Matt Cutts Answers How To Research A Domain Before Buying

Matt Cutts got a question today from someone who purchased a domain name and then found out the domain had been in trouble with Google. The domain is not currently indexed and the new owner has to do a reconsideration request.

Matt points out steps to check to see if the domain had problems in the past, like if used for spam.

Will The NFL try to stamp out love ?

Looking for Love In Green Bay?

The domain name was registered last month, the domain is under privacy. The website is already up and running and actually got a bit of press on Yahoo Sports today.


Anwar S. Richardson wrote,

It is hard being single and searching for the perfect companion. Your so-called friends try to set you up on dates with people who are only attractive to those with their eyes closed. Speed dating is the easiest way to condense a year of letdowns into an hour-long session. Online dating allows romantics to sort through incompatible prospects from the comfort of their home.

Imagine if someone invented a dating website based on the most important criteria – being a Packers fan. Then singles could find someone to wear a cheesehead with on Sunday.

Packers fans, it is time to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror.

Now the NFL and their individual teams have vigorously defended their trademarks. In 2009  the Miami Dolphins went after Marchex for the domain The udrp was terminated but the Miami football team is now in possession of the domain.

It was not the first time was sought after, back in 2000 the NFL went after and in the same udrp. That udrp was terminated.

Back in 2011 which is a blog run by Fairwinds Partners, wrote a piece on the Green Bay Packers going after the domain

The Packers spend a good deal of time policing their trademark rights to “Titletown,” even convincing a local distillery to open a new bar and restaurant under the name “Green Bay Distillery” instead of “Titletown Distillery,” as it had originally planned to do. So needless to say, I was very surprised to find out that the Packers don’t own the domain name

The domain was first registered in 1996, and currently does not host any content. According to theWayback Machine, in the past the domain has pointed to a site with links to Packers news as well as to merchandise. We’ve seen other examples of UDRPs where past content has been factored into the Panel’s decision, meaning the Packers could have a fighting chance at recovering the name via UDRP. Regged a Week Ago Already a US Top 5000 Alexa Ranking

Finnish security firm Codenomicon is the company that registered on April 5, 2014.

Headquartered in Oulu, Finland and Silicon Valley, with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, the company markets its testing software and services directly and through international partners. Codenomicon’s customers include Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Verizon, NSN, Huawei, and T-Systems among many others. The company is privately held with investments from Verdane Capital and Prime Technology Ventures.

Codenomicon’s objective is to ensure the security and robustness of any application or service implementation. Development and security personnel in a lab or staged environment use Codenomicon DEFENSICS to fortify quality and security assurance – quickly, easily and reliably. The test software offers a systematic blackbox and negative test methodology uniquely capable of revealing un-desired behavior and issues in protocol implementations. Codenomicon teams its patent-pending Protocol Modeling Engine and Attack Simulation Engine with the industry’s broadest protocol support covering network, wireless, and digital media. Thousands of pre-built, highly targeted and well-documented test cases allow users to start seeing results as soon as the platform is connected to the target system – accelerating time-to-value.

Since the public became aware of Heart Bleed there have been only a small number of Heart Bleed domains registered over the past week. 73 domains in total in the .com/.net space.

The site for being a week old has an Alexa:

 Global Rank
Global rank icon25,648

Rank in United States

United States Flag4,670

Here are .com and .net domain names that have been registered this week that contain the word Heartbleed: was registered by a company from my area called They say, “I’ll patch your web server against the heartbleed vulnerability within 24 hours. 100% Money-back Guaranteed.” has some info and a vulnerability checker.

Heart Bleed Vulnerability Checker

The latest security vulnerability has been announced, and it affects 70-90% of the internet. Usernames and passwords thought to be safe behind SSL can be easily read by a hacker with ease. Hackers can easily impersonate users with this bug. This is being called the BIGGEST security breach ever announced in technology. Are you affected? NOTE: DUE TO THE HIGH COST OF RESOURCES TO CHECK WE HAVE TO CHARGE A NOMINAL FEE. FUND SECURITY SO THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN AS EASY IN THE FUTURE. is a site that wants you to use Spy Hunter to check your computer system. Sells On Namejet For 10% Of What It Sold For 3 1/2 Years Ago

One of the domain names in the DomainFest/ auction that sold yesterday was

The domain sold yesterday on for $2,411

The same domain sold back in September 2010 on  for $22,322

So we are looking at a loss of $20,000 on a purchase of $22K.

A loss of 90%


Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s auction.



After Losing Over 25,000 Registrations in Two Days .Com Back Below 113 Million; .Berlin Tops 40K

Verisign reports that they have lost .com domain name registrations over the past couple of days after it briefly reported that the number of .com registration passed 113 Million domains.

According to RegistrarStats the number of registered .com domain names is sitting at 112,952,656 after it had a net lost over 17,000 registrations.

However Verisign own stats which were just updated a few minutes ago show even a greater loss of registrations for .com which is sitting at 112,973,470, as of today at 8:47:57 AM UTC

Actually every one of the established TLD’s lost registrations, .net, .org .info, .biz, .travel, .aero and .coop all had net losses to the extent that even with new gTLD registrations the domain name zone lost a net of over 22K domain names.

Other notable movements over the weekend, .Berlin broke through the 40,000 registration mark, sitting at 40,905 according to

.Guru has passed the 46K registration mark.

.Ventures became the 19th new gTLD to pass 5,000 registrations.

.Tattoo continues to be the worst performing fully launched new gTLD, with just over 1,300 registrations.