Becomes 2nd Domain Registrar To Accept Bitcoin


A second domain name registrar, announced that it was offering Bitcoin as a new method of payment on its website. became the 1st domain name registrar to offer BitCoin back in March of 2013.

The move makes NameSilo the latest established business to accept payment via the digital currency, and one of the first major domain registrars to do so.

“It is important to us to respond to the requests of our customers,” said Michael Goldfarb, co-founder of NameSilo. “Our customers made it clear to us that they desired more flexibility concerning how they pay for their domain services, and Bitcoin was referenced in many of those requests.”

NameSilo is accredited by ICANN and currently has over 30,000 customers from 177 different countries making payment flexibility critically important.

Bitcoin has no central authority and is available to anyone. Within minutes of offering Bitcoin, the first Bitcoin transaction occurred on NameSilo.

“Bitcoin’s track record for offering universally secure and flexible payments really got our attention,” said Michael McCallister, another one of NameSilo’s co-founders. “It is frustrating for us as a company to tell certain customers that we cannot offer services to them due to payment option limitations they may experience, due to where they reside or personal preference. Accepting Bitcoin will allow us to make domain registration available to many people who previously were unable to get a domain.”

NameSilo announced a few days earlier that it also began accepting Google Wallet payments. Google Wallet is currently available in 161 countries.

Penn State Lets Expire & The Domain Is In Auction W/ $4,583 Min Bid


Penn State which certainly has had one of the biggest scandals in the United States over the last few years leading to criminal charges, the resignation of the President of the University and the legendary football coach Joe Paterno, has now let the domain name expire.

The domain name is registered to Penn State formally known as the The Pennsylvania State University.

The University has owned the domain since at least 2001 according to

The University let the domain name expired on December 26th, 2013 according to the whois record of its registrar Network Solutions

The domain is currently in Pending Renewal or Deletion status and is the site is not resolving. is currently listed on the domain name auction site, with a minimum bid of $4,583.00.

I’m not sure where the Minimum bid amount came from as this is a drop domain, not a domain name being offered for sale by the owner.

It would seem the minimum price must have come from Network Solutions, the registrar of the domain.

Network Solutions is owned by (WWWW) which also owns 50% of the auction site where the domain is being auctioned off in pre-release status. still can renew the domain name in which case the auction would be cancelled.

The backorder period to join the auction ends in 17 days.

I would not recommend that anyone in the domain investor space bid on the domain as its has a high risk of being taken in a UDRP or other legal proceeding.

Not sure why the registrar or should be allowed to set a price on this domain, especially one like $4,583.00

The official site of the The Pennsylvania State University is

Registrar BigRock Gets ICANN Terminated Registrar Dynamic Dolphin’s Domains

ICANN has authorized the bulk transfer of gTLD domain names from Dynamic Dolphin, Inc. to BigRock Solutions Ltd. due to compliance actions taken by ICANN that resulted in the de-accreditation of Dynamic Dolphin, Inc.

Former registrant-customers of Dynamic Dolphin, Inc. should receive notices from BigRock Solutions Ltd. advising of the transfer. Customer questions about the transfer should be directed to BigRock Solutions Ltd.

The Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) of Dynamic Dolphin, Inc. was terminated for failure by the registrar to comply with its RAA. Dynamic Dolphin, Inc.’s RAA terminated effective 20 December 2013 and the termination notice is posted here: ICANN Sends Notice of Termination [PDF, 565 KB].

As a result, Dynamic Dolphin, Inc. is no longer permitted to register or manage gTLD registrations. ICANN authorized bulk transfers pursuant to the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy to ensure that the registrant-customers of this registrar would not be harmed by their registrar’s discontinued ability to manage the registrations.

.Luxury Selects For Sunrise Landrush Auctions & Premium Name Sales

Luxury Partners, LLC, which own the new gTLD .LUXURY has selected NameJet and Afternic to manage the Sunrise, Landrush and Premium Name selection and sales. which recently purchased, is currently taking pre-registrations of .Luxury domain names starting at $799.99 a year.

Here is the rest of the press release:

“The .LUXURY gTLD provides a brandable platform to meet the unique needs of the luxury market.

