Oil.Center 11,000 GBP Bid on Sedo

Oil.Center was registered by a gentleman in Kuala Lumpur on 3/16/14 and is now on Sedo auctions with a day and a half left at 11,000 GBP.  There is only one bid which looks like the owner received the bid and pushed it to auction on 3/24/14.

If its a legit bid, its kind of a ballsy move to send to auction, I personally would want to get that deal closed asap. I think if you have a legitimate buyer interested in something brand new like .center, you don’t want to allow time for buyer’s remorse to set in.

Link to the listing here

OilCenter.com has been registered since 1996, the company that owns it also owns the net, org and info. They are based out of Louisiana and don’t appear to be in the oil business but rather technology.


Why A Chinese IDN Maybe One Of The Top 5 Most Registered New gTLD’s & How You Can Play It


Yesterday we told you about Sedo.com having online bidding for the live auction of the Chinese IDN for Online (.在线) which will be held in  Macau starting at 11 a.m. Friday local Macau Time (03:00 UTC) March 21, 2014 (Thursday March 20th at 11pm EST).

Personally I don’t own any IDN’s but this one may make me change my mind.

For one as most know, China has more internet users than the population of the United States, 618 million as of December 2013.

About 2 weeks ago LinkedIn launched its website in simplified Chinese for the first time. An English version of the site was already available in the country and used by 4 million Chinese members, but linkedin believes the native-language version will give the company significantly more exposure in the country

Anyone looking at the year to date domain sales report can see that many of the top domain sales are to Chinese buyers.

DnJournal.com’s  year to date domain sales chart is showing 13 of the top 21 domain sales in 2014, were purchased by buyers in China, not including 114.com which was purchased in late 2013 for $2.1 million.

We had a chance to chat with Simon Cousins about the two extensions TLD Registry is rolling out the Chinese IDN for Online (.在线) as well as  Dot Chinese Website (中文网)

Simon tell me why you think IDN will become widely adopted in China.

The Chinese government has stated that they will require every Chinese government company website move to Chinese language there are around  700,000 gov.cn or org.cn websites which are owned or operated by the government.

Of course you know there are over 600 million internet users and they have a population of 1.4 billion people

IDN’s in China will happen

Western domain investors need to look closely at what is to start in Macau.

How about the Chinese IDN Verisign’s is putting out for .Com?

Verisign’s IDN for Chinese are transliterations not translations, transliterations are rarely a good idea.

Why did you choice the IDN for “online”?

We did an exhaustive an analyst of Chinese search engine inquiries  and “online” is the  most commonly used search term when a Chinese person is search engines for a product or service online.

Chinese search for more for  sentences unlike American that search more for keywords.

So someone in China looking for Airline Tickets is more likely to search for “Air tickets online”

So what do you suggest for domain investors like myself that see the opportunity in China but doesn’t speak the language?

Remember these are domains for Chinese users searching for Chinese language website.  This is why I made the point that you want transliterations not translations.

So if American investors if combine their existing knowledge and wisdom with Chinese support that is find someone who has lived on the mainland there are plenty of people in the US that speak and understand the language.

Otherwise concentrate on easily found information.

Family names are very popular in China for domain names.

When it comes to IDN’s an overwhelming number of family names are single character.  Also remember unlike in the US where a person with the last name of  Smith would just want smith.com or their first and last domain like larrysmith.com, in China people use Wang Family, Wang Home and House of Wang to express their family.

So you can find very easily big lists of Chinese family names online including Chinese billionaires and No to answer the next question you would ask me, not all of those domains are reserved by the registry.

Keep in mind that when it comes to Chinese IDN’s 60% of all words are expressed in one character.

Another thing investors can do is find a list of idioms and phrases that are very popular in China.

The Chinese use phrases that westerners use like “good luck” “work hard”, “best wishes for happy new year”, but there are many others that are unique to China like “value harmony”, “one china”,  “”work hard and study everyday”

Again if you find someone who has lived in China they will know these.

You can also have ASCII words on the left of the dot with the right of the dot IDN

You should know that we support every form of Chinese language

Mandarin, Cantonese, Simplified, Pinynon

Tell me more about the auction:

There are 39 lots, some have multiple domains in each lot.

Reserve prices are $500- $5,000 per lot.

The auction will be live in Macau and we expect a nice turnout of course bidding will also be held on Sedo.

When does your Landrush and general availability start and which registrars are handling the extensions?

We are starting out Our Land Rush also from Macau on  Thursday March 20th and goes for  30 days

The cost of a Landrush application is around $300, prices vary by registrar and included two year registration.

General availability will be around $55 a domain.

