The Psychology of Pricing

For many domain investors negotiation and pricing is some of the trickiest and hardest things to learn. While there is no exact science, experience and a ton of previous transactions help the most, there are strategies you can employ to help with your negotiation and pricing. Mike stumbled across a very extensive article from Nick Kolenda that deals with the psychological aspects of pricing. … [Read more...]

Tnooz “Travel domains going for (not exactly) a song”

Linda Fox wrote a piece today on about being put up for sale for $3million. Tnooz is a global provider of news, analysis, commentary, education, data and business services to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. It is the leading voice to the industry for all areas related to travel technology.  So travel related domains are something they might like to write about … [Read more...]

Schwartz Sells For $1,350,000: 5 Online Appraisal Services Value it From $40K to $55

I thought it would be interesting to see what the automated appraisal services had to say about the value of the domain king, Rick Schwartz $1,350,000 Million dollar sale of If your a frequent reader of you know I'm not a huge fan of the online appraisal services but pretty surprised when I checked this domain today and found only 2 of 5 gave it a value in the five … [Read more...]

CircleId Post Rips The Domain Name IDNX Pricing Index

Alex Tajirian, CEO of DomainMart in a post on just ripped into the IDNX domain name index backed by Thies Lindenthal and Sedo. "The index is intended to be a benchmark for domain owners and investors. " "But it's out of line with other studies and the common sense of how a market operates. A much better barometer to follow is average prices for groups of domain names with similar … [Read more...]

FAIL: Releases 8 Million Appraisals For New gTLD’s Domain Names has released 8 Million Appraisals for new gTLD domain names those including trademarks and those with just generic terms and the results are pretty interesting. Mt first observation is that of the new gTLD domain names with the highest valuation, only 1 non-trademarked term has a value in the six figures, Car.Insurance (which may not even be available to be registered depending … [Read more...] Aftermarket Sells 34,132 Domain Names In February sold 34,132 domain names through its Aftermarket/Auction system in February down slightly from January when it sold 35,803. February sales were led by which sold for $37,500 Here are the top 10 sales for February as listed on … [Read more...] Launches New Domain Appraisal Tool: Here’s Some Comparisons

If your a frequent reader of you know we are not great fans on domain name appraisal tools so we might be surprised to see us announce yet another one, I will go through some results we got today but first this is how the developers described the appraisal tool in their press release today: "This new tool—Domain Name Estimator—offers domainers a rough … [Read more...]