Breaking: Facebook Acquires & Launches Sling.Me To Use As SnapChat Competitor

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Just two months ago the domain name was acquired in a Sedo auction for $9,600

Today its become clear that is going to become VERY big.

The buyer was Facebook and is going to be used for Facebooks new SlingShot  product which is Facebook’s answer to SnapChat. has already covered SlingShot, and, who says that Slingshot is is much more than a “SnapChat Clone”

You can check out the new Facebook service at

Facebook does not own the domain name

The Slingshot App is  available in Apple and Android App stores.

Hat Tip: Маrk Kусhmа


  1. says

    .ME thinks “SnapChat” should have taken that $4 Billion offered by FB. David may have killed Goliath with a slingshot; but in this case, Goliath (FB) may kill David (Snapchat) w/its own “Slingshot”

    Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach Companies have been buying lots of .Me names, as well as.Co. Several are under “privacy” It’s about personalization and mobile. Also the Korean media conglomerate launched last year, which is popular with the youth market. And in “Silicon Alle” (Berlin), some entrepreneurs launched this year. It’s already quite popular – and recently was voted “Best Digital Startup” in Europe.

  2. BrianWick says started using for some kind of promotions and production software a year back or so. I was advised countless calls just like mine came in asking if it was phishing – it was not.
    I think they have limited its use of removed it altogether – I don’t need it that it all I know

    So there you go

  3. says

    My grandchildren like SnapChat because of the product, the Independence & the name.The kids will dictate the outcome, IMO SlingShot – SlingMe OK if your dumping your partner by text.

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