40 registrars, including many in China are taking Landrush registrations including:





Any predictions on Registration numbers?

I would say we have a greater than 50% chance of both of our strings being in the top 5 new gTLD’s in terms of domain name registrations  at the end of landrush.

Thanks Simon and best of luck.

Once again if you want to bid in the auction you will have to  request certification, in advance.

Please send an email to  MacauAuction@sedo.com with your login name and copy info@rightofthedot.com on the email and we will make sure the Registry gets your request.

QY.com Sells For $100K: Afternic/GoDaddy Sells $2.1 Million In Domain Names

Afternic/GoDaddy weekly sales sales report for domain names for the week of March 10, 2104 – March 16th, 2014 totaled $2.1 Million

According to the report the two letter .com QY.com sold for $100,000 which we have now confirmed as having sold on Godaddy.com

It is the lowest price for a two letter .com that I have seen in many years.

The domain name is under privacy at Godaddy and is not resolving.

According to Screenshots.com the site has been inactive or parked since December 2008

The top non-com sales were lead by Shout.co for $19,000.

We had one domain that sold on the list 10018.com which sold for $4,873 not sure why its listed at that price since we sold it Buy It Now for $4,888

Below is the complete report:

.COM Sales Price
qy.com $100,000
dolor.com $16,500
destinfloridacondorentals.com $10,000
autismsociety.com $9,750
carshippers.com $8,320
justjob.com $7,600
clearhome.com $7,500
designfind.com $7,500
airclass.com $7,450
conservativebook.com $7,000
conservativebooks.com $7,000
harddrivedatarecovery.com $7,000
fiam.com $6,924
adulthookup.com $6,800
thinkgate.com $6,175
manyone.com $6,000
summitcollective.com $5,995
8ballpool.com $5,875
contentintelligence.com $5,700
focusnews.com $5,088
teambase.com $5,000
metacog.com $4,999
theadrialondon.com $4,999
restaurantwifi.com $4,888
10018.com $4,873
redistro.com $4,700
6759.com $4,500
dealscene.com $4,500
healthlifestyles.com $4,188
beaconwmg.com $4,105
fortressgroup.com $4,000
smarterskin.com $4,000
premiumholidays.com $3,995
mysidewalk.com $3,988
happytaffy.com $3,900
commloan.com $3,888
gciglobal.com $3,888
sorum.com $3,800
peoplesports.com $3,788
pvtm.com $3,700
deltatechnologies.com $3,688
4militaryfamilies.com $3,600
carepost.com $3,600
betterbiscuits.com $3,500
harriscommunications.com $3,500
legacyinvestmentgroup.com $3,500
lottotime.com $3,500
saok.com $3,500
myplant.com $3,499
invaria.com $3,488
holidaywarehouse.com $3,250
sfxit.com $3,227
freedomtechnologies.com $3,221
scarletblue.com $3,200
nutralab.com $3,120
sunsetmotors.com $3,120
connectik.com $3,088
321app.com $3,000
bryq.com $3,000
groundedbeauty.com $3,000
pamperedpregnancy.com $3,000
plasticsurgeryhub.com $3,000
sockshack.com $3,000
solasta.com $3,000
unnu.com $3,000
xrebel.com $3,000
edgetheater.com $2,900
elitetek.com $2,800
onradar.com $2,800
prahs.com $2,800
soccerrecruits.com $2,776
zilloe.com $2,737
cleanenergyworks.com $2,600
etten.com $2,600
associationgroup.com $2,588
beyondthecurve.com $2,588
royco.com $2,545
aaadental.com $2,500
acetax.com $2,500
autostarusa.com $2,500
choota.com $2,500
jrcc.com $2,500
movevalet.com $2,500
realestatemall.com $2,500
roadtowilliamsport.com $2,500
solagra.com $2,500
telecarehealth.com $2,500
eyeconnection.com $2,488
golfsavers.com $2,488
retirementhq.com $2,471
3dapp.com $2,427
foodbattle.com $2,400
writeitdown.com $2,400
edenssecret.com $2,295
assistedlivingguide.com $2,200
newgamer.com $2,200
tfoy.com $2,195
bestbronze.com $2,188
dazzlehome.com $2,188
diamatic.com $2,188
resumeprofessional.com $2,100
visionpropertymanagement.com $2,100
skinnysmoothie.com $2,096
luxurypropertiesmiami.com $2,088
