Circle Looks To Bring Bitcoin Mainstream


Circle is getting ready to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream according to an article out today on Tech Crunch. The company was founded by the same entrepreneur that founded Bright Cove, the online video service.

From the article:

Circle, the bitcoin-based financial services company, is emerging from stealth with a suite of products and services aimed to take bitcoin’s blockchain to mainstream consumers.

Since its launch in 2013, Boston-based Circle has been very quiet about its planned offerings based on bitcoin’s exchange technology. Now, as the international bitcoin conference in Amsterdam shifts into gear, the venture-backed company is unveiling a host of financial services offerings for the everyday consumer.

Indeed, Circle’s founder and chief executive, Jeremy Allaire, believes that bitcoin’s true value is as a payment medium rather than as a store of value. To him market speculation — which has waned in recent months — is actually a bet on the longer term efficacy of bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

A serial entrepreneur who made millions with the online video company he founded, Brightcove, Allaire says the bitcoin adoption curve is similar to that of any other new technology.

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  1. says

    with the NSA able to compromise your computer that’s not connected to the internet from eight miles away via radio waves and able to crack any bitwallet and have the FBI. HOMELAND SECURITY, DEA or any other federal agency take down the largest brick & mortar bitcoin players at an hours notice… anyone that’s not a short term trader must be certifiable. i LOVE big brother. ( this is not to say circle can’t make a few quick bucks)

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