79% Of The Attendees Of The Collision Startup Conference Using “Risky” Domains

                Bill Sweetman President of NameNinja.com, sent out a press release today saying that 79% of 491 Startups that will be participating at the Collision Startup Conference being held in Las Vegas on May 5-6 are using domain names that are counter intuitive and likely pose marketing challenges. Bill also found that more … [Read more...]

NoMoreRack.com rebrands to Choxi.com

Internet retailer NoMoreRack.com has rebranded, the name they chose is Choxi, according to the company it is hybrid of "Chock Full" and Choice. I can say I don't get it. I don't think the name is easily spelled when one customer may tell a potential new shopper. On top of that Target used to sell a brand of chocolates called Choxie. InternetRetailer.com reports that the move was partially due … [Read more...]

Activist Buys Up Domain Names of Politicians who voted for Indiana’s Anti-Gay Law

PinkNews.com reported that an activist Konrad Juengling bought up domains related to politicians who voted for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana, the law caught a lot of heat during the NCAA Tournament as the final four was held in Indianapolis. Lawmakers in Indiana scrambled to amend the bill which many saw as a right to discriminate against gay people. Mr. Juengling has said he … [Read more...]

Will New gTLDs be to the Internet what Cable was to Television ?

Jennifer Wolfe published an article on ClickZ that used an analogy that I myself have thought about to a certain degree when it comes to the new gtlds. Will the new gtlds be to the Internet what Cable TV was to Television ? There is something there, COM, NET and ORG would play the roles of ABC, CBS, and NBC, but the comparison imo doesn't stay completely true, that is because when cable tv … [Read more...]

Domains.com Moving To A Couple New Web Addresses

Domains.com is moving to a new name, not a .domains name or a .website, but rather to a .net, for existing customers and GetYour.com for new customers. When going to Domains.com you will see the following: It will be interesting to see what happens with Domains.com. Tip of the cap to Christopher Hofman … [Read more...]

Pirate Bay Faces Court Date On Domain Names

Torrent Freak published an article on the upcoming Swedish court case over whether or not The Pirate Bay will get to keep what are arguably their most important domain names. ThePirateBay.se and PirateBay.se. What is interesting about this case is that the .se registry is also being sued by prosecutors. They want the domains to be forfeited and not to be allowed to be registered again. From the … [Read more...]

Marchex Sells Its Domain Portfolio Of 200K+ Domains To Godaddy For $28.1 Million

Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHX), today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to sell its remaining domain portfolio of more than 200,000 domains to GoDaddy Inc.(NYSE: GDDY). Under the agreement, Marchex received cash consideration of $28.1 million from Godaddy, plus additional earn-out payments the terms of which were undisclosed including the maximum additional earn … [Read more...]