Why Hasn’t Godaddy Filed UDRP On Phishing Domains?

Domaingang.com has been reporting on many domain names that have been involved in phishing attacks on Godaddy which have resulted in domain names being stolen out of Godaddy accounts. Unlike most phishing attacks where someone uses a domain controlled by the phisher, to actually send the  customers to which wind up appearing in the URL bar,  recent attacks actually use domain names containing … [Read more...]

Can Verisign Maintain Its Leadership Moving Forward ?

Trefis is a financial analysis site, they describe themselves as an interactive financial community structured around trends, forecasts and insights related to some of the most popular stocks in the US.  They wrote about Verisign yesterday and whether or not they can maintain their growth. They note that .com has built such a niche that it has been able to stand the test of competition, in … [Read more...]

Godaddy Is Looking For a $4.5 Billion Dollar Valuation In Its IPO Rolling Out Next Year

According to the New York Post, GoDaddy.com is pushing ahead with an initial public offering early next year that would value the world’s biggest domain registration service at roughly $4.5 billion GoDaddy is stressing its desire to diversify from a domain registrar to a business that builds out  Web sites for customers and helping them to process transactions on their sites. GoDaddy has an … [Read more...]

New Site domcomp Compares Price Of 10+ Registrars Across Over 600 Extensions

A new site has popped up which compares the registration, renewal and transfer prices  of 10 + different registrars across over .com, .net, .org selected ccTLD and what seems to be hundreds of new gTLD extensions. Domcomp which seems to have launched in September ,bills itself as the "No-nonsense Domain Price Comparison" "We aggregate prices for over 600 top level domains from the industry’s … [Read more...]

German Court Says Domain Registrar Can Be Held Liable For the Infringement of their Customers

Court rules registrars are responsible for fighting piracy In a case that involved the music of Robin Thicke and his album Blurred Lines, a German court has ruled that a domain registrar can be held liable when it comes to copyright infringement. The domain registrar in this case is Key-Systems who appealed the initial ruling and lost their appeal at The Higher Regional Court of … [Read more...]

Rightside (NAME) Is Up 20% In After Hours Trading

After its first earnings report as a public company, Rightside (NAME) is up about 20% in after hours trading. Rightside is currently trading at $11.26 up $1.85 from its closing price of $9.41 Rightside has a 52 week low is $8.96 and its 52 week high of $17 but just started trading on August 1st 2014. Here are the highlights: Rightside reported 16 Million domains under management … [Read more...]

Will Web.com Hurt Godaddy’s IPO?

Web.com in reporting its earnings earlier today had a few comments on its earnings call that should be of concern to all domain name regisrtrars: CEO David L. Brown noted "the increased availability of [domain] names has had a near-term negative impact on domain-related revenue," primarily related to "non-core domain-related revenue such as sales of premium domain names and bulk domain … [Read more...]