Estibot Values Extended Namescon Auction At Over $13 Million Dollars

The extended auction from the Namescon conference is ongoing on and ends on February 5th which is a week from tomorrow. I ran the list of the domain names included in the extended auction through Estibot and the total value of the inventory came to over $13 Million dollars All domains were led by which makes sense since recently sold … [Read more...]

Sedo Transactions Total $1.2 Million, Led By One of Ours For $48,888

559 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS last week totaling $1.2 Million Dollars All sales this week were led by one of our domain names, which sold for $48,888 53% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Highlights of public sales are: · Top .com: at 48,888 USD · Top ccTLD: at 7,000 EUR · Top “other” … [Read more...] sells for $10,100 – Max Hardcore not the Winner

Just one bidder stepped up and outbid the $10,000 high bid placed in December, for The auction closed at $10,100 . Back at the end of December, Max Hardcore said he would be bidding on the domain. Today that changed, in an article for Xbiz he said: — Max Hardcore won’t be bidding on the domain name, which goes up for auction later today at The porn … [Read more...] Gets A $850K Bid In RightoftheDot Extended Domain Auction: Now Over $1.1M In Bids

The domain name has gotten a verified bid of $850,000 in the extended auction from the Namescon conference running on The domain has a stated reserve of $1M-5MM but the fact that took the bid means by its own rules than the bid represents at least 50% of the actual reserve price. There is now over $1.1 million dollars in bids. The … [Read more...] With a High Bid Of $10K Sells Tomorrow on

The domain name which we wrote about a few weeks ago is at auction at and will sell to the highest bidder which is at the moment $10,000. The closed domain name auction has 85 bidders (including myself who has no intention of bidding) has a high bid of $10,000 by bidder ID "chelsearam" There are only 2 other bidders at over $1,000 at this point,  which anyone in … [Read more...]

The Extended Auction From Namescon is Live On

The extended auction is now live on Snapnames and there is already almost $250,000 in bids. As you know by now almost $1 million dollars in domains were sold on Tuesday at the Namescon show in Las Vegas. There are over 300 domain names in the extended auction that will close on February 5th at 3:15 pm EST subject to normal closing rules. The extended … [Read more...]

NamesCon Official Auction Results $990,851 Led by and Wine.Club

NamesCon Official Auction Results $990,851 – Some have asked me was Wine.Club like Coffee and Vegas ? A 10 year payment plan, Michael has told me no it was a straight cash buyer. Extended will have names on Thursday morning. Buyers and Sellers from Live will begin getting communication before the weekend. 87 out of the 134 lots sold for an impressive sell through … [Read more...]