Rightside (NAME) Is Up 20% In After Hours Trading

After its first earnings report as a public company, Rightside (NAME) is up about 20% in after hours trading. Rightside is currently trading at $11.26 up $1.85 from its closing price of $9.41 Rightside has a 52 week low is $8.96 and its 52 week high of $17 but just started trading on August 1st 2014. Here are the highlights: Rightside reported 16 Million domains under management … [Read more...]

Will Web.com Hurt Godaddy’s IPO?

Web.com in reporting its earnings earlier today had a few comments on its earnings call that should be of concern to all domain name regisrtrars: CEO David L. Brown noted "the increased availability of [domain] names has had a near-term negative impact on domain-related revenue," primarily related to "non-core domain-related revenue such as sales of premium domain names and bulk domain … [Read more...]

Report: 8 .NYC Sites Are Already In Alexa Top 1 Million

The launch of domain names ending with .NYC about a month ago have just 47,000 .NYC domains have been claimed and will become internet websites from and for New York City. Sites are following suit. Eight sites are already in Alexa´s top One million count. Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on 30 million websites and is one of the main sources of information for … [Read more...]

New Domain Name Registrar Offers At Cost Registrations: DomainCostClub.com

According to a press release out today boosts that "DomainCostClub.com  Becomes the First Domain Registrar in the World to Offer At-Cost Pricing The "ICANN Accredited registrar starts a new club to provide domains at wholesale price to its members, starting from October 2014, Domain Cost Club will accept new members." "Domain Cost Club provides its members with domain name registration, … [Read more...]

Google Entering the Domain Business May Have Less of an Impact on Web.com

David Hernandez wrote a piece on Seeking Alpha that Google entering the domain business may not be as bad as thought for competitor Web.com. Web.com owns Register.com and Network Solutions. The stock is down 37.7 % year to date. Here is the summary of the article: Summary Web.com's stock has declined 36.4% year to date. The decline is being driven by lower revenue guidance and Google … [Read more...]

Minds + Machines Reports: Sales Increase 4,114%; Revenue 255%; Shares Are Up 9.5%

      Minds + Machines Group Limited (AIM:MMX) issued its financial report for the six months ending  June 30, 2014 today. Total sales increased 4,114% to £295,000 against £7,000 for the same period in 2013;  Operating profit was up 255% at £2.92 million against a 2013 loss of £1.88million,  and wound up with £20 Million  in the bank as of June 30th up from £9 Million  … [Read more...]

.RICH & .ONL To Have Its Own Retail Registrar Site To Be Powered By LogicBoxes

          LogicBoxes is pleased to announce the partnership with I-Content Ltd., based out of Germany, to initiate the implementation of end-to-end Vertical Integration Solution for New gTLDs .RICH and .ONL. .RICH is a New gTLD extension that caters to a global community of high net worth individuals and the companies that support them. .ONL (the official … [Read more...]