CentralNic Launches BuyDomains.London, Domain & Website Included For £39.00 A Year

      CentralNic announced today that they have launched the BuyDomains.London A "website for Small SMEs to obtain their .London domain names" taking aim "at the "75% of London’s 841,000 SMEs that will fail to register for a .London domain name before the 31 July deadline". For only £39.00 per year, Londoners and London-based businesses will get from … [Read more...]

IPOFinancial: “No Way Godaddy’s IPO Can Move Forward As Is With Google Entering The Market”

I chatted with David Menlow, who is the founder IPOfinancial.com yesterday about Godaddy's planned IPO and Google's announcement this week  that they were entering the domain name registrar business "I don't see how  GoDaddy's IPO could "move forward." "If  it does, the valuations of this deal has to be radically" "Whatever valuation models were being thrown around had to be completely … [Read more...]

Endurance Issues A Statement Claiming Google Domains Will be Good For Their Business

    Endurance International (EIGI) issued a statement on Google (GOOG) announcement yesterday that it is testing a new domain service. Shares of Endurance recovered nicely today, as shares wound up being down only a little of 5%, closing at $15 a share. Endurance had traded as low as $13.38 during the day. Endurance said they "expect Google's new initiative to stimulate … [Read more...]

Quick Poll:What Will Google Domains Market Share Of The Registrar Market Be A Year After Launch?

Yesterday news that Google is launching a retail domain name registrar, generated a ton of press outside the domain industry. There is a lot of speculation of how successful he entry of Google into the registrar business will be, how much market share will Google Domains will gain and how it will effect other registrars, mostly Godaddy whose is going public this year. As we know Godaddy is … [Read more...]

TechCrunch Covers The New Google Domains Registrar & Google Talks About New gTLD’s

TechCrunch.com just covered the new Google Domains name registrar. The only surprise for TechCrunch is that its taken Google so long to get into the business: "The move makes enough sense that it’s actually kind if surprising that it’s taken Google this long. " "While domains aren’t generally considered a massive-margin business, they’ve always seemed like a glaring omission in Google's … [Read more...]

CentralNic to Acquire Internet.BS In A Deal Worth Up to $7.5 Million

CentralNic plc,(AIM:CNIC) acquired Internet.BS, a top 30 domain name registrar for a maximum consideration of USD 7.5 million. CentralNic said it will pay $5.2 million when the deal closes, with $2.7 million due in cash and $2.5 million to be paid in the form of 2.1 million new CentralNic shares. An additional $1.8 million payment is deferred. It is to be paid over 12 months and can be … [Read more...]

Free Domains Anyone? .Berlin Adds 70K Domains & Tops 116K; .XYZ Adds 27K & Tops 145K

A huge day in the new gTLD program as .Berlin in its first day of offering free domain names,  added some 70,000 domain names, more domains than were registered in the extension in the three months since .Berlin was launched. .Berlin passed .Club to become the 2nd most registered new domain extension (new gTLD). .Berlin which had been hanging around 48,000 registrations for weeks, shot up to … [Read more...]