Add to the list of Google Names

Looking at whois records for other cctlds on the heels of the .mx purchase, it looks like changed hands on 8/7. The domain looked to have been owned by a Chinese registrant. Of course .cm has been in the news before, Kevin Ham was once profiled in a Business 2.0 article that is published on CNN. Maybe Disney will care about this name if Google is indeed the buyer. The domain was dropped … [Read more...] To Hold 1 Character .CM Domain Name Auction Starting May 12th

Sedo is going to hold a domain auction of 1 character .CM domains from May 12th to May 19th. All the domains have a reserve range of $1-$499. Here is the … [Read more...]

Some .CM Prices In Free Fall, As Bidders Pass On NameJet Auctions

We told you about the earlier results of the .cm auctions at at the beginning of the month. However, the prices of  many of the .cm domains selling at, have been in a free fall, as bidders are passing on their chance to grab the domains. .cm auctions have been operating differently than normal auctions. Normally when a bidder defaults at … [Read more...]

Maybe The Third Time Will Be The Charm: .CM Registrations “Go Live” On September 18th UTC

Just in from the .CM registry for the third time they have a start date for the Go Live registrations. The Go Live registration for .CM domain opens on September 18, 2009 at 08:00am UTC. The .CM registry also announced that all domains won at will be turned on as soon as paid for. Here is the official notice: """ Sarl has decided to move the registration platform … [Read more...]

Why Is Traffic From a .Com Typo OK, But Traffic From a .CM Is Not?

As you know, over the last few weeks, I have been reporting on the rollout of the .CM ccTLD, and not a post goes by, where I haven't gotten at least one, and usually several comments from domainers, to the effect that, all that the .cm extension is for, is to serve as a typo of a .com,  and its only value is from misdirected traffic. So? For years I have seen .com typos and misspells,  sell … [Read more...]

Total Generated This Week From .CM Domains: $2 Million Dollars

I know many of you have no interest in .CM domains, however everyone should be impressed by the amount of money in the domain channel, now that the 1st weeks total for the .cm auctions have been tallied. According to,  2,000 .CM domains were auctioned by, at an average price of $625, for a total of $1,250,000 in auction fees. In addition, for each domain won at … [Read more...]

Another Day, Another Six Figures In Sales For .CM Domains At

Well thanks to a few domainers, we complied a list of 44 of the 500 .cm domains that went to auction today. topped everyone's list selling for $13,700. Here is the domains we have record of, and of course we are missing over 90% of the domains that sold today (assuming the other 450 domains sold for even $500 on average, probably low, there is over $300K in sales) … [Read more...]