RightoftheDot.com Opens Submission For Auction At Domainfest.Asia With 4.CN

RightoftheDot.com (ROTD) will be conducting a Premium Online Domain Auction in cooperation with the leading Chinese Domain auction company 4.CN and in association with DomainFest.asia which will be held in Macau China, September 4th through 7th, 2015. ROTD has officially opened up submissions for the auction which will run from September 2 through September 10th catered to the Chinese and … [Read more...]

Did OnlineEducation.com Sell for $3.3 million ?

I want to point out the tip for this article came courtesy of JS Lascary, he noticed some info related to QuinStreet a publicly traded company (QNST (NASDAQ) $6.03 -0.15 (-2.43%) that is an online performance marketing company providing technologies for businesses to identify their targeted audiences. They have purchased a number of high profile domains over the years, back in 2010 they paid … [Read more...]

Frank Schilling On New gTLD’s and The Value of .Com In The Years Ahead

Frank Schilling in a comment to our post on .Bank getting 5,500 applications, had a very interesting comment: ""IMO Dot Com will still be the largest individual TLD, but many, many viable alternative TLD’s will marginalize the totality of .com’s mindshare in future. Speaking as the owner of a large portfolio of valuable dot com names, I once felt comfortable explaining that people should … [Read more...]

Verisign: Brands Are Keeping Their .Com: Don’t See Anybody Abandoning .Com for .Brand or Another TLD.”

In the Verisign earnings call yesterday the following question was asked by Fred Ziegel, Topeka Capital Markets. Fred Ziegel (Analyst - Topeka Capital Markets): "In your .brand customer base that you are working with, what's your sense of how they are thinking about it from the perspective of -- are they going to move from .com to .xyz or whatever? Or are they more thinking that this will be an … [Read more...]

Record Setter: Bidding on Dropped Domain 358.com Reaches $430K With 2+ Days to Go

The domain name 358.com dropped yesterday and shortly after the closed auction started on Snapnames.com,  bidding reached $80,000. This morning the high bid on the domain name is $430,000. As you can see there are 7 bidders who bid $250,000 or more. While three number .Com domain names are extremely valuable,  I would hope at this level that SnapNames  has verified all of these accounts … [Read more...]

Brand Blunders: Domino’s Files UDRP To Get The Domain Dominos.Pizza: Wynn On Wynn.Vegas

Domino's pizza has filed a UDRP to gain control of the new gTLD domain name Dominos .Pizza. For me its another huge brand failure to protect a brand, on a bang on new gTLD domain. Last week we saw what happened when Bloomberg allowed a third party to register Bloomberg.Market by failing to register the domain name in Sunrise which led to a huge swing in the price of Twitter when a story on … [Read more...]

.XYZ’s Daniel Negari Is So Done With .Com He Put His Own Last Name Up For Sale: Negari.com

It's no secret that the Founder of .XYZ Daniel Negari has gone all in on being a new gTLD registry operator as he continues to shed his .Com holdings. Just to show how done Negari is with .Com he has put up his the. Com domain of his last name up for sale on Namejet.com at no reserve, Negari.com which is being forwarded to XYZ.com I reached out to Daniel when I saw the domain name in … [Read more...]