Demand Media Names New CEO Shares Sink; Now Down 20% From Last Week

Demand Media, Inc, named one-time Ticketmaster Chief Executive Sean Moriarty as its new CEO and the market didn't like the news sending shares down over 8% to close at $8.97 a share. You may recall it was just a week ago when Demand split off its Rightside division it traded as high as $11.10. Demand also said today it acquired Saatchi Online, which runs online art gallery Saatchi Art, for … [Read more...]

SeekingAlpha Issues Brutal Opinion On Demand Media/Rightside: “Titanic Will Hit The Iceberg” published what can only be described as a brutal assessment on shares of Demand Media, Inc last yesterday after Demand said it would spin off its Rightside division into a separate public company on August 1st as well as on Rightside. The post entitled; Demand Media: Titanic Will Hit The Iceberg Here is are the conclusions from the article: " and … [Read more...]

If Your Looking For A Generic .Democrat, They Are In Short Supply & Carry Premium Prices

I was going though some generic .Democrat new gTLD domain names yesterday to see what premium generic domains are available for Preregistrations as the extension goes live tomorrow. Its expected that many candidates will grab their .Democrat domain name when running for office. However when it comes to generic domain names .Democrat domains are either not available as being on the collision … [Read more...]

Demand Reports: Registrar Revenue Up 11% But eHow & Content Continues To Decline

Demand Media, Inc. (DMD reported financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014 today after the market closed Its our personal opinion that the sooner  Demand can spin off Rightside from the rest of the mess the better. Rightside operates the back end of all Donuts new gTLD extensions, owns 107 new gTLD's with Donuts, Owns Enom the 2nd largest domain registrar on the planet as … [Read more...]

Can New gTLDs Save Demand Media ?

Scott Hopkins wrote a piece on Seeking Alpha today stating that the new gtlds were the last chance for Demand Media. Demand Media has been languishing in the stock market for awhile now. The stock is down 25 % this year and is down 46 % over a one year time period. Demand Media owns and Enom and that is where Hopkins believes the magic has to happen. He is not a believer in the Demand … [Read more...] Officially Announces The Acquisition of Group, Inc. (WWWW) officially announced today that it has acquired SnapNames from KeyDrive S.A. Shares are down over 2% in early trading today. The questions yet to be answered is how will the acquisition effect where expiring domain names from registrars, including and will be going. All expired domains of Netsol where going to … [Read more...]

Demand Media Fall Under $5 A Share Down 10%

Demand Media, Inc. (DMD) released its earnings for the 4th Quarter of 2013 as well 2013 numbers and the market apparently didn't like them. Demand Media, Inc. is hovering around $5 a share down about 10% from the closing price last night hitting an intraday low of $4.95 Demand has a 52 week high of $9.75 At its current price, Demand's market cap is $459 Million dollars. Demand Media, … [Read more...]