VVV.com sells for $136,400

One of the things about domain investors is they like rare domains, a repeating three letter .com certainly falls into that category, only 26 of them and one sold today on NameJet. VVV.com sold for $136,400. The bidding went back and forth between members VVVcom and First, in the end First won the name at $136,400 There were six bidders who bid $100,000 or more. A total of 515 … [Read more...]

The New gTLD .HIV Auction on Sedo May Go Without a Sale

58 .HIV new gTLD's are at auction at Sedo.com in a themed auction which ends tomorrow. I believe all of the domain names are owned by the .HIV registry, however the registries whois does not seem to be working, even resolving for that matter. As of publication only 4 domain names have bids and none are close to meeting reserve. Test.Hiv not surprising leads the list with a $500 bid but … [Read more...]

Domain Sales Data Website SimilarSales.com Launches – Site Will Show You Recent Domain Flips and Flops

Rudin Web Solutions out of Switzerland has a new site up on SimilarSales.com. The site provides historical sales data and I don't know if they are just using NameBio.com to collect their data or if they have their own proprietary system for gathering sales data. The site is not as up to date yet as NameBio as the recent sales data was not showing anything for 3/3 or 3/4. They are incorporating … [Read more...]

Today’s The Day: RightoftheDot Extended Auction From Namescon Ends Today On Snapnames

The extended auction held by RightoftheDot at the Namescon conference ends today on Snapnames.com at 3:15 PM EST. As of publication 10 domain names have hit reserve and will sell led by Tamales.com which has a high bid of 12,000 The live auction at Namescon did just under $1 Million in domain name sales. There are two bids on 877.com with a high bid of $235,000 but is below … [Read more...]

NameJet.com Report Almost $800K In Sales In January

NameJet.com just published its reported sales for the month of January 2015 for all domains that sold for $2K or over The total amount of such reported sales came to almost $800,000 Here are the reportable sales: Domain Name Payment … [Read more...]

My Top Picks From The RightoftheDot.com Extended Auction From Namescon

The RightoftheDot.com extended auction from the Namescom conference is running on Snapnames.com and closed out on Thursday at 3:15pm EST according to the normal closing rules for Snapnames.com As of publication 19 domain names have bids. Here are my favorite domain names in the auction;  Those I think are the best buys: Photographers.com Its a category killer A Huge category with … [Read more...]

Sedo Transactions Total $1.9 Million Led By KHC.com for $120K

Over the past week, 616 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.9m. 52% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Highlights of public sales are: · Top .com: KHC.Com at 120,00 USD · Top ccTLD: anna.co at 10,000 USD · Top “other” TLD: ysh.org at 6,950 USD invisibly.com which sold for just 700 Euro's looks to be the buy of the … [Read more...]