Businesses in the luxury industry will have the opportunity to strengthen their brands, better reach their target audiences, while offering consumers an easier way to find luxury products and services under the .LUXURY gTLD. According to Euromonitor International, sales of luxury goods are expected to exceed $317.0 billion worldwide in 2013, which represents a 3% increase over 2012 and demonstrates an attractive growth segment online worthy of a registrar’s marketing attention.

Afternic has been selected to provide definition and valuation services for .LUXURY premium domains, and to provide marketing and sales support. .LUXURY premium domains will be sold exclusively through the Afternic marketplace. NameJet will be the exclusive auction platform for the .LUXURY Sunrise, Landrush and Premium Domain auctions. Together, Afternic and NameJet’s services will provide the end-to-end technical and marketing solutions required to successfully launch the .LUXURY gTLD.

Monica Kirchner, CEO of Luxury Partners, LLC said, “We are extremely excited to be launching our new platform with NameJet and Afternic. We are confident this partnership will enhance the value and visibility of the .LUXURY namespace. The .LUXURY brand has a unique opportunity to become the online destination for the luxury industry, providing a place for consumers and existing brands to learn, engage and transact. .LUXURY further creates opportunities for new entrepreneurs to establish their company in the luxury space.”

“We are excited to once again partner with NameJet and be able to bring .LUXURY to the public. With the additional reach of GoDaddy, Afternic will continue to lead the way in bringing valuable new gTLDs to the public”, said Bob Mountain, Chief Revenue Officer of Afternic.

“The .LUXURY brand has tremendous potential for small businesses and larger brands alike,” said Matt Overman, General Manager of NameJet, “The natural value of the TLD combined with our experience in the aftermarket creates a win-win for reaching the users.”

.LUXURY is targeting a launch during the first quarter of 2014.”

Scott Richter Gets Slammed By As ICANN Sends Termination Of His Dynamic Dolphin Registrar





A respected internet Security blog ripped Scott Richter in a post covering ICANN’s notice of termination of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement of the domain name registrar, Dynamic Dolphin, a registrar that Krebs says “has long been closely associated with spam and cybercrime”.

“The move came almost five years after this reporter asked the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to investigate whether the man at the helm of this registrar was none other than Scottie Richter, an avowed spammer who has settled multi-million-dollar spam lawsuits with Facebook, Microsoft and MySpace over the past decade”.

“According to the contracts that ICANN requires all registrars to sign, registrars may not have anyone as an officer of the company who has been convicted of a criminal offense involving financial activities. While Richter’s spam offenses all involve civil matters, this reporter discovered several years ago that Richter had actually pleaded guilty in 2003 to a felony grand larceny charge”.

“Richter’s felony rap was detailed in a January 2004 story in the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News; a cached copy of that story is here. ”

“After reading this story, I registered with the Colorado state courts Website and purchased a copy of the court record detailing Richter’s conviction — available at this link (PDF) — and shared it with ICANN. I also filed an official request with ICANN to determine whether Richter was in fact listed as a principal in Dynamic Dolphin. ICANN responded in 2008 that it wasn’t clear whether he was in fact listed as an officer of the company.”

ICANN sent a notice of termination to the registrar last week:

ICANN said that analysis changed after it had an opportunity to review information regarding Dynamic Dolphin’s voting shares.

“Prior to this review, ICANN had no knowledge that Scott Richter was the 100% beneficial owner of Dynamic Dolphin,” ICANN wrote. “In light of this review, ICANN initiates a review of the application for accreditation from 2011. Based on Section II. B. of the Statement of Registrar Accreditation Policy, Dynamic Dolphin did not disclose in its application for accreditation that Scott Richter was the 100% beneficial owner of Dynamic Dolphin or that Scott Richter was convicted in 2003 for a felony relating to financial activities.”

ICANN has ordered that Dynamic Dolphin be stripped of its accreditation as a registrar, and that all domains registered with Dynamic Dolphin be transferred to another registrar within 28 days.

Krebs post goes on to outline a long history of Mr. Richter which you will have to check out his post in full to read about.