secondcut.com $2,088
supermed.com $2,077
cars4me.com $2,050
88wines.com $2,000
dwellingz.com $2,000
hotelrockaway.com $2,000
nimbio.com $2,000
omdoc.com $2,000
salescrowd.com $2,000
seadoorentals.com $2,000
s-trade.com $2,000
vultus.com $2,000
wharfal.com $2,000
yogafitstudios.com $2,000
vmcorp.com $1,988
longweekend.com $1,917
communitylifestyles.com $1,900
getrent.com $1,900
greatchiropractors.com $1,900
localmarketingcoach.com $1,900
trainingpost.com $1,900
marketingwithcontent.com $1,888
productcompatibility.com $1,888
twintiger.com $1,888
factori.com $1,877
canjeo.com $1,850
catholicmusicnetwork.com $1,822
adelicatebalancebroadway.com $1,800
healthzen.com $1,800
termpay.com $1,800
pennystockstowatch.com $1,750
talentera.com $1,750
layeredhealth.com $1,721
onefactor.com $1,700
astraeus.com $1,658
gamblingpost.com $1,650
mallins.com $1,650
simplesam.com $1,625
myauctioneer.com $1,600
one2ten.com $1,600
randomiser.com $1,588
leps.com $1,550
metro411.com $1,550
alphard.com $1,540
ohiogeneral.com $1,525
americannewsproject.com $1,500
hellophotography.com $1,500
histogenaesthetics.com $1,500
hi-vibe.com $1,500
hockeyessentials.com $1,500
nextsteptech.com $1,500
oknok.com $1,500
qstack.com $1,500
videosnapchat.com $1,500
wowclub.com $1,500
openmachine.com $1,488
urostar.com $1,450
cloudpets.com $1,440
lionmortgage.com $1,400
paslar.com $1,400
drjerry.com $1,399
itexplorer.com $1,388
marqueelights.com $1,388
mrsprint.com $1,388
teamaction.com $1,388
trafficjamming.com $1,375
texastelephone.com $1,350
wpelements.com $1,350
powersportrentals.com $1,345
loveconcierge.com $1,295
free2talk.com $1,288
digitalfarms.com $1,270
5starhomecare.com $1,250
northsideloan.com $1,250
420lounge.com $1,205
df7.com $1,200
freedomllc.com $1,200
giftspin.com $1,200
jksc.com $1,200
raspberryketoneboard.com $1,200
thatliberalmedia.com $1,200
tripagogo.com $1,200
hip2.com $1,188
centerlinesecurity.com $1,100
coldmachines.com $1,100
fixmygaragedoor.com $1,100
seattleguttercleaning.com $1,100
katiefinneran.com $1,050
mywedding-online.com $1,050
naturemaids.com $1,045
facebooktemplates2u.com $1,025
keylabs.com $1,009
anytimedental.com $1,000
atthegrove.com $1,000
bestdrones.com $1,000
burgerfry.com $1,000
coastaladvantage.com $1,000
ecigarrillos.com $1,000
fourlinks.com $1,000
fraichestudio.com $1,000
gossipmill.com $1,000
greenrushfinancial.com $1,000
helpmebuild.com $1,000
insureyourlife.com $1,000
legalsmoke.com $1,000
lvff.com $1,000
matsumoku.com $1,000
mytownrealty.com $1,000
nwmi.com $1,000
paderm.com $1,000
perfectportraits.com $1,000
scrubsinc.com $1,000
shotski.com $1,000
spearch.com $1,000
sreview.com $1,000
tindragon.com $1,000
wholelifebalance.com $1,000
zaracom.com $1,000
Non .COM Sales Price
shout.co $19,000
mpt.net $9,800
poverty.net $7,500
charlottenc.net $5,000
foco.net $4,188
swimsuit.photos $3,550
canadajobs.org $3,288
emailarchive.org $3,200
tibetanarts.org $2,502
familyofgod.org $2,088
myprofile.org $2,088
smia.org $2,088
utw.org $2,000
lifeplan.org $1,944
renta.limo $1,776
openswf.org $1,651
chicago.limo $1,625
hcreo.org $1,525
everythingleather.co $1,495
ccmep.org $1,475
lincoln200.net $1,225
prayerhouse.org $1,200
icns.org $1,110
greencleansolutions.net $1,088
seniorpartners.net $1,060
statebt.net $1,025
mikebaker.photos $1,005
barefoot.me $1,000

You Can Bid On The Super Premium Live Domain Auction For The Chinese IDN Online



TLD Registry the company behind the new gTLD for the Chinese IDN for Online (.在线) as well as the registry for the new gTLD (中文网) (Dot Chinese Website) will be holding a live auction in Macau starting at 11 a.m. Friday local Macau Time (03:00 UTC) March 21, 2014 (Thursday March 20th at 11pm EST), and Sedo.com will be taking online bids for those that cannot be in attendance.

