Our Interview With The CEO Of Maccabim.com On The Serial Cybersquatter Detector

Last week we wrote about a new product called the Serial Cybersquatter Detector (SCD) Network powered by DomainTools® and being run and marketed by Maccabim.com. As we expressed in the original post we had some issues a company using an automated system to to identify "Serial Cybersquatters" so we reached out to Jonathan Matkowsky, the Founder & CEO of Maccabim.com Ltd. who was nice enough … [Read more...]

Maccabim.com Partners With DomainTools To “Identify Serial Cybersquatters”

According to a press release out today, Maccabim.com, a "researcher and developer of cybercrime solutions to protect brands and IP assets, today announced the launch of its Serial Cybersquatter Detector (SCD) Network powered by DomainTools® The SCD Network "instantaneously identifies both the serial cybersquatters exploiting its members' trademarks, as well as the opportunities to either … [Read more...]

ThreatConnect Partners With DomainTools & Farsight Security

According to a press release just out, Cyber Squared Inc. which owns ThreatConnect™, a leading threat intelligence platform, entered into a partnership with DomainTools and Farsight Security, Inc. to provide ThreatConnect users with the industry’s most powerful domain and passive DNS intelligence. “We know that the most sophisticated and mature organizations are using our data to assess … [Read more...]

“Largest Domain Name Sales Database Ever Built” Launches WIth Over 315K Domains & $1,135,277,224 In Sales

According to a press release we received today the biggest domain name sales database ever built just just rolled out. The database is at DNPric.es. ""Currently the database has 315,461 domain name sale records totaling $1,135,277,224.00. Not only you can lookup historic sales, the site also offers amazing stats section where you can fish for tons of interesting information. Let's have … [Read more...]

Architelos Publishes The Second Installment of the NameSentry Namespace Quality Report

Architelos, Inc. announced today the publication of the second installment of the NameSentry Namespace Quality Report. The report benchmarks the comparative safety of the Internet and its largest Top Level Domains (TLDs) by measuring by the prevalence of security threats such as malware, phishing, botnets, and spam. The findings indicate a 67% increase of domain names identified and listed … [Read more...]

DomainTools.com Rolls Out Redesigned Site

A reader noticed that DomainTools.com has undergone a pretty dramatic designed home page today. The home page has a much more modern look and feel. Interestedly DomainTools.com which seemed to start out as a product geared towards the domainer community is now highlighting the usefulness of the site as a tool for Law Enforcement and Brand Protection Companies. According to Tim Chen of … [Read more...]

Verisign Launches of DomainScope: Domain Discovery Tool To Find Available .Com. .Net & .Tv Domains

Verisign launched DomainScope.com today which they say "a new domain name discovery tool designed to enhance the search for unique, relevant domain name choices in the .com, .net, .tv and .cc top-level domains", for which it is the registry for. "Incorporating the same functionality found in our DomainFinder, DomainScore and DomainCountdown tools, DomainScope replaces these tools and allows … [Read more...]