German Court Says Registrars Are Responsible for Content on a Website

A ruling came out of Germany that could make registrars have to do a lot more work to earn their pay. Loek Essers wrote an article today on PC Advisor covering the case of Universal Music vs Key-Systems.

A domain name registrar can be held liable for the copyright infringements of a website it registered if it is obvious the domain is used for infringements and the registrar does nothing to prevent it, the Regional Court of Saarbrücken in Germany has ruled.

Universal had wanted to prevent unauthorized distribution of Robin Thicke’s album Blurred Lines, said Volker Greimann, Key-Systems’ general counsel, in an email.While Key-Systems argued that it was not responsible for the copyright infringement, the court ruled that the registrar had a duty to investigate after notification of infringing activity and had to take corrective action in case of obvious violations, Greimann said.

If someone notifies the registrar of a clear violation of the law, it must examine the specific allegation immediately and close the domain if necessary, the court ruled.

If Key-Systems ignores this ruling it faces a maximum fine of €250,000 (US$339,000).

This ruling will certainly open the door to more companies going after registrars to take down and police content or lose a lot of money. In the article counsel for Key Systems said that if the ruling is not over turned this could lead possibly to the whole business model being endangered.

Read the full story on PC Advisor

Go Daddy Tightens Security After @N Debacle

In another move related to the social engineering that took place at Go Daddy and allegedly Paypal (Paypal stands by the position they did not give the hijacker anything and that it was a failed attempt) Go Daddy is now changing their security practices.

In a tweet on Saturday there was an exchage from the former owner of @N and Go Daddy, he is also a former Go Daddy client as he tweeted yesterday that he has moved his names to Namecheap.

Tech Crunch covered the story:

We spoke to @N, known to most as Naoki Hiroshima, after the fact and and he detailed a few things that GoDaddy should do to tighten its security, methods that might have helped protect his account:

“[Two factor authentication] can’t prevent this from happening again,” says Hiroshima. “GoDaddy allowed the guy to reset everything over the phone. As long as a company only uses the last 4 digits of a [credit card] to verify [identity], this will keep happening. They should ask multiple questions.”

GoDaddy has made steps that mirror what Hiroshima felt was needed. In a tweet today, the company said the following:

@N_is_stolen Will do. We now require 8 card digits, lock after 3 attempts and deal with 2-factor authentication accounts differently. ^NF

Epic Bet: Vs. Enom Who You Got?

Rightside, Enom and  is involved in an  epic bet between our eNom office in Seattle and our office in Denver.

“So not only will this Sunday spell a showdown for Russell vs. Peyton, but for Registar’s eNom vs. Name as well.”

Below I’ve posted blog and video links offering the details of our #BigBowlBet.

We’ll have videos coming all week leading up to Sunday!

So we are opening the poll up for your picks

Rightside’s video statement

The Video:

eNom’s take

So whom do you like in the big game?

You can vote on the right for your pick.

If you want bragging rights go ahead and pick the score.

22.CN Joins SedoMLS Continuing the Network’s Asian Expansion


Sedo announced a few minutes ago that joined their SedoMLS. As demand for domains in Asia grows this is certainly a smart decision to keep building their network with Asian registrars. Recent auctions for premium .CN domains previously reserved by CNNIC have shown demand is strong in the region. Joins SedoMLS, Continuing the Network’s Asian Expansion

Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetization provider, today announced that Chinese registrar has joined the SedoMLS Premium partner network. SedoMLS is the world’s only global domain distribution network, making it easy for buyers around the world to purchase premium domains from Sedo’s inventory of over 18 million.

“It is mutually beneficial for to join SedoMLS since’s customers are able to directly purchase domains all over the world”, said Jianguo He, CEO of “Dealing with multiple currencies or language barriers are no longer a limiting factor. Meanwhile, domains owned by’s customers can also be displayed to the world to increase the domain inventory. is expecting to achieve a win-win result by improving the user experience and increasing the total amount of transactions.”
“By adding new registrars to the SedoMLS Premium network, we are offering our customers an even greater chance of making a sale to the right end user, regardless of their location,” said Sedo’s CEO Tobias Flaitz. “The Chinese market is the fastest-growing in the world, which is why Sedo recently launched its Chinese website. We look forward to using our new site, as well as our partnership with and other Chinese registrars, to bring premium domains to end users across the world.”

Hangzhou Aiming Network Co.,Ltd ( is a very famous domain name registrar in China, which has already approved accreditation by ICANN and CNNIC. Currently, there are approximately one million domains under their management (including gtlds and cctlds). With a rich domain name experience and strong technology, is committed to providing quality services for domain registration, domain backorders, domain escrow, domain transaction, domain auctions and domain brokerage.

About SedoMLS
The SedoMLS Promotion Network is the largest domain distribution network, with 650 global sales partners, including Network Solutions, Tucows, Moniker and other top registrars. It supports more TLDs than any other domain distribution network, and provides its registrar partners with a new revenue stream. SedoMLS partners display matches from Sedo’s unique inventory. Some partners redirect potential buyers to to continue with the purchase, while others allow buyers to purchase a name directly by searching for it, adding it to their shopping cart, and completing the partner’s online checkout page.

About Sedo
Sedo, an acronym for “Search Engine for Domain Offers,” is the leading domain marketplace and monetization provider. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany and with offices in London, England and Cambridge, Mass., Sedo has assembled the world’s largest database of domain names for sale, with more than 18 million listings. The success of Sedo’s model has attracted a global base of more than 2 million members. Becomes 2nd Domain Registrar To Accept Bitcoin


A second domain name registrar, announced that it was offering Bitcoin as a new method of payment on its website. became the 1st domain name registrar to offer BitCoin back in March of 2013.

The move makes NameSilo the latest established business to accept payment via the digital currency, and one of the first major domain registrars to do so.

“It is important to us to respond to the requests of our customers,” said Michael Goldfarb, co-founder of NameSilo. “Our customers made it clear to us that they desired more flexibility concerning how they pay for their domain services, and Bitcoin was referenced in many of those requests.”

NameSilo is accredited by ICANN and currently has over 30,000 customers from 177 different countries making payment flexibility critically important.

Bitcoin has no central authority and is available to anyone. Within minutes of offering Bitcoin, the first Bitcoin transaction occurred on NameSilo.

“Bitcoin’s track record for offering universally secure and flexible payments really got our attention,” said Michael McCallister, another one of NameSilo’s co-founders. “It is frustrating for us as a company to tell certain customers that we cannot offer services to them due to payment option limitations they may experience, due to where they reside or personal preference. Accepting Bitcoin will allow us to make domain registration available to many people who previously were unable to get a domain.”

NameSilo announced a few days earlier that it also began accepting Google Wallet payments. Google Wallet is currently available in 161 countries.