As far as I know this is only the second time that Sedo is allowing for online bidding from a live auction event, the first time was for the auction for a single domain name e.co.

You will have to request certification, in advance in bid in this auction to email Sedo

Please send an email to  MacauAuction@sedo.com with your login name and copy info@rightofthedot.com on the email and we will make sure the Registry gets your request.

The certification deadline to participate in this auction is March 20th, at 16.00

If you haven’t noticed most of this years top domain name sales have come out of China in both .com and .Cn domain names.

.在线 (Dot Chinese Online) according to the registry is the perfect TLD for Chinese products and services,  such as “hotels.online” or “shoes.online”.

This auction will feature 39 lots of domain names.

Each lot will contain multiple domain names, some grouped around a theme and some that mean the same thing in Pinyin.

Here is some more information on this auction from Sedo.

I will have more about the auction tomorrow, but in the meantime if you have interest you better get registered:

“”The auctions will have a live component with bidders attending a live auction event in Macau in addition to online bidders. All bids will be placed in the Sedo Auction Platform and will be visible to everyone participating.

Auctions start with Lot #1 at 11 a.m. local Macau Time (03:00 UTC) on March 21, 2014.

Each Auction Lot will be approximately 5 minutes total, with 1 minute extensions if there is last minute bidding.

As soon as one Auction Lot closes, the next Auction Lot will be set up and start.


To participate in this auction, you will need a verified Sedo account with Macau Auction certification. Please follow these easy steps to get set up:

  1. 1)  You will need to have a verified Sedo account. If you do not have one, please set one up and verify it.
  2. 2)  Email your Sedo Login Name to MacauAuction@Sedo.com for certification
  3. 3)  Our Sedo auction team will contact you to assist in certifying your account.
  4. 4)  Once certified, you will be approved and set up to bid in the auction lot(s) of your choice.
  5. 5)  The certification deadline to participate in this auction is March 20th at 16.00 UTC. Any certification requests after this date cannot be guaranteed.
  6. 6)  Follow us on Twitter or Weibo (details below in “communication” section) to access the auction page links as they go live. Auction Lots run every five minutes.


  1. 1)  Certified bidders can bid in any auction lot(s) of interest.
  2. 2)  The minimum or starting bid on all Auction lots will be set at $2,000.
  3. 3)  All auction lots will be shown on screen as a single domain. However, you will be bidding on a ‘lot’ of domains. Details on each auction lot are included in this bidder package.
  4. 4)  Auction will be presented with one auction lot at a time. There will be approximately 5-8 minutes between each auction start time. For example, Lot #1 will begin at 11:00 a.m., Lot #2 at 11:10 a.m. and so on.
  5. 5)  If there are any bids placed within the last minute of the auction, the auction will automatically be extended for 1 minute. This automatic extension will continue until there are no additional bids in the extension time. This is to allow all online bidders to respond with higher bids and prevent last minute sniping.
  6. 6)  Bidders shown as “bidder 1” and “bidder 2” represent in room bids at the Macau Event while all online bids will be shown as bidder 3, 4, 5, etc. depending on number of bidders.

IMPORTANT! Auction times are estimated. Please follow us on Twitter (@MacauAuction) for live auction links and times. Since each auction could be as short as 5 minutes, we suggest you follow the event closely so you do not miss bidding on the domain lot of your choice.

We will post the auction lot #, auction page link and announce its start in real time. This

information will also be available on the Sedo Weibo feed in (http://weibo.com/SedoAuctions)

Moki.com closes at $66,100 on NameJet

Moki.com closed today at $66,100 on NameJet.

There seemed to be quite a bit of conversation on Twitter. Here was one conversation.


The domain was initially registered back in 1996

Record Date: 2014-03-13
Server: whois.networksolutions.com
Created: 1996-12-13
Updated: 2014-02-21
Expires: 2016-12-12

The name has no screenshots or anything using Archive.org or Screenshots.com.

The registrant looked to be a Moki Cherry from New York


The domain MokiOrphanage.com was registered yesterday, the registrant has this on their linked in page


OUNCE OF WEED.COMJune 2013Present (10 months) Scottsdale, AZ

Ounce of Weed is the largest marijuana/cannabis/hemp domain holder in the country. We currently own over 6000 .coms relating to this market and are acquiring more every day. The medical marijuana industry is estimated to be $40 billion in the next 3 to 5 years and $120 billion once the government approves marijuana for social use, as is liquor. We will be starting our MissMarijuanaAmerica pagent shortly, when our new site is done. Sign up at www.OunceOfWeed.com for further information.

This info was sent per a reader who does not want their name messaged, but from me to you, Thank you for the add to the story.