Dave Zatz Explains Amazon Ad Network

Dave Zatz runs a very popular gadget blog on Zatznotfunny.com. First off this does not look like its going to be an Adsense competitor, the ads are going to be CPM  impression based and not pay per click, so I don't see this being a parking alternative. Of course Amazon could change their mind down the road. The program is invite only currently to a select group of Associates. Tech Crunch … [Read more...]

More Brands Are Using Anonymous Apps To Market Their Product

Christopher Heine wrote a piece on Ad Week about the increasing ad campaigns on anonymous app platforms. The article looks at some of the big brands that are advertising on Whisper and Secret. As more and more people access at least apart of their daily online experience through mobile, brands are going to want to be on there. All the talk about new gtlds vs .com etc... This is where people … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality Could be the next big thing in Advertising

Cotton Delo published an article  on Ad Age that looked at Virtual Reality and its role in advertising. Virtual Reality got a big boost with Facebook purchasing Oculus Rift, the deal closed a couple weeks ago and for a good read on the deal check out The Guardian and their story "Facebook closes its $2bn Oculus Rift acquisition. What next?Social network completes deal announced in March, so what … [Read more...]

The other side of Click Fraud

Krebs On Security took a look at the practice of click fraud that depletes a competitors ad budget. The practice is to run up the costs and maybe get them to blow their wad early in the day. I have spoken to people over the years who certainly felt their AdWords campaign was a waste of time and money. While many focus on click fraud on the AdSense side, it seems that the AdWords side is also a big … [Read more...]

New Stealthier Ads Are A Big Hit For Google

John Koetsier wrote a very interesting piece on Venture Beat on how the new look of Google ads is boosting click through rates. Back in March Computer World explained, Google is testing some changes to the way it displays search results, including a tweak to how it presents paid links that could throw off unsuspecting users. Paid links in Google's search results are marked today with a yellow … [Read more...]

Google Releases Data to Help With Adwords Confusion

Google has released a couple pieces of data over the last two days that are worth reviewing for those who use the Google Adwords product. Google released a white paper to try to dispel some myths when it comes to the subject of quality score. As Ginny Marvin pointed out on Search Engine Land, There has always been a healthy amount of debate over the importance of Quality Score as an indicator … [Read more...]

Ad Impersonation Is The New Click Fraud

Lori Weiman wrote an interesting piece on Search Engine Land a few hours ago, the article focused on a different type of click fraud.  PPC Ad impersonation occurs when an impostor advertiser takes a well known website address, and uses it as the display URL of their own advertisement. From the article: When you first hear about PPC fraud rings, you tend to think of click fraud where an … [Read more...]