Malaysia To Invest Billions In New Airline “FlyMojo” But Fails To Secure The .Com

According to, "Malaysia's government has unveiled plans to create a new airline and signed a $1.5 Billion dollar deal to purchase 20 new planes from Bombardier . The new carrier would be called flymojo and be based out of Johor Bahru in the south and Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia. The deal with Bombardier includes the option to buy 20 more aircraft, taking its value up to $2.9 … [Read more...]

SXSW Finalist For Wearables Tech; Buys

           a finalist for at SXSW in the Wearable Tech category, who has been using the domain name has just purchased Feetz is a Platform to make Customizable 3D Printed shoes. Like another 3D Printed Shoes company, who we wrote about in January who upgraded to … [Read more...]

Will .Com Even Be A Thing in 50 Years ? published an article on the 30 year anniversary of .com and at the end asked if .com would even be a thing in 50 years ? New gtlds and ecommerce over smart phones were mentioned as possible reasons to answer no. From the article: What will the future hold? Today, the undisputed champ is challenged by plenty of eager newcomers. New, more personalized domains are cropping up all the … [Read more...] The Professional Sports Team (MLS) Buys For $45K

The domain name has been sold to the profession MLS Soccer Team "Real Salt Lake" which uses the domain name Aron Meystedt the Director of the Intellectual Property Department of Heritage Auctions brokered the domain and gave some details of how he sold the domain which is a good lesson I think for all of us that are brokering domain names for third parties: "A client … [Read more...]

Report: BufferApp Buys For $600,000 & It Took Almost 2 Years published a story about how purchased the domain name for $600,000. Interestingly the company itself,, published a lot of details about the acquisition of the domain name which took almost 2 years to complete from first contact with the owner of the domain. The company did not mention the price it paid for in their … [Read more...]

Salesforce Paid $2.6 Million Dollars For & Now It Just To Redirects To Another URL

      Back in 2011, made headlines buying the domain name for $2.6 Million dollars At the time one Tech publication opined that " could be used as a new name for Radian6, the social media monitoring company that it announced earlier this year, or perhaps it could be used as a hub for all the company‚Äôs services currently being promoted … [Read more...]

International Domains Competing Against Each Other in the Serps

Econsultancy took a look at three companies and how providing similar content on multiple international domains may be affecting their search results. Graham Charlton took a look at, and At the end of the article Graham provides some tips on how to avoid the competition between sites. From the article: Lots of companies have different international … [Read more...]