Visa Rebrands From 1 Letter .Me Domain to 12 Letter. Com; V.Me To

Visa Intentional has decided to rebrand its new digital wallet product from V.Me to stating that the name change is going to help the company "a great deal" in helping explain what the solution is about. It was just back in November that we told you, Visa was rolling out V.Me  a new service  that lets you shop without sharing your card account information with the seller when … [Read more...]

It’s All About Branding

Nathan Safran wrote a piece on Search Engine Land that had to do with the branding benefits of search. In his piece entitled, It’s Time For Marketers To Attend To The Branding Benefits Of Search, Safran cited a Google study that concluded, “Search Ads Lift Brand Awareness.” The study tested brand recall for searchers who had seen the target brand in paid search ads against a control group who had … [Read more...] Acquired On Afternic For $9,500 Last August Raises $30 Million

                The domain name sold on Afternic in August 2013 for $9,500. Today Term Sheet is reporting that the company who bought the domain is now named  ThoughtSpot, it is located in a Redwood City, California and is a  "provider of search-based business intelligence solutions, has raised $30 million in Series … [Read more...]

ICANN Says Brands Are At Risk of Domain Abuse

Katy Bachman at AdWeek did a piece on ICANN and their statement that brands are at risk of domain abuse. They are warning brands to protect their intellectual property by using the Trademark Clearing House. The article mentions that many brands are not rushing to pay  the $150/year per domain fee to register each brand. From the article: Try to follow this. Icann, the international … [Read more...]

New Pizza Chain Spends a Whole $500 To Secure Its Brand,

              This is a new pizza chain starting to gain some momentum has now added South Florida to its locations. Your Pie which started in 2008 the same year  the domain name was acquired the domain at a auction for a whopping $500, which is now the name for the pizza chain which is busy franchising … [Read more...]

LaunchRock Switches From .Com to .Co which bills itself as "A Platform For New Startups" has switched its main URL from to effective July 1, 2013. In a email sent to users, announced the change: """ From: LaunchRock <> Date: 2013/7/1 Subject: ACTION REQUIRED: Keep your LaunchRock account from being retired Hello … [Read more...] Buys As URL Shortener

According to a post on the company blog, which bills itself as "social media with a mission" that appeals to the The Daily Show" generation", has just bought the domain name to use at a URL shortener. The domain name was acquired from the .Pw registry for an undisclosed price. Prior to the acquisition of the company was using the domain name for its … [Read more...]