B2B Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

In a post on BDB.co.uk the author Rachael took a look at digital marketing trends for the upcoming year, the changing or possible extinction of the homepage was number two on that list. The premise behind the end of the homepage stems from our mulit device universe. How sites act and react with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc... Personally I think the homepage will stay in tact, I do agree … [Read more...]

Radix Asks “Whats Your Bid for Bets.WEBSITE?”? XXX.Website is at No Reserve

Radix the registry for .Website, .Press and .Host announced today that it  is releasing some of its most valuable reserved names up for auction in the upcoming RightOfTheDot Live and Online Domain Auction at NamesCon powered by leading domain name auction platform SnapNames.com. More than $175,000 worth of premium names (with annual renewals) have been sold by Radix already, however the domain … [Read more...]

Life Lesson: Here is How NOT to Do Business

So I was minding my own business yesterday and getting ready for namescon, working on the auction, packing, answering emails, pretty much what you would expect when I got this email: ""It's Mark Bradford, hope you're doing well. I'm emailing to see if you'd be interested in buying: DOMAINBLOG.CO www.DomainBlog.co The cool thing is that whoever develops this domain will be the … [Read more...]

EscrowHill.com Adds US Based Escrow Services Through Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC

      According to a press release we just received, EscrowHill.com announced they added the U.S. based attorney firm, Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC, in addition to the New Zealand registered Financial Service Provider, Escrow Hill Limited. "Andee Hill, CEO of EscrowHill.com stated, “I am very pleased to be offering the domain escrow services of Greenberg & … [Read more...]

Inc.com Asks “Will New Top Level Domains (New gTLD’s) Even Matter in 2015″ Hint: No

Inc.com just published a post, entitled "Will New Top Level Domains Matter in 2015? Will new URL endings change web design and marketing in 2015?" The Inc.com story is about as negative on new gTLD's as I read recently and pretty much the opposite of Paul Stahura recent post on Circleid.com ""In 2014, the new Top Level Domains (TLDs) were introduced to much fanfare from the press and tech … [Read more...]

.Net’s Fall Below 15 Million Registrations

The number of domain names in the .Net zone file fell below 15 Million as of the last update by Verisign There are now officially 14,998,816 .Net domain registered. .Net first passed the 15 million mark in August 2013. At the end of the first quarter of 2014 (March 31st 2014) there were around 15.2 million registrations according to Verisign. However the reduction in .Net domains which … [Read more...]

MIA.com Gets A Mention in South Florida Business Journal

MIA.com was featured in the South Florida business journal, any domain owner would not mind this added bit of attention from a newspaper. The name which has been owned by the same registrant is now on the market. MIA really has a lot of uses, female first name, abbreviation for Miami, Missin In Action acronym. From the article: Domain name appraisal websites Estibot.com and Valuate.com … [Read more...]