Sells On Sedo For $50K

The domain name just sold on Sedo for $50,000 The domain name was owned by Enterprise Solutions Holdings Inc, of Alpharetta Georgia The new owner is William Berry of London, England which he acquired in 2013 from Softbrands who seemed to acquire the domain in 2004. The domain name was first registered on September 05, 1995. Sounds like a hell of a buy. Congrats … [Read more...]

Sedo Weekly Sales $1.4 million led by Weekly Sales List 2014-09-01 - 2014-09-07 Top .com: $50,000 this domain was purchased by the .Co owner Top cctld: 99,999 Euros Top non com gtld: $13,500 Over the past week, 525 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.4m. 48% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings.    Domain … [Read more...]

Largest .org sale of 2014 sells for $45,000 just crossed the Sedo sales tape as sold at $45,000. This is the highest .org sale of 2014, year to date. The domain was registered in 1994 and had been owned by a Miles Fawcett of SAI Comm. The domain is currently parked and the whois is currently Sedo. Congrats to the seller. … [Read more...]

Adam Strong Sells To Australian Company; Racing Victoria

According to, Racing Victoria based in Melbourne Australia has purchased the domain name ­ "a further step in establishing its own media business ­containing almost all of the state’s ­digital thoroughbred racing assets..for an undisclosed fee, and will launch the media unit and new, wider ­consumer brand for the industry by mid-September." Racing Victoria website is at … [Read more...] Bought For $1,050 in 2011 Just Flipped For $19K

The domain name just crossed the sales wire selling for $19,000. The domain was bought by the Seller also from Sedo, back in December 2011 for $1,050. So its a 19X return in about 30 months. Not bad. The domain name is already active and appears to be a new Pet site, that will be coming soon. Congrats to the buyer and seller. … [Read more...] buyer is a Turkish Real Estate Developer – Gürallar Yapı sold back on 7/15/14 for $90,000. The seller was Glenhaven Capital Associates out of Toronto, Canada. The whois has finally updated and the buyer is Gürallar Yapı a Turkish real estate developer out of Istanbul. The domain currently does not resolve, the company website is at A little about the company: Gürallar Yapı Kim. San. A.Ş. started business in … [Read more...]

Inside the Sale With Mike Robertson of Domain Guardians

We are talking today with Mike Robertson of fame and Co - Founder along with Jen Sale of Domain Guardians. Domain Guardians successfully brokered the name for seven figures, He was kind enough to give us a few minutes on just how the sale went down. 1) What was the total sales price of the domain, was there a buyer's premium or any other added costs ? If you can add, … [Read more...]