Afnic Report: “The Domain Market in 2014″ the manager of the .fr (France) extension, published a pretty extensive report today. The report "The Domain Market in 2014" takes a look back at 2014 and provides some interesting stats and graphs. I will highlight one topic in this post and read the full report here Legacy TLDs: highly contrasting performance in 2014 The Afnic Market Research Team has developed a methodology for … [Read more...]

Tom Delonge, Ex Lead Singer/Guitarist of Blink 182 Launches New Site On ToTheStars.Media

        Tom Delonge best known as the former guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the American rock band Blink-182 has launched a new site on the new gTLD ToTheStars.Media Mr. Delonge is already running a Twitter account under ToTheStars in which it says: "The Official Twitter for To The Stars.. Alternative Media & Entertainment." Although the Twitter … [Read more...]

Sedo Opens Up For Advertising is now showing advertising rates on its website. I'm not sure how long they have been showing this but I believe its a new feature Here is what the site currently shows: ""Advertise with Sedo to reach the world’s largest audience of domain investors, as well as small business owners, marketing professionals and a wide variety of other consumers all interested in domain-related … [Read more...]

World Domain Day 2015 Industry Award Winners & A Big Thanks From

            The World Domain Day 2015 Industry Awards were presented at the World Domain Day conference that was held in New Delhi on April 10th, 2015. We at are very proud to announce we won the award for Best Domain Blog and thank the show organizers and all the voters. Here are the winners of the Awards handed out by WDD, … [Read more...]

8 Facts About Choosing The Right Domain Name from the Huffington Post

In an article titled "8 Facts About Choosing The Right Domain Name" Bradley Glonka used the words domainer and cybersquatter interchangeably, "In some cases, you may discover that the domain name you want is owned by someone called a "domainer" or "cybersquatter" - a person who registers tons of likely-to-be-desired domain names to sell them at a serious profit." The above mentioned quote was … [Read more...]

After Shares Hit An All Time Low, CentralNic Issues an Update On Their gTLD’s

After its shares hit an all time low yesterday, CentralNic Group plc (AIM:CNIC) issued an update on "CentralNic gTLDs" CentralNic is a back-end provider for new gTLD's Shares rose today 1p to 24p. " CentralNic is pleased to report that following successful completion of auction processes, the gTLDs .online, .site, .tech, .love, .forum, .fan, .rent, and .realty will be made available to … [Read more...]

Giovanni Laporta CEO of Yoyo.Email Loser of 37 UDRP/URS’s Rants About Domains, TM & More

Giovanni Laporta the CEO Yoyo.Email has made an extensive post on, venting his thoughts about the UDRP/URS process the panelist, the process, domain names, trademarks and his motivation behind YoYo mail and his defense of what he says is around 50 UDRP/URS cases. According to UDRPSearch, YoYo has been the subject of 39 UDRP/URS cases and lost all but 2. These comments were … [Read more...]