CentralNic to Acquire Internet.BS In A Deal Worth Up to $7.5 Million


CentralNic plc,(AIM:CNIC) acquired Internet.BS, a top 30 domain name registrar for a maximum consideration of USD 7.5 million.

CentralNic said it will pay $5.2 million when the deal closes, with $2.7 million due in cash and $2.5 million to be paid in the form of 2.1 million new CentralNic shares.

An additional $1.8 million payment is deferred.

It is to be paid over 12 months and can be adjusted higher or lower depending on the acquisition’s performance.

The maximum amount that can be paid is $2.3 million

CentralNic shares were Tuesday quoted at 71.95 pence, up 2.1%

You might remember that Demand Media, Inc. paid $18 Million for Name.com.

The company put out a press release early this morning

Internet.BS is a profitable, cash generative business delivering unaudited operating profits and profits after tax of USD $730,000 for the year ending 31 December 2013.

CentralNic gave some talking points on how the acquisition will affect their company going forward:

Impact of the Acquisition

“”The acquisition of Internet.BS is a strategic step for CentralNic, which will position the Company as a vertically integrated platform offering domain names at retail as well as wholesale – one of the key objectives announced at admission to AIM in September 2013.”

“Key strategic drivers for the acquisition include:

- Gaining a proven retail platform already supporting 28,000 users in eight languages, including sophisticated administrative tools for domain portfolio owners;
- Enhancing the revenues and profits of CentralNic with an additional cash generative business retailing domains to consumers and other domain name retailers; and
- Optimizing the earnings opportunity for CentralNic presented by the new Top-Level Domains by giving it access to the retail margin for sales of these domains.
The Board believes that the deal terms are attractive, at under 10x EBITDA, with 35% of the consideration settled in shares.”

We continue to see consolidation in the domain space and this is a trend that will most likely continue in the future.

Free Domains Anyone? .Berlin Adds 70K Domains & Tops 116K; .XYZ Adds 27K & Tops 145K

A huge day in the new gTLD program as .Berlin in its first day of offering free domain names,  added some 70,000 domain names, more domains than were registered in the extension in the three months since .Berlin was launched.

.Berlin passed .Club to become the 2nd most registered new domain extension (new gTLD).

.Berlin which had been hanging around 48,000 registrations for weeks, shot up to 116,638 registered domains

.Berlin launched around March 19 and got some 32,000 registrations in its first day.

It took .Berlin basically three more months to get to 48,000 registrations.

.Berlin added 70,000 domains yesterday in its 5 day free domain name program exceeding its previous total by 50% in one day.

The registrar PSI-USA, Inc. d/b/a Domain Robot, now has over 70,000 .Berlin domain name registrations, over 60% of the .Berlin market.

.XYZ wanother new gTLD had another nice boost today ending the day with over 145,000 registered domain names,  125,000 being registered by Network Solutions or over 86%.

.Club is now in third place, with over 71,000 domain names.

.Guru is in 4th place with over 62,000.

.Photography rounds out the top 5 with 38,000 registered domains.

In all there are now more than 1,185,000 domain names registered.

Godaddy has just over 21% of the domain registrar market, with over 253,000 domain registrations.

Network Solutions which at one time before .XYZ launch only had 2% of the new gTLD domain registrar market is now number 2 in terms of domain names registered at 143K registrations, 125K of which are .XYZ.

Enom, is in 3rd place of new gTLD domain name registrations

PSI-USA (the number one .Berlin domain registrar) is now in the 4th spot.

1 and 1 rounds out the top 5 of the domain registrar market for new gTLD’s

The top 5 new gTLD domain name registrars have over 50% of the new gTLD market.

All stats are supplied by ntldstats.com.



Network Solutions Promotion For .Events; 2 of 3 Featured Domains Are Reserved and NA

NetworkSolutions.com has done it again.

A new promotion going out to all of their customers is marketing the new gTLD  .events. The promotion features three domains, two of which are reserved by the registry thereby not available.

We have written about this issue before.   If registrars are going to email their customers to get them to register, or pre-register a new gTLD domain by highlighting  three domain names they should at least make sure the domains are actually available to be registered and not on the reserved or collision list.

Again its only 3 domains guys, you should be able to check those.

The promotion as you can see below,  features three domains under the heading “Get great domains like”: Sports.Events, Music.Events and Conference.events

Sports.Event and Music.Events are registry reserved.

Not avaliable to be pre-registered or registered.

