engine So.com To Haosou.com

According to chinainternetwatch.com, Qihoo 360 has taken a shorter brand and made it longer, launching its new search brand Haosou.com and re-directing the traffic from  its previous search engine domain So.com to Haosou.com. "360 changed its search engine brand name and its logo trying to help users easily remember and understand. One insider believed that Haosou is more applicable in … [Read more...]

Andrew Rosenser Launches Ganjapreneur; Cannabis Domain Name Market

    Andrew Rosener os MediaOptions.com today  announced today that its Ganjapreneur.com, a website dedicated to cannabis business news and culture, the launch of their Cannabis Domain Name Market, Andrew whois is the Founder and CEO is quote as saying: “Ganjapreneur is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in legal cannabis space optimize and grow their business, and … [Read more...]

DegreeDirectory.org UpGrades To Learn.Org

According to a press release out today the website, DegreeDirectory.org announced that it acquired and rebranded to the domain name Learn.org. The domain appears to have been owned by Privacy Advocate at Domains.com and parked at Sedo.com I haven't see the sale publicly reported anyway yet but its certainly a great domain. "The rebranding coincides with Learn.org's renewed emphasis on … [Read more...]

Inc.com Asks “Will New Top Level Domains (New gTLD’s) Even Matter in 2015″ Hint: No

Inc.com just published a post, entitled "Will New Top Level Domains Matter in 2015? Will new URL endings change web design and marketing in 2015?" The Inc.com story is about as negative on new gTLD's as I read recently and pretty much the opposite of Paul Stahura recent post on Circleid.com ""In 2014, the new Top Level Domains (TLDs) were introduced to much fanfare from the press and tech … [Read more...]