Uniregisty Wins Private Auctions For .Help and .Diet; Famous Four Participates In Its 1st Private Auction






At the TRAFFIC show today, Sevan Derderian, Director of Sales of Uniregistry announced at the TRAFFIC conference being held in Las Vegas, that Uniregistry won the private auction for the new gTLD’s .Help and .Diet this week.

There were two other applicants for .Help;  Dot Tech LLC of Kansas, and Donuts.

There were two other applicants for .Diet;  Famous Four Media and Donuts.

For Famous Four Media, Inc, this marks the first time they have participated in a private auction to resolve contention of new gTLD strings

There were no other details about the two auctions announced.

We understand that there are other private auctions ongoing this week and we will let you know the results as we find them out.



  1. BrianWick says

    Same guys beating each other up.Famous Four Media and Donuts. Dot Tech
    I like .help.
    .diet seems a bit narrow – unless I am missing something

  2. says

    Congrats to uniregistry for stepping up, I don’t think I have seen to many processes where the losers share the winners bounty, sort of pays to lose sometimes.

    .diet will have a few killer terms, most likely going to north sound domains, so none will never really see the light of day in an EAP setting, or landrush.

    .help sort of fits in with .support, .expert, and a few other than are still to be launched, I tend to stay away from charitable type terms, never really equate to dollars, but best of luck to the registry, and their new launches.

    • says

      @Paul Green,

      Astute, and sagacious observation!

      I believe that is definitely a significant sign of fatigue. Either it’s enervate slightness on Donuts (and FFM) part, or Schilling was venerated as winner by them.

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