Conference.Events is not reserved and is still available as of  publication

Here is the email:




New York Times Reports On Godaddy IPO: Its Go Time


The New York Times is reporting that talk of a Go Daddy IPO is  just like their new slogan states, Its Go Time, as it filed it S-1 with the SEC today.

According to the New York Times, Godaddy had 57 million domains under management as of Dec. 31.

GoDaddy reported $1.1 billion in revenue for 2013, a 24% increase from the previous year but  continues to lose money as it reported a $199.9 million loss for 2013, which is narrower than its $279.1 million loss in 2012.

Blake Irving appears to have a $1million salary and it he meets certain targets that salary will double.

Founder Bob Parsons is still the largest shareholder with a 28.1 % stake in the company.

According to the New York Times  K.K.R. and Silver Lake each own 28% of the  company

According to Bloomberg Godaddy is seeking to raise $100 Million in the IPO

Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup are leading the offering.

Interpol Takes Down Over 10,000 Websites and Targets Rogue Registrars

Interpol takes down over 10,000 websites and targets rogue domain name registrars. In what was the largest global operation ever for taking down bad pharmacies, Interpol included rogue registrars as one of the main areas used by those involved in illegal pharmaceuticals.

Here is the full release:

LYON, France – Nearly 200 enforcement agencies across 111 countries have taken part in Operation Pangea VII targeting criminal networks behind the sale of fake medicines via illicit online pharmacies. The operation led to 237 arrests worldwide and the seizure of nearly USD 36 million worth of potentially dangerous medicines.

In terms of the number of participating INTERPOL member countries, Operation Pangea VII is the largest-ever global operation targeting fake medicines. It resulted in the launch of 1,235 investigations, the removal of more than 19,000 adverts for illicit pharmaceuticals via social media platforms and more than 10,600 websites shut down.

In addition to interventions on the ground, which included the identification and dismantlement of  three illicit laboratories in Colombia, the operation also targeted the main areas exploited by organized crime in the illegal online medicine trade: rogue domain name registrars, electronic payment systems and delivery services.

Operation Pangea VII was coordinated by INTERPOL, with the World Customs Organization (WCO), the Permanent Forum of International Pharmaceutical Crime (PFIPC), the Heads of Medicines Agencies Working Group of Enforcement Officers (WGEO), the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI) and Europol, with support from the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) and private sector companies including G2 Web Services, LegitScript, MasterCard, Microsoft,PayPal and Visa.

As well as raids at addresses linked to the illicit pharmaceutical websites, some 543,000 packages were inspected by customs and regulatory authorities, of which nearly 20,000 were seized during the international week of action (13 – 20 May).

Among the 9.4 million fake and illicit medicines seized during the operation were slimming pills, cancer medication, erectile dysfunction pills, cough and cold medication, anti-malarial, cholesterol medication and nutritional products.

“The sole focus of the organized crime networks behind the sale of these fake and illicit medicines is to make money, and they do not care about the potentially life-threatening consequences of their actions,” said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble.

“Operation Pangea has again demonstrated that the joint efforts of law enforcement agencies around the world and with the support of the private sector can have a significant impact in helping to protect the public and turn back crime,” said the INTERPOL Chief.

Following the discovery of the illicit laboratories in Bogota, INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau in Colombia issued the first ever INTERPOL Purple Notices – which seek or provide information on modi operandi, objects, devices and concealment methods used by criminals – in relation to pharmaceutical crime.

NCB Bogota also requested INTERPOL Blue Notices requesting further intelligence regarding suspects in a criminal organization related to pharmaceutical crime in order to trace and locate them.

“The results from Operation Pangea VII are not just about the seizures and arrests, but also about demonstrating the growing commitment from member countries in tackling these crimes, and their increasing expertise,” said Aline Plançon, head of INTERPOL’s Medical Products Counterfeiting and Pharmaceutical Crime (MPCPC) unit.

“The interceptions and seizures physically stop these potentially life-threatening medicines from reaching unsuspecting consumers, but equally as important is shutting down the online platforms used by organized crime to target the public,” added Ms Plançon.

Throughout Operation Pangea VII, INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon served as the central hub for information exchange among the participating countries and agencies. From this base, the WCO’s Regional Intelligence Liaison Office for Western Europe coordinated activities between participating customs administrations via CENcomm and the Pangea team, and a mobile Europol office also conducted cross-checks.

Operation Pangea VII is part of INTERPOL’s Turn Back Crime global awareness campaign, which aims to educate society about the ways in which organized crime infiltrates our daily lives, and to assist the public in protecting themselves.