DomainHoldings Sells Almost $31 Million In Domains In 2014; Over $8M In 4Q in a company blog post today, said they brokered almost $31 Million dollars in domain names in 2014 Domain Holdings issued its combined Q4 and Annual 2014 report today In the 4th Quarter  Q4 sold  $8,086,642 in total domain name sales. Some of the sales brokered in 2014 … [Read more...]

A different spin on the appraisal scam – The Domain Tools Certification

A bit of a new spin on the old appraisal scam, a reader sent us an email he received, for a law related domain, three that makes sense, has value. Hello! I represent a big investor from UK. He needs personal*******.com for his new business project to be launched in September, 2015. Your domain name is at the top of his shortlist of names, and he would be prepared to pay up to … [Read more...]

Coca-Cola Puts Smiley Face Emojis Into Web Address Using .WS Domains

  Ad week is reporting that Coca-Cola Puerto Rico that puts smiley-face emojis right in the brand's web addresses. The brand registered URLs for every emoji that conveys happiness. Entering any of these happy icons into a mobile web browser, along with the .ws suffix, leads users to Coca-­Cola Puerto Rico's website. Ad Week goes on to say: Why .ws, which is … [Read more...]

To The CEO Of ICANN Fadi Chehade: Do You Think Vodafone Is The Biggest Domain Hogger?

Two weeks ago we called out the CEO of ICANN Fadi Chehade, for some remarks he made in a story published by the to wit: “The reality is, the more there are names (new gTLD’s),  less people will actually be hogging names in order to charge a lot for them. then followed up by reporting on the story which included my blog post At the ICANN meeting this … [Read more...] Covers Gary Millin of “The Man Squatting on Millions of Dollars Worth of Domains”

         just did a story of about Gary Millin of who has one of the great domain name Portfolio's in the world. Unfortunately the author of the story, Jason Koebler chose to go with the "S" word to describe the amazing portfolio of assets they have put together ("Squatting") rather using the … [Read more...]

.Com Top 116 Million Active Domain Names For The 1st Time & Is Up 600K Registrations Since December 31

The number of active .Com domain names has passed the 116 million mark for the firs time in history. At the end of 2014 there were 15.3 million .Com domain registered in the active zone file, meaning that .Com registrations have increase 600,000 domain names in the first 5 weeks of 2015. The number of new gTLD's is stilling at 4,288,778 according to up from the 3,650,000 new … [Read more...]

Meet Two More Judges Of The Verisign 30th Anniversary Contest #internetofficial

Last week I was introduced as one of three judges for the contest Verisign the .Com Registry is running to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of .Com in which they are giving away over $100,000 in cash. Over the last couple of days Verisign announced two other judges (celebrity judge still to be announced) and though I would publish their information so you can see who will be judging the … [Read more...]