WARNING: Stolen Domain Names Slash.com & County.com Are Being Shopped Around

We have received a report from Andrew Rosener of MediaOptions.com that at least two domain names, Slash.com & County.com have been stolen from NetworkSolutions.com and are being shopped around for sale. In a email Andrew wrote: "I wanted to notify everyone that we have just discovered a domain theft at Network Solutions which I do not believe is an isolated incident." "So far it … [Read more...]

Name.Space is looking for your help to take on ICANN

Name.Space starts fund raising campaign to take on ICANN There is a campaign running on Rally.org to help Name.space take on ICANN. On the home page of their campaign it explains what the battle is all about, it seems like Name.space has been running an alternate route and feels like it has claim to .nyc, .sex and a whole host of other extensions. The company is looking to raise $75,000 and … [Read more...]

Bob Olea: “Any Domain Seized, Not Owned By Defendant Will Be Returned”

Good news for anyone who had domain names seized by Verisign as part of an ongoing case who are not related to the defendant in that case. The court appointed receiver Bob Olea sent me an email yesterday to the effect that domain that were not owned by the defendant of the case will be returned to their owners. We wrote about around 5,000 domain names that we seized by Verisign related to a … [Read more...]

ICA Changes Membership Structure, Add New Board Position & Voting Procedures For Board

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) announced today that it passed a resolution (Here is the full Resolution) which changes its membership structure, adds a new Board Positions & changes the voting procedures for members of its Board. Under the resolution the new levels of membership are as follows: Platinum members are for those individuals and/or corporations that contribute $25K … [Read more...]

Vern Jurovich Is Back As Chief Operating Officer of Uniregistry

                    Uniregistry.com announced today that it has re-hired of Vern Jurovich as its Chief Operating Officer (pictured here with my wife Judi) Vern will help oversee all aspects of Uniregistry and help Frank Schilling shoulder business relationships and tactical day-to-day business operations across all … [Read more...]

How Optimistic Are You About Your Current Domain Portfolio Compared To The Start of The Year ?

Our poll question for October is,How Optimistic Are You About Your Current Domain Portfolio Compared To The Start of The Year ? 2014 has brought about some new developments such as the new gtlds and a continuing drop in ppc payouts. I have spoken to a bunch of people on how they feel the new gtlds are affecting domaining and their portfolio specifically. I would say those who had great .com … [Read more...]

CENTR Domain Report: There Are Over 282.5 Million Domain Registered As Of August 1

CENTR’s just published its quarterly publication covering worldwide  domain name statistics. As of August 1, 2014 there are 282,525,140 domain name registered in the world. CENTR is the European ccTLD not for profit association dedicated to supporting the interest of country code TLD managers. The objectives of CENTR are to promote and participate in the development of high standards and best … [Read more...]