Auction Day At NamesCon: All You Need to Know + How To Bid If You’re In Vegas Or Not

Today is the live domain name auction at that will be conducted by with online bidding and viewing on So here is all of the information you need to know: If you're in Vegas the Event starts at 4:30 PST with drinks and food and social networking. The actual auction should start around 5:15-5:30 PST which is 8:15-8:30pm EST & 1:30 am GMT … [Read more...]

Our Top 10 Picks From The ROTD Auction At NamesCon For .Vegas; .Wiki, .XYZ & .ink Domains

Here are my top 10 picks from the domain name auction to be held at Namescon on Tuesday for a few new gTLD's; .Vegas, .Wiki/.Ink, and .XYZ. Of course .XYZ has more domain names registered than any other new gTLD. .Wiki and .ink are owned by the same registry so we combined them and .Vegas speaks for itself Most of the domains are at no reserve although some do already … [Read more...]

Radix Asks “Whats Your Bid for Bets.WEBSITE?”? XXX.Website is at No Reserve

Radix the registry for .Website, .Press and .Host announced today that it  is releasing some of its most valuable reserved names up for auction in the upcoming RightOfTheDot Live and Online Domain Auction at NamesCon powered by leading domain name auction platform More than $175,000 worth of premium names (with annual renewals) have been sold by Radix already, however the domain … [Read more...] Reserve Price At Namescon is Around What Sold For 6 Years Ago

Back just about six years ago to the date the domain name sold for $1.7 Million dollars to Real Estate Disposition Corporation (REDC) Next Tuesday at the domain name auction at Namescon, the domain name will up for sale and the reserve price is right around that same price that sold for 6 years ago. Of course REDC has grown its business … [Read more...] Gets A $200K Bid At The RightoftheDot/ Names Con Auction

On the heels of the $800,000 sale of, a pre-bid has just been placed for the domain name for $200,000 at the auction that will be held at Namescon on January 13th, at 4:30Pm Pre-Bidding is currently ongoing online through You of course will have to have an account at to make a pre-bid online or online during the live system, so if … [Read more...]

We Paid Six Figures For & Its In The ROTD NamesCon Auction At No Reserve

We have placed the domain name which we paid six figures for,  into the live/online domain name auction at the NamesCon conference at No Reserve. The domain name has an Estibot value of $123,000. It's a domain we bought as we saw it as one of the only "adult' type of domain names that you could advertise in mainstream media and would be great for one of the … [Read more...]

The Domain Name Indian.Me In Auction At Sedo Meets Reserve At Just $4,817,200

The Domain name Indian.Me just hit its reserve price at auction at Sedo at $4,817,200. The domain name which is in auction at, shockingly only has one bid which was placed just a little bit after the auction went live on Sedo. There is still over 6 days and 14 hours to bid on this domain but you will have to bid at least $4,822,200 to have a chance to become the high bidder. I … [Read more...]