Radix Asks “Whats Your Bid for Bets.WEBSITE?”? XXX.Website is at No Reserve

Radix the registry for .Website, .Press and .Host announced today that it  is releasing some of its most valuable reserved names up for auction in the upcoming RightOfTheDot Live and Online Domain Auction at NamesCon powered by leading domain name auction platform SnapNames.com. More than $175,000 worth of premium names (with annual renewals) have been sold by Radix already, however the domain … [Read more...]

Auctions.com Reserve Price At Namescon is Around What Auction.com Sold For 6 Years Ago

Back just about six years ago to the date the domain name Auction.com sold for $1.7 Million dollars to Real Estate Disposition Corporation (REDC) Next Tuesday at the RightoftheDot.com domain name auction at Namescon, the domain name Auctions.com will up for sale and the reserve price is right around that same price that Auction.com sold for 6 years ago. Of course REDC has grown its business … [Read more...]

NamesCon Acquires DomainFest & Will Be Part of NamesCon 2015 Las Vegas!

Well our hunch was right yesterday, as today NamesCon announced they have acquired DomainFest from Oversee.net in a press release we just received. "Starting with small conferences in LA and Barcelona, Oversee grew Domainfest into a large, global conference series, attracting domainers, marketing professionals and celebrity speakers from all over the world." “We are very proud of the … [Read more...]

Did NamesCon Buy DomainFest.com?

I was going through the schedule for the Namescon conference taking place in January 2015 at Las Vegas and found this session: Sunday, January 11 • 10:00am - 10:15am (which is the 1st day of NameCon) "Welcome to DomainFest @NamesCon! " Namescon unlike any previous domain conference that I'm aware of is allowing people to sign up for sessions they want to attend now, in advance since … [Read more...]

Namescon Registrations Pass 500; Double From Last Year At This Time

According to the conference organizers, NamesCon has broken 500 pre-registered attendees which is double the number of attendees registered at this time last year. NamesCon will be held in Las Vegas January 11th-14th at the Tropicana Hotel and Conference Center. The NamesCon seems to be on track to exceed 800+ attendees this year. RightoftheDot.com will be holding a live and online domain … [Read more...]

Domaining 2015 In Valencia Spain: 1st 10 Readers That Signup Get 50% Off

The 7th Domain Conference will be hold again in Valencia, Spain from the 23rd to the 25th of April 2015. The first 10 readers of thedomains.com will get a 50% off the price using this code VIPTheDomains Some of the discussions that will be covered include: Geo Tld's How to avoid your Domain being stolen How is .com doing News on the newGTLD scene Startups and Domains Domain … [Read more...]

NamesCon is donating 100% of Registration Revenue Received on Veteran’s Day To Charity

NamesCon is donating 100% of Registration Revenue received today Veteran's Day to  Veteran's Village Las Vegas managed by SHARE, a 501(c)3 Registered Charity. Not 10%, not 20%, not even "Net Proceeds", but a whopping 100% of all registrations. Today of all days is a time to reflect on the sacrifice our troops have made for our country, our nation, our families. Bigger men and women than … [Read more...]