Strickling, Fadi, Steve DelBianco All Set To Testify In House Hearing On ICANN Tomorrow

There is going to be a house hearing tomorrow on the US giving up its oversight control over ICANN.

The hearing is being held by the Energy & Commerce Committee of the United States House of Representatives

The Subcommittee on Communications and Technology has scheduled a hearing on Wednesday, April 2, 2014, at 10:30 a.m. in 2322 Rayburn House Office Building. The title of the hearing is “Ensuring the Security, Stability, Resilience, and Freedom of the Global Internet.” Witnesses will be announced and are by invitation only. The hearing webcast will be available at


Panel I

The Honorable Larry Strickling:

Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information Administration
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce

Mr. Fadi Chehadé:

President and CEO
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

The Honorable David A. Gross:

Wiley Rein, LLP
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

Panel II

Mr. Steve DelBianco:

Executive Director
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

Ms. Carolina Rossini:

Project Director, Latin American Resource Center
Internet Governance and Human Rights Program
New American Foundation

Hey Registries, Registrars This Is The Way To Sell A Domain

Over the years we have pointed out a bunch of ridiculous emails we get from registries and registrars trying to get people to buy a unregistered domain names.

Usually the domain names suggested in the email have little to do with the person receiving the email or a defensive sale, along the lines of you better get this domain before someone else does.

However today I got this from the DotCeo registry and you have to admit its a nice looking, bang on domain and properly presented.

The operators of the DotCEO registry also own Kred, which like Klout attempts to determine your influence on social media.  It appears they are using Kred’s stats to send out notices to generate interest in .CEO domains.

I would say nice presentation, nice job and should result in some registrations.


Secure Domain Foundation Launches Backed By Facebook, Verizon, Verisign, Rightside, .Ca, .Co, DomainTools, Blacknight


Experts and companies in the information security industry formed the Secure Domain Foundation (SDF), a non-profit, community-driven organization devoted to the identification and prevention of Internet cyber crime utilizing the DNS and launched it at the ICANN’s 49th Public Meeting.

The SDF is backed by : Facebook, Verizon, Verisign, Rightside which owns Enom and, CIRA(.ca), CO Internet(.co), CrowdStrike, APWG (Anti-Phishing Working Group), Emerging Threats, ESET Anti-Virus, DomainTools, Internet Identity, CoCCA, Mailshell, Blacknight Solutions, Foreground Security, and the SecDev Group.

The SDF will provide no-cost tools, technology, research, and security intelligence to an initial market segment of Internet domain name registrars, registries, ccTLD operators, and gTLD operators. In the coming months, the SDF plans to expand services to hosting providers, DNS operators, CERTS, law enforcement and other Internet infrastructure operators.
Criminals have long used domain names to control botnets, distribute malware, and compromise unsuspecting visitors. The SDF’s API product allows its users to obtain an instant “credit score” based on security reputation and contact data validation. This is especially helpful during domain name transactions such as new account creation, domain registration, and record updates.

“ICANN has recently mandated that domain registrars must validate postal addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses that are provided as contact information during the domain registration process,” said Norm Ritchie, Chairman of the SDF. “Many new gTLD registries have pledged to take a more proactive role in combating domain abuse within their TLDs. The SDF provides an entirely free service that not only validates the contact registration data provided but also lets the registrar and registry know if we have seen that data used previously in relation to cyber crime.”

“Rightside has been an early supporter of the SDF and its mission. Over the past two years, the SDF has been quietly and skillfully compiling an extensive database about malicious domains and actors. It has been a excellent resource for us. We are very proud and excited to be a partner of the Secure Domain Foundation and we look forward to incorporating the contact data validation services into our domain registration processes,” said Wayne MacLaurin, CTO of Demand Media companies Enom, and Rightside Registry.

“Beyond our current offering of tools and services, we are also dedicated to raising the cost and risk of cyber crime,” said Chris Davis, President of the SDF. “With our partners, we analyze hundreds of thousands of malware samples daily and actively engage with registries, registrars and hosting providers to shut down the criminal command and control infrastructure. Our staff and volunteer researchers and analysts work tirelessly to provide criminal attribution intelligence to the proper global law enforcement organizations and help to bring these criminals to justice.”

Ladas Domains Selected HEXONET’s Registrar Operations Center (RegistrarOC®)

HEXONET  today announced that Ladas Domains LLC (Ladas) has selected HEXONET’s Registrar Operations Center (RegistrarOC®) as the domain name service platform for its renowned trademark protection and corporate domain management division.

The combination of industry leading expertise and experience managing digital corporate assets and brands for high profile clientele with a state of the art domain registration system will ensure Ladas’ high profile clients are protected as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opens up the Internet’s name space to possibly hundreds of new TLDs.
“As a leading corporate domain registrar, the only one owned by a US law firm (Ladas & Parry LLP), Ladas fully understands the potential trademark and IP risks for our clients in the upcoming Internet paradigm shift brought about by these new gTLDs,” said Sean Wilke, Ladas Domains’ Director of Operations.

“Our organization is always equipped with the latest knowledge and best-of-breed technology to not only help our clients prepare, but more importantly, prosper, which is why HEXONET’s RegistrarOC® was easily our choice for our domain system right from the beginning.”
“We are extremely excited and at the same time honored that one of the world’s leading corporate domain registrars has selected HEXONET and our platform RegistrarOC®,” said Robert Birkner, Chief Strategy Officer of HEXONET. “Only a handful of companies around the world have the foresight and understanding to see that the recent changes at ICANN will profoundly change the Internet and the business world; Ladas is one of them, and as a result, their clients are way ahead of the business curve.”
About Ladas Domains LLC
Ladas Domains LLC is an ICANN Accredited domain name registrar dedicated to serving the global domain needs of brand owners. It’s motto, “Domain Names are Intellectual Property”, reinforces its relationship as an affiliate of Ladas & Parry LLP, one of the major US law firms involved in securing and enforcing IP and related rights in the US and throughout the world.
Since 1999, HEXONET has been a leading developer and service provider of reseller technologies for the domain industry, including domain backordering. Thousands of resellers, startups and service providers from across the world trust HEXONET as their domain platform provider. And today, HEXONET manages over 1.9 million domains for its clients. 1API GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of HEXONET.

Frank Schilling’s BIN Priced Domains On DomainNameSales Total Over $3 Billion

Frank Schilling just Tweeted that the the total dollar value of “priced” domain names on is over $3 Billion dollars.

The exactly total of priced domain names was $3,327,525,422.

That’s a lot of digits and a lot of money.

I’m now told that the total reflects just Frank Schilling owned domain names which carry a Buy it Now price.

I’m also told that “way less” of 1/3 of Frank’s owned and operated Name Adminstration domain portfolio is priced on a Buy It Now basis.

The vast majority is still priced at make offer and not included in the over $3 Billion dollar figure.