SHorter .UK Domains Are Launching On June 10th

Nominet announced that shorter .UK domains are going to become available on the 10th June 2014.


.UK Domain Names

Nominet says:

“We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of .uk – out on its own for the first time

A shorter, sharper domain name which puts the emphasis firmly on your website name – exactly where it should be.”

One of the most important aspects of the dotUK launch is that domain owners will have first refusal when securing their respective .UK domain!

“So if you have a unique,,,, or the shorter and snappier .uk will be reserved especially for you for free up until 10 June 2019 as long as your domain remains registered.”

Check out whether or not your rights are secured with the Rights Lookup Tool.

This will definitely help prevent concerns that all of a sudden, domain owners would be second best! Not only will you get a chance to secure your .UK domain name before anyone else, but Nominet will also keep all other second level domain names active!

The cut-off date for registering your domain to make sure you have first refusal on your .UK domain is the 28th October 2013 at 23:59hrs.

Anyone will be able to register a .UK domain as long as they’re eligible for, and domains.

The only exceptions highlighted by Nominet are these:

“Where the registrant is overseas an address for service in the UK will be required.

PO Boxes will be unacceptable in the address.”

“In the face of confusion, people will default to something they trust and understand”


George Pongas is the general manager for Aus Registry, AusRegistry is the current registry operator and wholesale provider for all commercial .au (Australia) domain names including and, and non commercial domain names and

He recently posted something on the Aus Registry website with regards to 2013 being a good year for .au domains. He makes mention of the new gtlds at the end of his post and shares the sentiment of many readers here and in the industry as a whole. “In the face of confusion, people will default to something they trust and understand.

By George Pongas

Last year was a memorable one for .au domain name sales with a number of significant auctions and aftermarket deals making headlines.

For the second time in three years, a .au domain name was included in the top four sales for the world’s highest reported domain name sales for country code Top-Level Domains.

Coming in at fourth place in 2013 was which was sold for $103,400. It was only edged out of third place by (Netherlands) by $100, followed by (Germany) at $117,810 in second place and (Canada) at $450,000 in first place.

This year’s fourth place follows last year’s highest recorded .au sale –, which sold for $67,600 and ranked 15th in 2012’s sales chart.

The other .au domain name in this year’s top 30 was which came in at 29th spot with a sale value of $28,691.

This is a terrific result for .au and demonstrates the strong position it has attained on the global stage.

It’s especially significant considering the larger namespaces it’s competing with and the countries with bigger economies. Despite Australia’s relatively small population, the .au namespace is recognised as one of the world’s leading country codes and ranks in the top 10 country code Top-Level Domains globally.

Only recently we reported on the many benefits business owners can attain by registering a premium generic or domain names. Our case study showed how a premium generic domain name helped their business decrease marketing and AdWord spend while increasing revenue and brand awareness.

Clearly, savvy business owners are aware of the .au aftermarket value and are using it to their advantage.

In September 2011, became the highest recorded domain name at auction when it was snapped up for $125,000 by New South Wales property developer Vision Homes. Only last year, the domain names –,,, and – were touted for sale with a projected retail price somewhere in the order of $1 million as a total package.

I encourage business owners to contact their Registrar and consider a premium generic .au domain name for their business.

No doubt we’ll see even higher domain name sales in 2014 as the intrinsic value of .au domain names increases.

Although 2014 will see many new options become available in the market, my expectation is that the possible confusion will make premium generic domain names in established namespaces even more valuable.

In the face of confusion, people will default to something they trust and understand.

.CN Landrush exceeds 50 Million Yuan

dotcn.jpg out with another interesting piece of news, the .CN Landrush auctions of previous reserved domains has generated over 50 Million Yuan/RMB.  That equates to over $8.2 million

They posted today:

As of Jan 12th, 2014, the open auction of previously-reserved .CN domain names by CNNIC entered into heating-up period, and the total price of recent auctions already exceeded 50 million yuan/cny/rmb, of which GAME.CN, GW.CN, LB.CN, CM.CN stood out with final biddings surpassing million. The whole auction showed a significant upward trend.The auction of domain GAME.CN ended in bidding 3.098 million cny after 686 fierce biddings and it refreshed many a record.

GW.CN broke out as a potential dark horse with final bidding price of 2.004 million cny, and ranked only second to Game.CN. GW is the abbreviated form of “gou wu” or “guo wang” in Chinese Pinyin, and in English, it means “shopping”, “national network”.

The blockbuster LB.CN ranked third with final bidding price of 1.1 million cny. LB can be perceived as “lao ban”, “li bao”, “lian bang” in Chinese Pinyin and in English, “boss”, “gift”, “federal”.

The fourth auction is CM.CN, which is a hot traffic domain name, fiercely pursued by Chinese domain investors/domainers, and bidding ended in 1.066 million cny. – See more at:

Domain Name Game.Cn Sells For a Record $511,000

According to,the domain name Game.CN sold for $511,972.38.

.Cn is the ccTLD for China.

According to the story, the domain was a previously reserved .CN domain name Game.CN which was in a public auction, which ended in bidding 3.098 million cny,” with intensive competition of 686 bids in the last hour”.

“”That broke three million refreshed .CN open bidding history, also won the big honor of most expensive .CN domain name in 2013

But why can Game.CN get so popular? It’s a good question, game means 游戏 in Chinese, Game.CN is short and easy to remember, and now the hot gaming market, the gaming industry has deservedly become one of the Internet’s most profitable industry, Game.CN’s value is thus demonstrated. Game.CN can be used for gaming sites.

Most gaming websites were using creative domain names like “digital + game”  or pure digital domains. Although the game industry favored the digital domain, but domain industry prefer game domains with specific meanings, for example, Shanda paid big money to buy

Compared to other “game combination” creative domain names, Game.CN would have less limitation but more applicability. It is suitable for WebGame, MobileGame, online game or even gaming company’s official website. In addition, Game.CN can contribute to stronger brand awareness, i.e. Sina Weibo paid a lot for and made the concept of Weibo = Chinese twitter deeply rooted in Chinese netizens.

It is reported that domain name had been registered in early 1998 and got online, it also intensified the competition on hot domain Game.CN for the domestic game companies.

Indonesia will roll out shorter .id Domains Next Year reported that the country code for Indonesia will be getting shorter.

From the article:

Next year, Indonesians will have to get used to a brand-new ending to web addresses that sounds really short and sweet. It’ll be ‘.id’. The new domain ending will go on sale as early as January 20. The domain name was approved a couple days ago by the highest internet domain name authority in Indonesia, the Forum Nama Domain Indonesia.

As with all new domain endings, the sale of ‘.id’ domains will commence in three phases. The first phase, which is called sunrise and goes on for three months, will prioritize trademark name owners in Indonesia to allow them get their hands on important homepage addresses.

Two months afterwards comes the second phase called grandfather, which lets owners of ‘’ or ‘’ sites buy the new ‘.id’ domains. Then starts the third phase: the landrush.

The second and third phases will happen between June and August next year. If name disputes happen, then the domain names will be auctioned to the respective parties.

This should bring about a few popular domain hacks.,, and if they allow 1 character registrations put me down for