Free Domains Anyone? .Berlin Adds 70K Domains & Tops 116K; .XYZ Adds 27K & Tops 145K

A huge day in the new gTLD program as .Berlin in its first day of offering free domain names,  added some 70,000 domain names, more domains than were registered in the extension in the three months since .Berlin was launched. .Berlin passed .Club to become the 2nd most registered new domain extension (new gTLD). .Berlin which had been hanging around 48,000 registrations for weeks, shot up to … [Read more...]

Network Solutions Promotion For .Events; 2 of 3 Featured Domains Are Reserved and NA has done it again. A new promotion going out to all of their customers is marketing the new gTLD  .events. The promotion features three domains, two of which are reserved by the registry thereby not available. We have written about this issue before.   If registrars are going to email their customers to get them to register, or pre-register a new gTLD domain by … [Read more...]

New York Times Reports On Godaddy IPO: Its Go Time

The New York Times is reporting that talk of a Go Daddy IPO is  just like their new slogan states, Its Go Time, as it filed it S-1 with the SEC today. According to the New York Times, Godaddy had 57 million domains under management as of Dec. 31. GoDaddy reported $1.1 billion in revenue for 2013, a 24% increase from the previous year but  continues to lose money as it reported a $199.9 million … [Read more...]

Interpol Takes Down Over 10,000 Websites and Targets Rogue Registrars

Interpol takes down over 10,000 websites and targets rogue domain name registrars. In what was the largest global operation ever for taking down bad pharmacies, Interpol included rogue registrars as one of the main areas used by those involved in illegal pharmaceuticals. Here is the full release: LYON, France – Nearly 200 enforcement agencies across 111 countries have taken part in Operation … [Read more...]

Did Two Domain Sherpa’s Change The New gTLD Registrar Market?

  As most domain investors know myself, Adam Dicker, Rick Schwartz and Page Howe have had a weekly show on for many months were we discuss news and other things going on in the domain industry.   On last Thursday's show, Adam Dicker said that he had just a few days before found the domain name registrar and told the audience that he loved the … [Read more...]

Namecheap Debuts “State-of-the-Art Domain Search Functionality”

Namecheap, announced today the launch of our new, more efficient, more responsive search functionality. The new "tailored" search capabilities is described in a Press Release from the comapny t as being "leading-edge technology." "Designed to streamline the process of finding, tracking and purchasing internet domain names; Namecheap's updated domain search is clean, user-friendly and … [Read more...] Alerts Customers to Fraudulent Email

123 Reg - alerts customers to fraudulent emails. Please be aware these are NOT genuine emails from 123-reg so no action is required if you receive such an email. We advise you to not click on the links and to delete the email immediately. Emails such as this attempt to fraudulently get your account details allowing unauthorised access to your account. These emails are known as … [Read more...]