German Court Rules in Favor of AdBlock Plus

A German Court has determined AdBlock Plus is not illegal. AdBlock Plus - which is owned by the Cologne-based firm Eyeo - faces three separate but related cases involving the media groups, ProSiebenSat.1, RTL Interactive and Axel Springer. The publishers plan to appeal the ruling. AdBlock Plus does allow for publishers to get their ads white listed if they meet certain requirements. Some have … [Read more...]

Three Year Global AdSpend Forecast Growth Better Than Last Twenty

Jack Loechner wrote on MediaPost that the next three year forecast for global ad spend growth is better than the last twenty. The article took a look at a recent study from Zenith Optimedia. No surprise the greatest area for growth is in online video which is expected to grow at an average 29% a year through 2017. From the article: According to the new Advertising Expenditure Forecasts from … [Read more...]

Click Fraud? Report Says Bots Made Up To 98% Of Charged Ad Clicks on Google

A paper published by Oxford BioChronometrics SA, which is a company that sells click fraud protection to clients published a report last month concluding that: "Our research found that at best, 88% of the ad-clicks were made by bots on the LinkedIn ad platform, while at worst, 98% were from bots on the Google ad platform" The company said it set up pages as follows: How the research was … [Read more...]

Facebook Reveals Relevance Scores To Improve Ad Quality

Facebook is now going to reveal relevance scores to marketers in the hopes it will improve ad quality. Google has been using a quality score for years. They explain it like this: The 1-10 Quality Score reported for each keyword in your account is an estimate of the quality of your ads and landing pages triggered by that keyword. Having a high Quality Score means that our systems think your ad … [Read more...]

Danica Patrick Not Happy That Go Daddy Ad Got Pulled

Webpronews ran a story on Danica Patrick talked about being upset that her Super Bowl ad got pulled, the ad which Michael published when it was first released, broke traffic records for this blog, the one day total was more than most blogs do in a month, that is how much people were emotionally invested in discussing the puppy, the ad, and the controversial nature of puppy mills. The article says … [Read more...]

Which Brands Got The Biggest Brand Lift From The Super Bowl ? That Little Registrar Named Go Daddy Tops The List

AdWeek published an article that looked at what brands won the Super Bowl. The survey conducted by Bully Pulpit Interactive surveyed 700 people before the Super Bowl and another 700 after. Go Daddy was getting their rear end handed to them before the big game and pulled their puppy mill ad, but like Tom Brady and the Patriots made a big comeback and actually had the highest numbers when it came … [Read more...]

Wix Wins The Digital Bowl

Merkle/RKG a search and digital marketing agency, released the results of their 2nd Annual Digital Marketing Bowl. The top spots were taken by Wix and Bud Light. Wix was mentioned by CNN as the Super Bowl's next Go Daddy. Wix and Bud Light Take Top Spots Wix brought a well rounded strategy to the table, taking home the Digital Bowl crown in paid search, SEO and social media. Its fake websites … [Read more...]