So When Does Amazon Buy ? was purchased this week by Amazon for $970 million, the little experiment that grew out of has become a major player in online video. For a long time it was rumored that Google would acquire Twitch. Now we know it is Amazon and two questions remain, 1) When will Amazon buy ? and 2) For how much ? The UFC also had an issue with the .com getting spillover traffic … [Read more...] Hitting The Auction Block & “Experts” Predict It To Sell For More Than $30 Million

According to, the domain name is going to be auctioned off at the World Travel Market, a conference for the international travel industry at London Excel on November 5. According to unnamed "experts" the domain is about to "become the priciest domain name in history as it is auctioned for an estimated £20 MILLION" Of course that is 20 Million British Pounds which … [Read more...]

Take The Start Up Names Quiz

For those that specialize in the brandable niche of domaining, you know you have seen some funky names get picked by start ups and some go on to get pretty sizable funding. It is the subjective nature of domain names and branding. You will always think I got names much better and they never get a bite and this name that just got $5 million in funding flunks the radio test, has many different … [Read more...] Buys Ask.Fm

According to a story in the, has acquired Ask.Fm. The deal was announced last week  by IAC/InterActiveCorp, the owners of Ask.Fm is not just a domain name, but a popular site 180 million regular monthly users . Forty percent of’s users are younger than 18, according to Doug Leeds, chief executive of Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Under … [Read more...]

Client of Mark Monitor’s Buys From Vertical Axis

A client of Brand protection company Mark Monitor has purchased the highly brandable domain name from Vertical Axis. The domain name was transferred over to brand protection company today. The domain name was owned by Vertical Axis who seems to have owned the domain name since at least 2005 Of course we do not have any idea how much the domain name sold for but … [Read more...]

Another Previously Unreported Sale;

It appears the domain name changed hand this year. The domain name that has been owned under privacy for many years, moved to in May. The domain has been a parked page for many years as well but as you can see from the screenshot, its now the home of the Peep App. We don;t know what the domain sold for but a couple of similar domain names, sold for … [Read more...]

German Company Now Has $1 Billion Valuation After Acquiring is reporting that the German food delivery service  Delivery Hero  announced today that it has acquired, another food delivery service also based in Germany. "The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but we understand from a source that it is an all-cash deal, with no shares exchanged and that post-acquisition, the total valuation of Delivery Hero is now over … [Read more...]