To Hold 1 Character .CM Domain Name Auction Starting May 12th

Sedo is going to hold a domain auction of 1 character .CM domains from May 12th to May 19th.

All the domains have a reserve range of $1-$499.

Here is the list:

I know that .cm domains have not taken off, but a one character domains in any extension have value and I see them selling on a pretty regular basis on in off extensions

Some .CM Prices In Free Fall, As Bidders Pass On NameJet Auctions

We told you about the earlier results of the .cm auctions at at the beginning of the month.

However, the prices of  many of the .cm domains selling at, have been in a free fall, as bidders are passing on their chance to grab the domains.

.cm auctions have been operating differently than normal auctions.

Normally when a bidder defaults at auction, the domain is re-auctioned.

However, with .cm domain auctions, has not  been re-auctioning domains, but rather simply offering them to the next highest bidder.

Many times,  the next highest bidder didn’t want the domain either, resulting in an actually selling price well off the initial price.

Here are just a few examples: sold on 9.1 for $51,300, rejected by the 2nd high bidder on 9.15 at $51,100 and sold on 9.16 for $21,700. sold on 9.1 for $5,200, rejected by the 2nd high bidder on 9.15 at $5,100 and sold on 9.16 for $2K. sold on 9.1 for $2,013, rejected by the 2nd bidder on 9.15 at $933 and sold on 9.16 for $60. sold on 9.1 for $7,300, rejected by the 2nd bidder on 9.15 at $6,999, rejected by the 3rd high bidder on 9.16 at $6,300, sold to the 4th high bidder on 9.17 for $1,580.

The worst price drop of a .cm domain name, I have on my sheet, is sold on 9.1 for $17,800, rejected by the 2nd bidder on 9.15 at $7,800, rejected by the 3rd bidder on 9.16 at $3,300, and sold to the 4th bidder on 9.20 for $310.

So went from selling for $17,800 all the way down to $310.

And you thought the stock market was bad.

Maybe The Third Time Will Be The Charm: .CM Registrations “Go Live” On September 18th UTC

Just in from the .CM registry for the third time they have a start date for the Go Live registrations.

The Go Live registration for .CM domain opens on September 18, 2009 at 08:00am UTC.

The .CM registry also announced that all domains won at will be turned on as soon as paid for.

Here is the official notice:

“”” Sarl has decided to move the registration platform for .CM top-level domains to its own server instead of a hosted version with Cocca. This will allow Netcom more flexibility and control over the zone.

Sunrise domains which have been validated and had at least two name servers were connected on August 28, 2009. We kindly ask all registrars to provide us the missing name server information, so that the few remaining domains can also be connected.

All landrush domains that had only a single application and at least two name servers defined have also been connected on August 28, 2009.

The landrush domains which are auctioned at NameJet will be connected once we receive the information from NameJet that the domains have been paid for and to which registrants the domains should be allocated.

GO – LIVE Information !

The Go-Live will start on September 18, 2009 at 08:00am UTC.””

Why Is Traffic From a .Com Typo OK, But Traffic From a .CM Is Not?

As you know, over the last few weeks, I have been reporting on the rollout of the .CM ccTLD, and not a post goes by, where I haven’t gotten at least one, and usually several comments from domainers, to the effect that, all that the .cm extension is for, is to serve as a typo of a .com,  and its only value is from misdirected traffic.


For years I have seen .com typos and misspells,  sell for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars and not once did I hear anyone comment negatively on it.

Take the domain currently at auction at  The domain is a clear typo for, already has 32 bids with a high bid of $755.  The domain according to Godaddy is expected to get over 1,000 visitors a month.

I would venture to say that no domainer has a problem with anyone bidding on this domain and owning it, although its only value lies in the traffic it receives from being a typo of

Isn’t this the same industry that applauded the sale of the typo of for $112K a few years ago?

Isn’t this the same industry that had several bidders, at a live TRAFFIC auction, bid up the price of the typo domain to $242,000?

Assuming no trademark issues, why is a misspell of a fine with everyone but a generic .cm viewed in a negative light?

I personally see no fundamental difference between a typo .com domain and a .cm.

I think you either have to be in favor or both or against both.

Any other position is inconsistent.

Total Generated This Week From .CM Domains: $2 Million Dollars

I know many of you have no interest in .CM domains, however everyone should be impressed by the amount of money in the domain channel, now that the 1st weeks total for the .cm auctions have been tallied.

According to,  2,000 .CM domains were auctioned by, at an average price of $625, for a total of $1,250,000 in auction fees.

In addition, for each domain won at auction, registrants had to spend an additional $350 for a two year registration which totals another $750,000.

So your looking at domainers spending $2 Million dollars in one week on an unproven, highly speculative extension.

The good news for all domainers, as it shows there is PLENTY of money out there ready to invest in domains.

More good news is this was not just one big sale involving one buyer and seller, but rather multiple bidders, showing there is a lot of people willing to spend money on what they perceive to be a good domain at a reasonable price.

This hopefully will translate into big sales at the TRAFFIC auctions in October In New York.

One Interesting note about these .cm auctions.  In the event the high bidder refused to pay for the domain, has been awarding the domain to the second highest bidder, rather than re-auctioning the domains.  This is what many have been suggesting for some time for general auctions.

Next up:

Another 6 days of .CM auctions, with another 2,500 domains, starting Tuesday.

The Monthly Showcase Auction which also starts Tuesday.

The .Biz single letter and number auction by scheduled for September 30

Then of course the RickLatona and auctions at TRAFFIC.  Both companies are still accepting domains for NY auction.