NameJet Hauls In $500K In 1st Day .CM Auctions & That’s Only For The Domains On My List

As you know the first of 9 days of .CM auctions at closed at today with and leading the pack. For just the .Cm domains I had on my list, hauled in $486K. said they had 4,500 .cm domains going to auction and I only had 200 on my list. My list therefore reflects only 5% of all .cm auctions, although I'm pretty sure I have many of the high … [Read more...] Sells For $81K: Goes For $51K; as .CM Domains Begin To Close On

The auction for .CM domains with multiple preorders are started to close today with two big sales. The Domain sold for $76,100 while sold for 51,300. sold for $20,100 There are quite a few other domains already into the five figures, which are closing throughout the afternoon, including $28 $22K $18K We will recap … [Read more...]

UPDATE: At $51K; Several Others Break The 5 Figure Mark

Over the weekend we published a post asking, now that the .cm auctions were underway,  how much would sell for. At the time we published the post, the high bid on the domain was $12K. As of 2pm EST, Monday August 31st, with just less than 24 hours to go, the domain has a high bid of $51,100. Other .cm on my list getting some high bids are: … [Read more...]

So What Will Sell For?

The .cm auctions are underway at, and bidding is already hot and heavy. This auction is for the .cm domain that had more than one pre-order during the landrush. Although the first .cm auction does close until Tuesday, several domains on my radar are already in the four figures. As we know the highest price ever paid for a domain is ($12M-$14M depending on … [Read more...]

Breaking News: .Cm “Go Live” Postponed; Again

Well, in what now seems to be now an "official continuing saga", the .cm registry has postponed for a second time, the 'Go Live' registration period, which was to begin at 8pm EST tonight. Once again the delay seems to be due to "technical issues". Once again the postponement was announced just minutes before the "Go Live" was to go live. (thanks to our friends at for passing … [Read more...]

.Cm Live Registrations Start At 8PM EST Tonight

The .CM registry has announced that the "Go Live" registrations for .cm domains opens at 8PM EST tonight. This means,  you will be able to register any available .cm domain for registration fees. Many of the top domain registrars will start accepting live registrations for .cm domains. for example is charging $119 a year, for a live registration, with a one year minimum, while … [Read more...]

NameJet: .CM Pre-Orders Yield 11,000 Registrations: 4,500 Domains Going To Auction

According to, the central clearing house for all .CM Pre-orders, they received over 36,000 Pre-orders for .CM domains. Out of the 36,000 Pre-orders, 15,500 were for  unique domain names. 11,000 domains only had one pre-order and will be processed today and tomorrow and will go be awarded for the registration fee of $350, for a two year registration. These domains show a status … [Read more...]